Mobile Suit Gundam Chronology

This list is the general watching order of the Gundam metaseries. It includes the dominant Universal Century and Alternate Universe alike.
It lists the production date and Japanese air date, followed by a specification of Season, OVA or Film.
This list shall be updated accordingly to Sunrise’ production of the Gundam franchise.
Note: This list has been compiled in accordance to Bandai’s License of Gundam in the USA. Therefore, titles given will use the given licensed name, and state if English Dubbed or otherwise.

Should you find inconsistencies with this list, or have a reccomendations on improvement, please let yourself be heard.
Please don’t quote this entire post.

At present time, the list only contains Anime. I do plan on changing this in the future, but it will take much research, so it could take a while.

Universal Century - UC

Mobile Suit Gundam MS IGLOO - 2004>2009 - OVAx3 - 3 Episodes per OVA = 9 Episodes Total (Undubbed)
MS IGLOO is a pretty new OVA that happens during the One Year War. Despite this, it displays important events in OYW history, and therefore comes before Mobile Suit Gundam. It should also be noted that MS IGLOO isn’t a single OVA, but each 3 different OVAs consisting of 3 episodes each.

Mobile Suit Gundam - 1979>1980 - First Season - 43 Episodes (42 English Dubbed) -
Compilation Film x3(English Dubbed)

Mobile Suit Gundam otherwise known as Gundam 0079 or First Gundam started the Gundam metaseries in 1979.
It was originally scheduled to run for 50 episodes, but due to ratings, it was shortened to 43.
Director Yoshiyuki Tomino later had the chance to make a series of 3 compilation films with various changes to suit his ideal. These films where released in English BEFORE Sunrise had dubbed the 42 episodes.

Mobile Suit Gundam: The 08th MS Team - 1996>1999 - OVA - 12 Episodes (English Dubbed) - Compilation Film
The 08th MS Team happens during the One Year War from during 0079 toward the end, so essentially it comes after 0079.

Mobile Suit Gundam 0080: War in the Pocket - 1989 - OVA - 6 Episodes (English Dubbed)
Like 08th MS Team, 0080 takes place in the point of view of non Newtype characters, except 0080 happens toward the end of the One Year War. 0080 should also be noted for being the first time anyone other than Gundam creator, Yoshiyuki Tomino has been given a chance to direct a Gundam anime.

Mobile Suit Gundam 0083: Stardust Memory - 1991>1992 - OVA - 13 Episodes (English Dubbed) - Compilation Film
0083 is very important to watchers of Zeta as it establishes the reason The Titans where created. 0083 also has it’s own compilation film titled “The Last Blitz of Zeon” with a running time of 2 hours. This compilation film has not been released in English.

Mobile Suit Zeta Gundam - 1985>1986 - 2nd Season - 50 Episodes (English Dubbed) - Compilation Film x3 (Undubbed)
Zeta serves as a sequel to Mobile Suit Gundam, happening 7 years after The One Year War, and 4 years after Stardust Memory.
Mobile Suit Zeta Gundam was compiled into 3 films in 2005. These films contain mostly new footage and use relativly modern technology compared to it’s 1985 source material. This has not been dubbed into English. These compilation films should also not be considered canon, as they contradict events in Zeta’s sequel, Mobile Suit Gundam ZZ.

Mobile Suit Gundam ZZ - 1986>1987 - 3rd Season - 47 Episodes (Undubbed)
ZZ is definitely a sequel to Zeta Gundam, wrapping up loose events in Zeta. Watching ZZ is not essential to watching Char’s Counterattack, as it has almost nothing to do with the film. ZZ has yet to see a dub.

Mobile Suit Gundam: Char’s Counterattack - 1988 - Film - 2 Hours (English Dubbed)
Char’s Counterattack serves as the culmination of events in 0079 and Zeta. It concludes the 14 year rivalry between Char Aznable and Amuro Ray, so it’s an essential watch in the UC timeline.

