Mobile Suit Gundam: Advent

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Chapter 4
Location: on board the Odessa, at Teran Federation Star Port #639 near the Mercutio System. In forward starboard Magnapod, we see the BALDUR Gundam standing there in all its glory.
-The BALDUR Gundam in appearance looks like the NT-1 Alex from the OVA 0080. The only real Aesthetic difference between the two is that where the blue would be on the gundam it would be black. And the yellow V-fin would be white and the eyes and forehead camera were a metallic blue. The beam rifle it bore resembled that to the Strike gundam from SEED, while it bore, now on its left side, a physical blade that looks like the one the GINNs use in SEED. The Shield is the same, but like its owner the blue parts are black. And the red part on the chests abdomen (or on the cockpit hatch) is silver.
-We then see a person standing there. He is about 6’1”, 200 pounds of “Military Conditioned Muscle”, had Shaggy but well-kept brown hair, Piercing Blue Eyes, and at a glance appears to be 19 years old. He’s sitting on the rail sipping on a soda (due to copyright laws I can’t specify what he’s drinking, just the initials DP), thinking about his first sortie with the mobile suit that stood before him. Kenyon thought about accidentally shooting the Berserker in the cockpit. It shook him to his core. That then brought his memories back to the initial fighting in his days as a Black ops agent, he was only 17, granted that was too young, but he didn’t care, he was just doing his part for the Federation. For the honor of the “Clan Anoah”, as he would say at one time, but sadly as all soldiers can empathize, the illusion of honor and glory in war give way to the horror and butchery of real combat. This was no longer the chivalrous days of knights in shining armor, nor the days when men honored what Kenyon called the Soldiers Creed, these were days of horror, debauchery, and murder. And as we see, he is reciting the mentioned creed:
Kenyon: “Article One: No civilian Casualties……Article Two: When a soldier is no longer able to fight, and whether or not he or she surrenders, you are to stay your hand from causing further intentional bodily harm, only enough necessary to disable and remove the soldier from the battle field….Article Three: Should one capture a soldier, you are to treat him or her with the utmost respect and demeanor, they are only fighting to protect what they hold dear to them (Religion, Country, family, etc.), and therefore, they are to be treated in accordance to the old Geneva Treaties set forth by the old UN on Tera……Article Four: Maintain your Discipline, Vigilance, and Equipment at all times….Article Five: No matter what Religious background you come from, in times of war, all deaths direct or indirect are preforgiven (all except PREMEDITATED MURDER)…… Article Six: You are to treat both Civilians and Soldiers with the utmost courtesy and respect that human beings could properly give to one another, and should a civilian and or soldier (ally or enemy) be injured and or in critical need (whether they’re endangered or otherwise), you are to aid them as best as a human being can and in a way that will not violate Article Nine….Article Seven: Never contest combat on the Sacred Ground (or Never Fight on Holy Ground), of both soldier and civilian….Article Eight: Never mix your personal Life with your Military life….Article Nine: Never Compromise the Brotherhood of the Sword (Creed)……And finally Article Ten: The penalty for Violating Articles Nine, and especially One, is Death.”
-Kenyon sighs and took another sip from his drink. We then hear footsteps from his right and he turns and sees his older brother Thomas. He walked up with his usual demeanor that he had around his baby brother: Cheery.
Thomas: hey Ken. What are you doing up here?
Kenyon: Nothing, I’m just thinking……
-He drifts off into thought. Silence, until Thomas broke it.
Thomas: Kenyon? Do you know what makes BALDUR Gundam so special?
-Kenyon looks at Thomas puzzled.
Kenyon: yeah, because he has the BALDUR Program?
Thomas: Yes….and No. there is another reason. You know what makes the Gundams different from other mobile suits?
Kenyon: Yeah, they’re armor is made out of Lunar Titanium Alloy, so?
Thomas: Yes all of the Gundams armor is made out of the stuff also called Gundarium, but what if I told you that it’s a Cloned alloy?
