Mobile Suit Gundam: Awakening, Escalation, Confrontation

I was around poking around Amazon, when I saw this book listed as getting a reprint next year (it has been out of print for a while now). This book contains the original Gundam novel trilogy, which is a radical, more realistic, retelling of First Gundam, written by Yoshiyuki Tomino himself. This book is an extremely entertaining read, and, while the story bears little resemblance to that of the original series (especially once you get past the first book), it still provides a ton of useful backstory on the Universal Century, and it goes into concepts like Newtypes in great detail. Every Gundam fan should own this book; for UC fans in particular, this is mandatory reading.

Personally, I hope this also gets a release on iBooks (or, failing that, Kindle). I already have this book in print, but I’ve been afraid of my copy getting damaged/stolen ever since i had it signed by Tomino, so it basically sits on my bookshelf out of harm’s way. Amazon has a button that you can click to request that the publisher make an ebook edition available. Please be awesome and click it.

Here’s the link to Amazon’s preorder page.

hmmm, Interesting. I’ll defiantly look into it.
Have you read Gundam: the Origin?
That was unique! I cant find a reprint anywhere but I saw one at my local Library long ago.

I thumbed through one of the issues once, but my problem with buying an ongoing manga is the fear that the series’ US release will be canceled before it’s completed (which is exactly what happened to the Origin, among others). At least with the DVDs, I can be assured that Bandai will finish what they start.

Omg it’s geting reprinted? Thank the nine I’ve been looking for one of the compliation ones for awhile now, and some where running into the $150 range…no joke.

Yeah they are vastly diffrent from the series it’s more of a re-telling, and ends with a big ol twist (and is one of the reasons it’s not cannon) also here’s the spoiler…Char…gets…a Dom…epic can’t describe the words.

Yeah most of what I know if from my days of wandering the Gundam wiki for hours on end, but it’s nice to see them geting a re-print since it’s a somewhat rare book from what I’ve heard.

@Zeta-G…your copy is singed by Tomino??? I’d give up just about anything and everything for that…you are one lucky SOB.

I played hooky from some community college classes in order to make the trip. :wink: I told my professors flat out why I would be gone; I even had to take a major test a week or two early (before the unit was compete, in fact, but it was a history test, so I still got a perfect ;)) in order to go. Oddly enough, Gundam Wing got brought up (not by me) on the last day of one of the other classes I skipped out on.

Back on topic, my copy of the book was not only signed, but also dated and given a little Haro drawing by Tomino himself. During the interview that he gave beforehand, he made a crack at the cosplayers who were there. :smiley:

I havent looked much into this but is this a legit book, as in a novel or is it anime/manga format?

It’s a book that collects three novels into one volume. There’s the occasional bit of line art here and there, but it is most definitely a novel.

I have the three original 1990 NA published versions, but I do want the 2004 compilation of them, since the originals don’t have any line art.