Mobile Suit Gundam:Gladius

Ok so I’ve been working on a new fan fic, I lost interest in writing my last one, and have been working on one called Mobile Suit Gundam: Gladius for awhile now. It’s Set in the year 2217, features FTL travel (so other planets are in No aliens, tired of damned aliens between 00 AOTT and AGE) but dose feature other Planets.

Here’s a preview to hold people over until I post chapter one, which should be done today or tomorrow.

It’s been one hundred and thirty years since humanity left it’s cradle the earth, colonies orbited earth, showing it’s might, forged out of war and an attempted to make peace after the Dominion Wars that lasted between 2065 and 2080 fought over recourse, the Earth Union Republic was formed, they pooled together their resources and made “Project Ark” the project yielded new advancements in Fusion power, and Orbital O’Neil cylinder colonies in 2087 with Zeta 1, at Lagrange Point 1.

Project Ark was working well, even bringing on the Teraforming of mars in 2100, a new era of peace was at hand, earth was being returned to it’s old splendor. It would be another 60 years before another war broke out. Earth governed the Colonies and Mars, for those years, and many Space born citizens hated this, thus the Orbital Colony Freedom Coalition or OCFC was formed, and The First Cardinal War was started, it lasted for 10 bloody years, much of the earth was burned and many colonies faced the brunt of earth’s warships. The treaty of Lagrange 5 settled the war when the leader of the OCFC Alexander Crux, and EUR prime minister David Jenkins signed it on “Freedom’s Nuance” a colony on that side. It made all the colonies in Lagrange Points 1-5 independent. And the OCFC disbanded and the Republic of Crux was formed. The treaty also made Mars independent, and the Mars Technology Institute took over, and remained neutral ever since.

Of course this wasn’t enough, Crux wouldn’t stop until all colonies in orbit around  earth were free, the Second Cardinal War was started in 2178, a year later the first mobile suit ready for combat, the GH-10 Falcon was made by the neutral of Zeta 6, by the New Haven Research Labs, the design was sold to the EUR, and then again to the Republic of Crux who made the ZFRG-10 Zenith in 2180. 

Combat was changed forever with the Advent of the mobile suit, they where just as bloody, but on a different scale, in 2184 the Earth Union Republic Forces launched the first Wave of Gundam’s starting with the FNR-78 Gundam, there where over 20 suits in this first wave, the Republic of Crux where also able to get their own Gundams after they captured the FNR-79X Gundam "Stardust" these suits use Allarium armor Allarium was a new element found on mars and was in short supply, which prompted the Mars Tech institute to make synthetic Allarium, but that was found to be highly dangerous, and many people died from the radiation it caused. 

The Second Cardinal war saw an armistice between 2190 to 2201. In this time the Earth Union perfected Faster than Light Travel and in this time the EURF expanded with colonies into other systems, alleviating the growing population both on earth again, and in it’s orbital Colonies, the first out of system planetary colony was Tetra 2191, founded in 2191. A new source of Allarium was founded in 2194 on a planet Called Atrusca, as such a new second wave of Gundams where made with the New Tech that had been pioneered in the last decade, and it became the secret R&D labs of the EURF.

The War recommenced in 2201 when the Mars Tech Institute found a Stable way to make Allarium, allowing the Republic of Cruz to make new Gundams, and Allarium armored suits them selves. (they opted out of making to many Gundams due to them being a EUR symbol.) 

In 2203 the Colonial Empires of the planetary Colonies revolted against Earth Union held planets leading to the first war ever fought out side of the Sol system.

Humanities mistakes were forged again, the Project Ark had failed. Even after 130 years of breaking free of Humanities Birth place war still consumes us.


Chapter 1: Enter The Gundam, Exit Thy Earth
Earth, Mojave Desert, April 30th 2217

Deserted buildings stood in the desert heat, a wind blowing dust though their windows. It had been well over ninety years since anyone had roamed the streets of this once booming den of sin and vice once known as Las Vegas. 