-Kenyon looks at him with extreme confusion. He wanted to ask the question but was nervous to ask. Thomas then speaks up.
Thomas: when I mean Cloned Alloy I mean that their armor is a downgraded version of what makes up the entire inner frame of BALDUR, which is made up of a previously unknown alloy that can only be made in a Zero G environment. By adding titanium and a complex annealing process developed by a one Doctor Thein many Years ago, into a Zero G environment with a high degree of plasma, and an extremely rare mineral called Gundamite, the resulting material is called Gundanium.
-Kenyon then looks at him even more confused
Kenyon: and what does this have to do with BALDUR’s inner frame?
Thomas: BALDUR’ inner frame is made of pure Gundanium alloy…… and as discovered in the initial testing, it’s virtually impervious to beam blasts, usual gunfire, bombs, melee attacks (physical and beam type), and the like. This means Kenyon that the pilot is virtually safe from harm.
Kenyon: and the whole point of this conversation is?
Thomas: that means that it’s perfect for close quarters combat, and since you’re an utmost expert in not only CQC techniques, but in swordplay you’re perfect for BALDUR.
-Thomas points towards the sword on the side.
Thomas: and that is why it’s also equipped with a physical sword. In a sense we saw the threat of one of the Gundams being stolen. And since all of the Gundams are equipped with special energy field generators, the sword is a counter measure against that. So in a sense Kenyon, you are our trump card. The physical sword coupled with the inner frame of BALDUR made out of Pure Gundanium Alloy, it’s a potentially lethal and unstoppable combination.
Kenyon: in English?
Thomas: We’re counting on you Kenyon to be the one to capture THOR.
-Kenyon smiled, stood at attention, and saluted.
Kenyon: You can……
-Suddenly the Alarm blared on and the AI called ARCHIVE came online.
ARCHIVE: Warning! Warning! Unauthorized mobile suits approaching Star Port 639!
Thomas: How many??
ARCHIVE: 4, all Argonaut Viking class Mobile Suits!
-Thomas turned toward Kenyon and Grinned…
Thomas: ARCHIVE, Prep the Forward Starboard Magnapod and the BALDUR Gundam! Kenyon!
-Kenyon looked at him.
Thomas: You ready?
-Kenyon didn’t answer; he just went into the locker, put on his suit and proceeded to enter the cockpit.
Kenyon: NOW, I’m ready!
Thomas: Smart ass!
-Thomas proceeded to leave the Magnapod.

-Now the way a Magnapod works is to think of it this way: think that the Gundam has a Negative Charge while the Pod itself has a Positive charge (which is what’s really holding the Gundam in place on the ship besides a small anchor lock on the back of the Gundam). Now when you want to launch a MS via this method just think of what happens when you put two of the same charges together. If you answer that they move apart then you are correct. Now try that but the charge is immensely huge. So in essence, they change the Gundams Gundarium Armor’s Charge from Negative to Positive so that both the Gundam and the Magnapod both have a positive Charge. Now what keeps the Gundam from exploding out of the pod is that little anchor on the back. Now when the pilot pushes just a little bit on the throttle, the lock automatically releases and the MS literally flies out of the pod.
-after Kenyon completes the necessary checks, he places BALDUR into his socket and the AI comes to life.
BALDUR: I’m uploaded into the Gundams system Kenyon; all systems are Green across the board. Ready to launch on your command.
-Kenyon confirms this and sounds off.
Kenyon: BALDUR Gundam…Warrant Officer Anoah….Engaging Targets!!! Launches out of the Pod.
-the Gundam roars into the darkness of space. BALDUR immediately begins to search for the enemy MS and it’s not long before the Vikings are picked up.
