Mobile Suit Gundam: Days of Ruin

Well, after some editing and fleshing out of the story I’ve decided to unveil my novel. This will encompass at least three books that I call the “Endless War Chronicles.” The first book will focus on a war of epic proportions that nearly wipes out humanity and causes a mass immigration FROM Earth. This book, is now know as Mobile Suit Gundam: Days of Ruin. I’m still writing it out, but it will be comparable to Tomino novel. The first book itself will divided into three parts as the war lasts for 15 years. Well, are you excited?

talk about first foot foward. look forward to more. cant wait.

I’m still working on it. I’m going to try to get some anime drawing lessons so I can post some images of characters, MS designs, and ships. The premise for Days of Ruin is that in the near future, Russia (now under the control of the Neo Soviets) launches an assault on the world in order to spread Communism to the world. The book will not focus on one individual who pilots a Gundam, but instead focuses on people on the front line, politicians, generals, and civilians and how they affect the pilot of the Gundam. All these stories are intertwined to form a picture and ask are we doing the right thing, is war necessary, and should we judge others. You’ll see bits of 00, 0079, Code Geass, and 8th MS team.

ingenius. i look foward to it

Interesting. an exodus from Earth. are we talking about an Interplanetary thing or Colony stuff?
I’m excited. but take your time, I have a problem with having a scene in my head and my hands cant keep up with me.

Interplanetary. About 25 years after the war, humanity created a warp-drive of sorts that allows people to travel beyond the Solar System.

After some more editing, I’ve decided to shorten the war from 15 years to just 7. Why, you ask? Because a 15 year war is too damn long! Also, instead of three parts (or acts as I call them), I’m shortening it to two acts, but that leaves a lot of room for more story and character development. Currently, I’m writing out the prologue and chapter one which will come out in about 3 to 5 weeks time.

cant wait to see the stated two.

15 year war too long? I disagree my good sir…

1960-1975 Vietnam War United States and South Vietnam vs. North Vietnam

1801-1805; 1815 Barbary Wars United States vs. Morocco, Algiers, Tunis, and Tripoli

2001- present day(2012) Afganistan war on terror United States and Coalition Forces vs. the Taliban regime in Afghanistan to fight terrorism.

Technically we are also still at war with North Korea but no one has fired a shot in over 60 years


War is never a good thing and I’m not telling you how to write your story. but if you think 15 years is too long( and for some it is…) wars never really have a time limit, they make up their own rules as they go. 7 years is a decently long time. i think the wars I made in my story are wayyy to long now that i think about it. but you have to remember there isnt fighting everyday. maybe there is but not full on epic battles. a few skirmishes here and there. but to have a big battle constantly is very taxing on resources.

but anyway Zeta… write whatever you think is good! you may find you need to go back and tweek it or straight up revize it.
Garunteed your first draft will never be the final.
Heck mine isnt even final…
there are a few things i need to change. scurries away

PG has got a point. even i have to admit in my fic the Argonaut Wars have been raging for almost 100 years (from 3940-Present (4012)) even if your including the 10 to 11 year Silent Wars (4001-4011).

It’s been a while since I’ve been here. School has slowed down my progress. But, I am half way through the first act of Days of Ruin. The First act is called Opening (chess reference). There will be mobile suits in this act but they are primitive (comparable to Knightmare Frames in Code Geass). I’ve also decided to include Modern Warfare elements in here such as an infiltration mission into a secret Neo-Soviet MS factory, an attack on D.C., and the first MS Vs. MS in Afghanistan.

Well, this is the end of Days of Ruin. A couple days ago, my computer crashed. I didn’t lose everything (thankfully), but I forgot to back up Days of Ruin on my flashdrive. But, fear not! I have a new idea brewing. It involves an MS pilot named Hathcock and his trials through the jungles of southeast Asia during the One Year War, his role in the incident at Side 6’s Libot colony, his involvement and disappearance during the Delaz fleet crisis, and his return in the Gryps War. I call it, Mobile Suit Gundam: Days of the White Feather.

…your useing Carlos Hathcocks Life in a Gundam story?

(Grabs Zetas Hand and shakes it)

Zeta go for it! i thought i was the only guy on here that has heard of Carlos Hathcock but this has proved me wrong and im loving it! i wanna see a Gundam Sniper Story! i look forward to seeing it and wishing you good luck!