A singular mobile suit roamed between the once grand casinos, it’s sandy, and mud brown color scheme blending it with the sand blowing around it, it’s seventeen meter high stature, rivaling some of the billboards showing a window to a happier time. It’s mostly rectangular design, with angular vents near the cockpit area in the chest, a sharply designed skirt, and a head, with a green solid visor, and fins on the side of it’s head reminiscent of featherless robotic wings. (NOTE: Imagine a sharper more angular version of the GM, with some Jegan and Gundam influence.)

“Beta 12 this is forward base, any sign of activity spotted out there?” came over the comm. system. The cockpit had a wraparound view screen that went around the sides and the front of the pilot, at the controls sat a man maybe in his late twenties, wearing a jumpsuit that matched his unit’s color scheme. He was relatively average in stature, his face was pale and worn, with dark circles highlighting his hazel eyes, the foundations of a beard where starting to grow in the same sandy color that his short hair was that outlined his rather square jaw and headline, with short uneven bangs skewed over the upper half of his forehead. The name tag on his pilot suit read “Lt. Yamanaka” This was Lieutenant Ken Yamanaka. Another patch on the right side of the jumpsuit bore a crest with the earth, and an arrow flying around it, “Earth Union Republic Forces” around the insignia. 

“All clear,” his voice went over the comm., “Heading back to base camp sir,” he maneuvered the controls and boosted the thrusters to full power speeding a crossed  the once splendid cityscape. It had been years since it was destroyed in the War of succession as it was known to people in the colonies, or the First War of Separation as it was known to Earth Union Citizen’s. 

“Bring her in safe you hear Lieutenant Yamanaka?” came a calm female voice over the comm. that he didn’t recognize.

“Acknowledged…ma’am?” he said with a bit of hesitation, he thought to himself Who the hell could that be? He took the suit back to the home base, a weathered down bunker in the hills, once known as Area 51 back when it was controlled by the United States of America, back when that governmental entity existed. The United states was abolished along with all other old world governments after the Dominion Wars ended in 2080, which followed an Era of Peace, and then an era of colonization when the first space colonies where built in 2100.

The suit approached low and fast, towards the ridgeline, a singular metal blast door stood on the side of the hill, “Home base, this is Beta 12, coming in, looking to return to the nest over,” Yamanaka said over the comm.  

The doors slid a part, creaking under the stress of their weight, and out of their old age, he walked the suit down the hangar, as another voice came over the comm.,  “Welcome home Beta 12, he kept your seat warm for you,”

“Why thanks control, nice of you to do that,” Yamanaka said while chuckling he suck the suit in stall 12, there where at least 30 of these stalls, each being made of scaffolding, and having various terminals on different levels, and areas so mechanics could make tweaks where need be on mobile suits. The suits doors opened and Yamanaka un strapped and stepped out

“There you are now Ken, the Captain wants to see you, and how did the Desert Type Ranak handle for you?” The man was outside of the mobile suit as Ken got out and got on the platform. The man on the plat form had shoulder length brown hair, that lay rather flat and straight, his eyes where the same shade of brown that his hair was, he bore a scar over his right eye, and his face was rather sharp and angular he wore a Green pilot’s jump suit, with the name “Bronson” on the left side of his chest.

“Well enough it’s been awhile since I’ve had to pilot a standard mass production unit but it got the job done,” This was the RVX-012D Ranak Desert type, based off of the work horse Earth Union Mobile suit RVX-012 Ranak.

“So how are the repairs to the Peregrine?” Ken asked as he walked along the Scaffolding with his fellow pilot. 

“Repairs are going well, she’s in Bay twenty seven at the moment,” Bronson replied. They reached the hangar floor, Bronson went on “Yeah there’s some suit, real spoke vibe about her, she’s wafting in the captains office,” 

“I’ll head over there now, see you in a few Kevin,” he walked away down the rows of the hangars to a small metal door way at the other end, he knocked.

“Come in,” a gruff man’s voice said, the doors slid apart, and Ken proceeded in. He saw the captain standing, he was wearing a full black dress uniform, with all of his medals on it, he stood nearly as tall as ken at about 6 feet tall, and had a full salt and pepper colored beard, he looked to be about sixty, and had a long crooked nose, that looked as if it had been broke at some time, and eyes so blue they made the sky look as if it were allways grey. 