-now the Argonaut Viking Class Mobile Suits (Codenamed: Viking), DO NOT look like literal Vikings but get their name from the Warriors who were noted for both their fierce fighting prowess but also their remarkable speed to appear out of nowhere and vanish without a trace. So the Viking Mobile Suit is aptly named because it was built to take a considerable amount of punishment but also be incredibly fast due to its thrusters that were pretty innovative at the time. At this time they are old and outdated model wise but are still used (if aint broke don’t throw it away.) Aesthetic appearance wise it looked like the Zudah from the Universal Century Universe , but the problems that irritated the original design in the respecting universe (namely the engine exploding when the suit is at critical mass), are nonexistent in this model, and the overall design does not change. The suit is equipped with a standard physical Heat AXE, left shoulder mounted Shield, 120mm beam machine gun, a couple of fire and forget missiles, plus two new weapons: A small physical Bastard Sword, and instead of it anti-ship cannon, a unique rail cannon. This is the AA’s Special Forces suit, and is therefore only given to elite teams of pilots. One of which is an up and coming Ace from the 88th Mobile Suit Squadron, behind the helmet, he sported dark hair, blue eyes, and a cocky demeanor. The kids name was Nathan. In another Viking, was the boy’s aunt. She sported Dark Red hair, dark brown eyes, and a cold yet confident attitude. This Amazon’s name was unknown, but she went by the codename: Viper.

Viper: Group on me. Looks like we got one suit coming up on us.
Pilot: Confirmed. It’s a Gundam ma’am; he’s coming up on us pretty fast.
Viper: take up defensive positions, prepare to surround the suit, when you are in position, we will enclose and capture it. Do not engage until I get its attention and force it to engage, then you get up behind it and essentially grab it. Nathan?
-Nathan looks over to Vipers suit.
Nathan: Yes?
Viper: Stay back and be prepared to use that Rail gun.
Nate: Aunt Vipe! Come on! I can do this if you can give me a chance Vipe! And please call me Nate!
Viper: First, the day I call you Nate is the day you call me Viper instead of Vipe. Second, your melee skill could use a little work and you won’t last a minute against this suit.
Nate: But Vipe!
-Viper turns off her comlink.
Viper: I swear that kid is gonna be the death of me! Andrea, why did you make me promise to look after these kids?
-They go roaring into the Fight, except Nate’s suit who prepares to charge up the Cannon.
Nate: Dammit! Why does Aunt Vipe get all the fun??!!

BALDUR: Kenyon? I’ve detected the Four Viking mobile suits. But one has fallen back.
-Kenyon scanned Nate’s suit and came to a conclusion.
Kenyon: Looks like that one has a rail cannon (or Rail Gun for those of you who want me to be accurate), and it’s trying to charge it up.
BALDUR: and judging by their flight formation and positions, they’re attempting to capture us.
-Kenyon Grinned and pushed up on the throttle.
BALDUR: Kenyon, what are you doing? I just said they want you to do this.
Kenyon: I know, scan and tell me which one is the possible squad leader.
-BALDUR scans and concludes Vipers suit is the Best candidate for being the lead suit of the squad.
-Kenyon Looks at Vipers suit, then looks at Nate, then back at the other two suits, then did a full once around of the team. He then grinned and continued to push up on the throttle.
BALDUR: Kenyon, Do you know what your do…… (He then took a look at the battle field and came to the same conclusion as Kenyon did) …… Never mind.
-Kenyon Again Grinned. And the Gundam blasted toward the Vikings.
Viper: Alright boys, looks like he’s taken the bait, and if I’m right, he’ll try to shoot me down, prepare to capture him.
All: Roger that!
-all converge on BALDUR Gundam. Kenyon Sees this, Grins even bigger and boosts towards Vipers suit, he then turns the comm to an open channel.
Viper: come on big boy, I’m ready for ya!
Kenyon: Get the Hell outta my way! (Zips past Vipers suit)
Viper: What the…… (Gasps)….Nathan!
-BALDUR was zooming towards Nate’s Suit and charges up his beam rifle. He fires a shot forcing the Viking to dodge. The Viking not equipped with Vulcans like modern mobile suits, and unable to use the other weapons seeing as the rail gun needs both arms to use it, was unable to fight back. So all Nate could do was dodge and hope Viper would save his ass.
