Mobile Suit Gundam: Days of the White Feather

Well folks here it is, the thread for my new novel Mobile Suit Gundam: Days of the White Feather. This novel tells the story of one Lyle Hathcock, an MS sniper ace. Lyle’s family heritage can traced back to his ancestor Carlos Hathcock, a military sniper known for his legendary kill count 93 confirmed kills. As a family tradition, each child shall participate in marksmanship classed and competitions in order to be groomed for military service from high school on. After graduating from high school, Lyle refuses to continue his military training to study more about the art and finesse of marksmanship. As the One Year War begins, Lyle reluctantly enlists in the Federation Forces in order to avenge the death of his younger sister and cousin.

like the premise, like the name, like the way you connect the protagonist to the legendary Carlos, everything is looking good so far. hope your computer doesnt crash again. good luck and look forward to the product.

Very VERY similar to Lockon Stratos.

Wait until you see who his sister is. She is alive, however she is also very different in terms of personality. You’ll be able to recognize her when she reappears during the Gryps Conflict.

Edit: After some thinking, it’s going to be his cousin he’s going to see during the Gryps War. He actually finds his sister after the end of the One Year War, but his cousin who always looked up to and admired Lyle.

Nice…look forward to see it when it comes out.

I hope this has a bit of a ’Nam in Mobile suits vibe that 08th MS team had to an extent, it would suit it well IMO, can’t wait to see it.

same imo as well.