Ken stood at attention and saluted, and said “Captain Jones, sir,” that’s when he noticed whose voice he had heard over the comm. System, she stood at about five foot eleven, was thin, had blonde hair that was done into a bun, she wore thin framed glasses and had brown eyes, her face was thin, yet full at the same time in an odd way, she was Beautiful in every sense of the word Ken thought, and he also couldn’t think how ample her bosom looked, mentally also making a counter note she‘s a superior officer, don‘t even think it. 

The captain saluted back and replied “At east Lieutenant,” Ken slacked up a bit, but not to much, and stood with his hands behind his back, Jones went on “This is Commander Amy Vienna,” he motioned to her “She is head of a project known as Project Gladius, and wants to make a proposal that I think you might want to hear, he’s all yours Commander,” the walked towards the door.

“Thank you Jethro,” she said as the captain, Ken thought that she must know him quite well, no one used his first name, not even Admirals. “Lieutenant Yamanaka, you have surely heard of the Gundams haven’t you?” 

“Yes, ma’am,” Ken replied, everyone has heard of the Gundams, the prototype mobile suits that have been a legend ever since they where first deployed in the Second Cardinal War, the first war to be mostly waged in Mobile suits, the first Gundam was launched in 2184, six years after the Second Cardinal war, and over 20 of the “First Wave” Gundams where made starting with the EURF‘s  FNR-78 Gundam. Gundams where used by both sides during the war, when the Republic of Crux captured the FNR-78’s sister, the FNR-79X Gundam “Stardust”

Amy smiled at this “I thought so,” she said with a laugh “I’m currently working on a project, a new wave of Gundams if you will, the fourth wave,” she continued getting down to business again rather quickly 

“I’m also sure you have heard of Neurogen’s as I know from reading your file?”

“Yes who hasn’t, and what in my file would make you say that,” he said rather grimly, getting angry really quick, she had spoke written all over her and it was all the more evident, he quickly added “Ma’am” he began thinking OK so she knows something most people don’t well spit it out.

(continued in next post)

I know who you are lieutenant, what most people besides former admiral Jones, and highest brass knows,” she said rather bluntly “being in the Department of Military Intelligence has it’s benefits,” she had a rather grim look on her face that said, want to ask any other stupid questions?

“So, what do you know?” Ken was being rather bold at this point “Ma’am?”

“Very well,” she said now walking behind the Captains desk and taking a seat behind it’s antique mahogany structure. “I know your real name is Zach Bonaparte, you grew up on Lagrange Point 5’s colony ‘Freedom’s Nuance’ with your sister, Anna Bonaparte, and your father, Michael Bonaparte, your sister died due to Synthetic Allarium dust being released to the colony to provoke a change to Neurogen’s, like the metal was known to do, in this out break your sister died, you nearly did to,” she then sighed “you then held nothing but animosity for the Crux, and what they did to her, but your father continued fighting for them, which drove you to earth, under the name Ken Yamanaka.” 

“You are good, I guess next you’ll go to the part where I killed my father, and despite being ordered to the interplanetary front to fight the Colonial Empires which is why Jones is no longer Admiral, because he took the fall for me,” Ken finished for her, he crossed his arms over his chest now “Now I guess you’re going to want me to pilot one of these Gundam’s you’ve been developing, why?” 

She sat up a bit in the chair and pulled out a page from a file on her desk, “Because of this Lieutenant,” she set it on the desk, Ken stepped closer. 

Ken stared at it reading it over, it was an medical evaluation, more importantly, blood work, and notes on his mental state, at the bottom, it said “High probability of being a Neurogen” 

“Because I’m a Neurogen, you should have a decent supply of those on hand, just release some Allarium, I mean you do work on Gundam’s their armor is made of the metal, just reduce some to a dust like state, or you can find a natural born in the colonies, after all it’s supposed to be an adaptation to space,” 

“Not just because of that, but because you have drive Lieutenant, you where willing to kill your own father, to avenge your sister, but you also show high brain wave activity and should be able to use the remote weapons of the Vexus Gundam,” she took out another folder detailing specs on this new suit, several mentions of an A.I, and a Neurogen Remote Weaponry Interface, or NRWI.

