Mobile Suit Gundam: Battle Operation (offical thread)

Thought I would start a post for everything about Mobile Suit Gundam: Battle Operation for the PS3.

To start it off… what mobile suits have you unlocked? For I, for the Feds: GM ground type, GM sniper, GM, GM cannon, Guntank, MP Guntank, Light GM.

For Zeon: Zaku I sniper, Zaku II, Zaku II Commander type, Zaku guntank.

I am waiting to unlock the plans for the Gelgoog or at least a Dom. I just unlocked the plans for a Zaku I. Hm.

Another thing: I was thinking maybe one day, we can all meet up online on PSN and all play this game together :smiley:

Oh my, G:BO.

It’s been 6 months since I last played that.

I’d unlocked many suits by the time I stopped.
My favourite was the Ground GM though.

PSN ID : vvfvvfvvf or CHARZANABLE1995 (new acc)

We really need to sticky this thread I think some GBO nights would be a excellent idea, I could record them as well :stuck_out_tongue:

PSN: BrightSlapped
add meh

also been playing this with SFA and his bro quite some fun times to be had there

DucktheSeraph is my psn. I try to play when I get energy. Still only 12% on that Zudah. I won’t get it and it upsets the crap out of me. Like no joke. What kind of cruel world where I cannot get my favorite MS ever due to Bandai’s selective blueprint drop that they horribly explained in an interview.