Mobile Suit Gundam Unicorn - 2010>2013? - OVA - 7 Episodes (English Dubbed) - Uncomplete
Unicorn happens 3 years after Char’s Counterattack. Similar to 0083, new episodes of Unicorn are released after several months, and so far it has not been completed.

Mobile Suit Gundam F91 - 1991 - Film - 1 Hour,55 Minutes (English Dubbed)
F91 happens 30 years after Char’s Counterattack, as Yoshiyuki Tomino wanted to start a completely new series. Therefore watching this before anything prior will not yield spoilers. F91 was originally scheduled to be a series of it’s own before it was turned into a film of it’s own. For more on the Crossbone Vanguard conflict, one should read the prequel manga “Mobile Suit Gundam F90” and F91’s sequel happening 10 years after F91, “Mobile Suit Crossbone Gundam”.

Mobile Suit Victory Gundam - 1993>1994 - 4th Season - 51 Episodes (Undubbed)
Victory Gundam happens 30 or so years after F91. Therefore watching Victory will not have any impact on any prior Gundam anime.
Victory has not been dubbed. It should also be noted for being the longest running mainstream Gundam anime, spanning 51 episodes.

Future Century - FC

Mobile Fighter G Gundam - 1994>1995 - 5th Season - 49 Episodes (English Dubbed)
Here we take a large turn for something new, Mobile Fighter G Gundam, which (considering the other Alternate Universe titles take some kind of inspiration from 0079) has to be the most unique AU anime produced. G Gundam was created to commemorate the 15th Anniversary of the Gundam franchise.
There are several things to be noted for G Gundam. First of all, the English dubbed version changes the names of several units around. This was done so model kit sales (or rather, toy sales) would appeal more to younger audiences. Names such as God Gundam and Devil Gundam have been changed to Burning Gundam and Dark Gundam, respectively. The other reason G Gundam was created was to peak Model Kit sales, after all.
Mobile Fighter G Gundam is known as Mobile Fighting Legend G Gundam in Japan.

After Colony - AC

Mobile Suit Gundam Wing - 1996 - 6th Season - 49 Episodes (English Dubbed)
Though Gundam Wing has changed much of what fans might consider “Gundam” it stays true to it’s Real Robot origins. This is evident, as Gundam Wing is loosely based on Gundam 0079. Much unlike any prior anime, Gundam Wing’s character designs are in “Bishounen” style, which means they’re handsome young men, which was popular with other anime at the time.
Gundam Wing was known as New Mobile Report Gundam Wing in Japan.

Gundam Wing: Endless Waltz - 1997 - OVA (3 Episodes, English Dubbed) - Film (90 Minutes, English Dubbed)
Endless Waltz is the sequel of Gundam Wing. Originally released in Japan as New Mobile Report Gundam Wing: Endless Waltz as a 3 Episode OVA. It was later edited together as a film with added footage and an alternate theme song.

After War - AW

After War Gundam X - 1996 - 7th Season - 39 Episodes (Undubbed)
Despite the title “After War”, Gundam X is not at all related to the wars in any previous Gundam anime. This would be the third alternate universe show, and the first and only other to have a Newtype character. Gundam X was also very unpopular with Japanese fans, finally resulting in only 39 episodes.
It is known as Mobile New Century Gundam X in Japan.

Correct Century - CC

Turn A Gundam - 1999 - 8th Season - 50 Episodes (Undubbed)
Created after Yoshiyuki Tomino’s bout with depression had ended in 1999. So far, the only AU created by Yoshiyuki Tomino.
It also has a much lighter tone than his previous works. Firstly, it’s noted for being stylized as ∀ Gundam.
It’s also noted for officially bridging prior seasons together to form a history.
Gundam 00 and Gundam AGE have not been confirmed to be apart of this history.

Cosmic Era - CE

Mobile Suit Gundam SEED - 2002>2003 - 9th Season - 50 Episodes (English Dubbed) - Compilation Film x3
SEED is the first Gundam anime to see digital editing. It’s been directed closely to appeal to younger audiences, and it captures many elements from the original Gundam anime. There is also a 51st Episode titled “After Phase - Between the Stars”, which has not seen an english dub.
SEED has 3 Compilation Films known as “Special Edition” with various changes.