Ken was impressed “This suits has an A.I, only the top war ships and bases have those,” he then took in a breath “What’s in this project for me? Odds are it’s to fight the Earth Union’s bigger enemy right now, the Colonial Empires, outside of the solar system, my fight’s here ma’am you know that”

“Yes you’d be fighting the Empires, but you’ll also be fighting the Republic of Crux too,” She said smiling. “So are you in or out Lieutenant? I promise you’ll get to settle the score you’ve had since you where 15” 

“Ok, I’ll do it,” Ken replied. Commander Vienna got up, smoothed out her skirt and walked over to him and shoot his hands.

“I here by promote you to Lieutant Commander,” she said with a smile “Get ready to go, we ship out to the Seattle space port in thirty minutes,” she left the room leavening Ken to think. 

April 31st 2217 Seattle Space Port.

Ken looked over the balcony of the white building, behind it, rose an orbital elevator extending to the heavens, it’s silver surface gleaming in the rare sun light of the Puget Sound. At the top of the elevator is where the ship they where boarding, it was a Fleet Ship, based on a Centennial Class dreadnought. Which meant it had a ram drive, the invention that took humanity one step further into the stars, it made Faster than Light travel possible by warping the fabric of space around it, and using the bubble to propel a ship up to seven times the speed of light.

Ken looked over the city, seeing the space needle now the oldest building in Seattle surprisingly surviving the Dominion wars of over 100 years ago. It wasn’t the first time Ken had been here, it was the first city he landed in when he first came to earth, the capitol of the North American Continent, and one of the largest military ports for the past one hundred and thirty years. Despite this the city had an oddly peaceful quality about it. 

“Lieutenant Commander,” Vienna’s voice broke into his thought process. “We haven’t had a chance to speak since last night, are you still wondering why I chose you for this assignment?” 

Ken sighed and looked back “Yes ma’am to put it frankly.”

“Very well Mr. Yamanaka,” she leaned over the balcony and took in the sights, looking at the shuttles leavening and flying above them, “I chose you because not only are your brainwaves strong enough to handle the amount of Neural feed back from the Vexus Gundam, but you are one of the most skilled pilots we have, you’ve been piloting since you fled for earth ten years ago, you where only fifteen,” she looked over to him, her blue eyes piercing into his almost as if she were trying to say trust me lieutenant commander. “You also have a score to settle, so you have the drive, and JONII, the AI of the Gundam you will be piloting, or Joint Operations Neural Interface Intelligence.” 

“So it wasn’t just you who chose me huh?” Ken replied to this, taking it all in still.

“Yes it is,” she said bluntly it’s time to get going anyways, the ship’s waiting.

They walked into the facility, where they entered the Orbital elevator. “This way,”  a worker said, he was in an orange reflective vest, and herded them into the passenger section, Ken sat down and strapped into the seat, Vienna sat next to him. She took her glasses of and put them in her chest pocket of her suit. Out the window Ken saw them loading his mobile suit, not the Gundam he was going to pilot but what he had been piloting for the past year, the MSR-0100 Peregrine, it stood about seventeen meters tall, had dual wing binders on the back, a narrow angular chest, with reverse thrusters on each side of the cock pit hatch, on it’s left arm it bore a slender rectangular shield and it’s it right a beam long rifle. It’s head was sharp and angular, and bore two eyes, the only suit besides Gundams that had this, it also bore a single long horn sticking out at a 45 degree angle from it’s face. It was grey and blue, Yamanaka’s color scheme which earned him the moniker, the Grey Fox. (Yes, yes it is an Oblivion Homage) 

“There’s your suit, just as you asked LC,” Amy said looking at it “one of my best designs too,”

“You designed the Peregrine?” Ken asked looking over at her skeptically. 

She laughed “Yes I did Mister Yamanaka, one of my favorite designs, fast, tough, and flexible, can be used to suit most combat roles,” she was smiling while she looked at it “And I must say she dose look allot prettier in your color scheme than mine,” 

“Are you telling me you pilot, or are you just talking about the normal scheme,”

“No Ken, I do pilot, my scheme is Black and Dark green, not as be fitting as your Grey and Blue though, which earned you the name the grey fox, due to your tricky tactics in battle,” 

“You just keep surprising me,” He said and the elevator began to ascend. 

(END OF CHAPTER ONE, there will be some action in the next chapter, granted so far all I know of Chapter two is the action which begins right from the start.)

Impressive. i look forward to seeing more of this lol.

Yeah glad to see you liked it, not to action packed yet, but I wanted to get some character development out there, might post some character bios later, don’t know. I should have Chapter 2 done by this time next week or so.

Also allready noticed an opps in the foreward (Regaurding the first Gundam that the Republic of Crux stole). Anything in particular that was good or bad?

like the characters. like the overall story. a little concerned with the forthecoming of the leiutenant on top secret tech. but ill have to see the agenda of the government, you know their type: always deviant even if they are benevolent. as for the mecha so far im impressed. PS: dont take this as an insult but if i didnt know better, id swear you kinda in small ways borrowed from Advent (or so my brother thinks but thats just him lol…truthfully id say its nothing but a subtle form of flaterey).

PSS: 5-14-12…


It might of had some inspiration from you. (namely interstellar travel, and A.I’s but technically A.Is where used mby sentienel first)

But yeah the reasons are pretty clear from Amy’s stand point, she brought him on because A: he can pilot it really well, and B: he has reason to do it.

Next chapter I plan on introduceing that Char clone, the one we talked about on facebook some last month who happens to be female.

I also refrenced Stardust with that Gundam’s name (A zeon like faction steals a gundam named stardust) and I also refrenced Oblivion as you see, and I plan on haveing a load of pop culture refrences, not to mention more Gundam refences.

PS: Dose your brother like it?

Ah! now my memory is serving me! i remember. yes i look forward to that and the next chapter. other than that forthcoming bit i like the story…and yes you have Ghost’s stamp of aproval lol. btw check your pm box in a couple of miniutes.

Just an update, Chapter two will be a bit later than promised (Sorry two people who I know read over this) but it should be no latter than Sunday or maybe Monday, I didn’t have any time to work on it this past week due to an overload of school work, been working on the Second chapter a bit tonight, and in it there’s a treat, some action, and I introduce the first rival ace who also plays a major role in the story. Not to mention I introduce a Zaku like mobile suit too. :smiley:

It took longer than expected but I’ve been busy, with the RP, and school, and other things so chapters won’t come out consitently untill, let’s say June, but here it is.

Chapter 2
The Crimson Princess
April 31st 2217

As the Elevator ascended Vienna was checking her PDA “It seems that a battle has broken out near this elevator shaft, odds are it won’t hit us,” she kept typing away on the pad. 

“So, this project is on Atrusca right?” Ken inquired. Atrusca was the seat of secret tech development for the Earth Union’s most valued Military projects, including the Gundams that where made after FTL travel was made, due to it’s high amount of natural Allarium, the only other source, Mars was the first source until the Ram drive was pioneered, and now the Republic of Crux had to rely on synthetic Allarium for there mobile suits that use it. “I’ve never been out of the Solar system.” 

“Yes, the projects on Atrusca, should only take us forty eight hours or so to get there,” Vienna said. She kept taping away on the PDA.

“Yeah.” Ken thought to him self, no need for small talk, I guess I’ll cut to the point “why did I get promoted to Lieutenant Commander just for this project, that’s crazy by any standards.”

“Well if it wasn’t for your refusal for going out of the System to fight the Colonial Empires, you’d be damn near that rank anyways, not to mention I need someone with decent tech expertise, and competent leadership skills to be my second in command, not to mention they have to be one of the best pilots, and a strong Neurogen, you fit the bill to a tee Mr. Yamanaka,” she put the PDA away “Not to mention, you have a good character”

“Incoming, incoming,” the automated voice over the elevator intercom came over, a blast hit the hull off the storage compartment, venting the atmosphere Ken, and Amy where both safe in the separate passenger compartment. 