Mobile Suit Gundam SEED Destiny - 2004-2005 - 10th Season - 50 Episodes (English Dubbed) - Compilation Film x4
SEED’s sequel, happening 2 years after SEED’s events. It has 4 Compilation Films, but these film are seen from the perspective of another character.
Destiny’s final episode has seen an edit, and is known as “Final Plus”, which has numerous explanations on events of the series as well as various changes, and a longer battle.

Mobile Suit Gundam SEED C.E. 73: Stargazer - 2006 - OVA - 3 Episodes (Undubbed)
Stargazer is an OVA, consisting of 3 episodes, which where later edited into one short film.

AD - Anno Domini

Mobile Suit Gundam 00 - 2007>2009 - 11th & 12th Season - 50 Episodes (English Dubbed) - Compilation Film x3
00 was split between 2 seasons, each comprising of 25 episodes, so thus Gundam 00 makes for the 11th and 12th Seasons.

Mobile Suit Gundam 00 the Movie: A Wakening of the Trailblazer - 2010 - Film - (129 Minutes, English Dubbed?)

AGE - Advanced Generation

Mobile Suit Gundam AGE - 2011>2012 - 13th Season - 49 Episodes (Undubbed)

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Gundam ZZ is said to have been dubbed. However, the dub is horrible, lol.


Is it an official licensed dub by Ocean Group or a Hong Kong bootleg? If it is official, I will include it.

That I am unaware of, unfortunately. :C

Who watches dubbed anyway? (´・Д・)」

I know many that do.

Well… if you watch the dubbed version of the MSG Films… Bright has an interesting British Accent, and Sayla has a very cute Spanish Accent.
It’s interesting to watch, in the least. It gives you a good idea of how foreign characters would speak.

I simply included (English Dubbed) and (Undubbed) for those looking to buy these on DVD instead of downloading torrents or watching online.

well sometimes when I’m watching Gundam wing I watch It in English for nostalgia purposes that and Stardust Memories

I tease! But personally I prefer it as close to the original as possible. That and as a japanese learner i benefit from listening (^◇^)

Well, watching Gundam in English has availed me a lot. At first, watching G Gundam (the first English show I had ever viewed) I comprehended little. I and my abilities have certainly improved since then. EXTREMELY IMPROVED.

Furthermore, German DUB FAILS at everything.

Would you allot such a “kind voice” to Rau le creuset ? (person speaking at the beginning)

And yeah, that’s me commenting on the video via facebook.

So I’m watching Mobile Suit Gundam right now, is it advisable to watch MS igloo after it or I just save it for last?

You may watch MS IGLOO or the 08th MS team subsequently for it doesn’t make any difference what you watch next.

Never seen IGLOO but i TOTALLY Reccomend you watch 8th MS Team! Its da bomb! in a VERY good way :stuck_out_tongue:

Update: I’ve included G Gundam and Gundam Wing. I don’t know if it’s necessary though… I mean only the UC really requires a reading list. Then again I feel that this is needed so nobody gets confused if they’ve seen something like Gundam Wing and wonder if that belongs in the UC.

I need some confirmation on Endless Waltz OVA. Are the 3 episodes english dubbed?

Of course.

As is the movie.

So can anyone explain where Gundam AGE would fall on this list? I just hit episode 6 where they made a reference to what I’m assuming is the original MSG - “a legendary machine that every mobile suit smith knows about.”

Now AGE takes place in the Advanced Generation, but is that just a follow on to the Universal Century? I’m getting the impression that it’s not necessarily an alternate universe…

Yeah maybe. In a sense, it’s all connected to the Correct Century.

Let’s see, Universal Century, then after colony, after war, and then we would get the correct century. Maybe you can take out the AC and just imagine… it makes sense. AGE would come after that.

I’ll be updating this list sometime soon, you can then ponder on it then.

They did create a metaverse but I dont think it is supposed to make much sense. More of a nod to previous Gundam series rather than continuation.

I thought this would add some stuff