Ken sighed “It seems that battle is here, Ken unbuckled and got out of his seat, he walked over to a compartment on the other side of the passenger hull, bringing out his pilot suit, he got in it, and fastened his helmet and breather tank on. “Ma’am permission for emergency Sortie.” he asked the Lt. Commander.

“If you feel it’s necessary to launch to keep them away from the cargo related to the project feel free.”	

Ken hit the emergency airlock of the Passenger compartment. Once on the other side he was able to use the micro gravity, and various hand holds to pull him away from the opening in the Hull and to his Peregrine. He hit the emergency cockpit opening handle from the outside and got in. Strapping him self in the seat he closed the cockpit and started a system check “Reactor on, full out put, all lights are green,” The thrusters began to engage from the back of his Grey and blue suit, it’s sharp features tensing up, the eyes lit up sky blue as Ken said “Ken Yamanaka, Peregrine Launching,” he hit the boosters on full and left out of the gaping hole in the hull.

Racing out into the black of space Ken saw several Ranaks engaged with the Republics of Crux’s mainstay mobile suit the MRS-006 Zachariah they where painted a drab olive green, had angular shoulders, yet a more rounded design over all compared to the Peregrine, it had a round-ish head with a single horn sticking up from it, and a single “Mono-Eye” sensor, tubes connected the various thrusters, and the facial vent. (Imagine a Zaku with a Hizack’s chest with the Bawoo’s shoulders)  

Beyond them he saw a hot Pink one, with deep crimson accents, it charged straight for him. In the cockpit of the pink suit sat young woman, no older than 17, she had shoulder length blonde hair, a slim face, blue eyes and a red and silver mask, that looked something like those angular masks that those old comic book characters wore. She dashed towards Ken, at break neck speeds, pulling out her Beam Hawk, a beam saber shot out from a hidden compartment in the forearm of the Peregrine and into it’s hand Ken parried the blow from the beam hawk.
So this is the Crimson Princess of Crux? Ken thought to him self, it’s been to long since I’ve had a challenge. With the peregrine’s empty hand Ken laid a punch right into the custom Zachariah’s mono-eye staggering the suit back a bit. She recovered quicker than ken anticipated ad before he knew it she was dashing straight towards him again. “Damn she is fast,” ken muttered to him self.

A sharp pain went though Lt. Commander Yamanaka’s head, unlike anything he as ever felt, it was almost, as if he saw into the other pilots mind for a second, it was a searing pain, the other suit slowed down for a second, as if she to felt it “She must be another Neurogen, why dose she seem so familiar?” Ken then raised his shield arm, and loosed two missiles from the shields launcher. She dodged them both barely, she then shot her beam machine gun at him, six rapid fire sky blue particle beams streaked towards the peregrine. Ken dodged five of them, the last one grazed his left leg, disabling one of the venires on it. 

“You’re good,” came a female voice over the open comm. Her voice sounded very familiar, so much so that Ken thought it was someone he knew long ago, but she couldn’t be “You’re the Grey Fox of the Earth union aren’t you?” she asked over the intercom, she sounded amused and annoyed at the same time, and she sounded young, really young even though from that little mind invading moment, Ken knew she had to be at least seventeen.

“Thanks you‘re good to, the Crimson Princess I believe,” Ken then parried with her once more, she loosed a kick into the Peregrine’s cockpit staggering the suit back a few feet, ken shook about in the seat, and adjusted his controls as quickly as he could, as she rushed forward ken was able to get the Peregrine balanced again, and blitzed her, losing his beam rifle from it’s resting spot on the Peregrine’s back, he loosed a stream of particle beams at the Zachariah barely missing each time, only nicking the Pink commander units arm.

“Yes, that’s who I am, Seaira Kahn , The Crimson Princess of Crux,” She charged in with the beam hawk again, Ken blocked with the Peregrine’s shield, Ken was then able to release a beam though Seaira’s suit’s leg, blowing it clean off, “Damn you’re good, really good,” Ken felt another flash of pain though is body, unbeknownst to him so did Seaira. 

He saw what he could only describe as a vision, two kids walking down the street, one a boy, the other a girl, he was about fifteen, she was only seven or eight maybe, the vision then flashed to a green Zachariah streaking towards the MSR-0100, Ken realized what this was, he loosed his shield which was which stuck on the Beam Hawk, and in his left hand he unleashed his beam saber from it’s hidden compartment, his right hand still bearing the beam rifle, he streaked straight back reverse wielding the beam saber, he slashed one of the MP Zachariah units in two, seemingly without looking, he kept going backwards, seeing the suit explode, he then shot one of the other grunts though the chest. 

That’s when he noticed he plowed into the orbital elevator shaft, the Crux suits had retreated, the Peregrine suffered some minor frame damage in the leg, but nothing major, over the comm. crackled commander Vienna’s voice, “Good work LC, come to the unloading Depot 8, where we will board the Manifest Destiny, and head off for Atrusca.”

“Acknowledged,” Yamanaka replied. He headed for the bay.

Aboard the Manifest Destiny

“Follow me Lt. Commander,” Vienna said to Ken, they went to the officer’s lounge, there stood two old leather couches, and a coffee table, this was no warship ken thought.

“Here’s the files on the Project,” Amy handed Ken the PDA she was typing on, while they headed up the orbital elevator, she then went on to say rather grimly “Read up on them, and your team, we meet at 0500 hours tomorrow, this private lounge.”
“Yes Ma’am” said ken, as Amy Vienna left “God, she’s beautiful, and to the point, and brutal undoubtedly.” Ken started reading the specs of the VNR-001 Vexus Gundam

-Armor: Allarium Alloy
-Height: 19.0 Meters
-Armaments: x5 Funnels x1 Beam Rifle x2 Beam Saber 
-Special Features: Hard Points for mounting extra weapons, A.I Frame, Neurogen Communication interface. (Or NCI)

A picture of the suit appeared it was pale grey, light purple, and had yellow vents, it’s over all design looked somewhat similar to the Peregrine, the differences included, the obvious “trademark” Gundam head with the V-Fins, the double mouth, and red chin, it bore no Vulcan’s like the norm, the shoulders where shorter and square, and there where several docking points over the body, also there where larger cooling vents on the chest.

April 31st Lagrange Point 5, Colony: Freedom’s Nuance, Current Military Headquarters of the Republic of Crux

Seaira walked down the adorned hallways of her beloved nation’s military capitol, her mask was no longer on, revealing more of her face, not that it hid much to begin with, her hair now draped a little in front of her, by all accounts she would be incredibly attractive, he soft face, not to angular, not to round, her button nose, not usually a quality of intense beauty looked just at home on her face. Instead of a pilot suit, she now wore a white suit, with a pencil skirt, looking very professional, she reached the hallway. 

She knocked three times on the large Mahogany door at the end of the hallway a plaque on the door read “Admiral  Xavier Crux”

“It’s open a voice rang from inside,” Seaira went though the doors,  on the other end of the study sat a man behind an antique desk, sat a man in his late thirties wearing a dress uniform, he had slicked back black hair, grey eyes, he was rather muscular, and if he stood up would be around six foot five inches. 

Seaira Stood at attention “SIR!” she yelled.

“At ease Lieutenant Kahn” He said, this was Xavier Crux, younger brother of Alexander Crux, the sovereign of the republic of crux. 

“Sir, we intercepted communications about a new Gundam in the works on Atrusca, that is where the EUR Fleet Ship, Manifest Destiny was going, it slipped into the Ram Space just thirty minutes ago, initial scans say it is on a course for Atrusca now sir,” she finished.

“Very well, anything else Kahn?” 

“Yes sir, permission to form a team aboard the stealth frigate “Midnight” and head after them on a recon mission?” Seaira asked. 

“Very well, don’t to anything rash, and listen to Captain Wallace, you’re my top pilot, and my Protégé,” Crux stood up and said “Not to mention my ace in the hole Seaira, be careful, the republic, can’t afford to lose you, I can’t afford to lose you” The admiral said, his voice losing that gruff edge it had at first, now truly sincere. 

“Understood sir,” Seaira said.