-The Viking kept Dodging and weaving to avoid the BALDUR’s beam rifles shots, and Viper’s Motherly instincts (unfortunately for her) got the best of her. She shot toward Nate’s suit.
Viper: Break off attack! Aid the Viking! Shoot down the Gundam!
-All 3 Vikings shoot in all directions but are unable to hit BALDUR. Kenyon then gets frustrated.
Kenyon: You Guys…. (Every one of them by now can hear him)…
-He then scans back of him and concludes that the other two Vikings are behind him. He then gets in front of Nate’s suit
Nate: AHHH!!!
Kenyon: ….Are Nothing More….
-Nate, in a panic, Fires the Rail Cannon. BALDUR dodges and the round goes through both Vikings reactors and they explode. Nate is shocked by this. So much so he doesn’t react in time enough when Kenyon, who has drawn his sword, slices the Rail Gun and it explodes. It destroys the left arm of Nate’s Viking and Nate, recovering his senses, pulls his own sword and the two duel.
-Nate ducks, cuts, thrusts, parries, etc.
-Kenyon returns in kind. But sadly, as Viper had stated before, Nate’s cqc skills needed work, and as Thomas had complimented, Kenyon proved to be the better swordsman. He makes work of Nate’s machine till the Right arm both legs and the head are gone. Kenyon points his sword at the “throat” of the now disabled Viking. Just then Vipers machine appears out of nowhere and like he saw it coming Kenyon dodges and manages to lop off her left arm. Viper is shocked by this and is insulted by Kenyon’s conclusion of his statement.
Kenyon: ….Than Amateurs!!!
-Viper then realizes that with Nate’s machine useless for combat and her mech an arm missing, it will be no chore for the Gundam to finish off the two of them. She prepares for the worst.
Kenyon: I’ll give you to the count of 10 to leave, your friend is in no condition to fight and I don’t think you can fight me and protect him at the same time lady.
-Viper, Shocked that the pilot never inquisoned of her gender during the fight responds.
Viper: how the hell do you know I’m a woman?
-Kenyon grins and returns the answer.
Kenyon: Only a woman with motherly instincts would compromise a mission to save one of their own.
Viper: Damn you!!!
Nate: Aunt Viper, I took some bad hits.
Viper: I know……
Kenyon: No you don’t.
-Viper looks up and is puzzled.
Viper: and what the hell does that mean?
Kenyon: according to my scans your friend in there is bleeding really badly, he didn’t adjust his harness right and now his body is paying the price. I suggest you get him some help quick.
-Viper is frustrated but realizes it’s futile. The Gundam’s pilot was right. Nate did need medical attention and fast.
Viper: you win boy, but don’t think I’ll forget this!
Kenyon: I don’t doubt it grandma!
-Viper Grins from the man’s audacity, then asks one more question.
Viper: What’s your name pilot?
Kenyon: Call me Nachtwulf….
Viper: Night Wolf huh? I won’t forget it.
-Viper then groans over the realization of her situation and failure of the mission.
Viper: oh to hell with it! It’s just Tristan’s ass that’ll be on the line!
-As she says this, both Vikings Thrusters blasts towards their mother ship somewhere in the darkness of space.
-Kenyon then comes to one last detail he forgot.
Kenyon: DAMN!
BALDUR: What’s wrong?
-Kenyon grins
Kenyon: forgot to ask for that chick’s name.
-BALDUR shows a bit of dry humor.
BALDUR: why didn’t you ask for her phone number while you’re ……? (he then realizes something)Wait a minute! How did you know she’s an older woman?!!
Kenyon: to answer your latter question, it’s the same reason I came to the conclusion that she was a woman: she exhibited maternal instincts when she ran to intercept me when I charged that other Viking. And to answer your former question…older women are not my type.
-BALDUR “chuckles” and proceeds to do post battle checks. Kenyon looks at the what was left of the two destroyed mobile suits. He felt remorse and pain from what had transpired, and he the recited two unofficial tenants of the Creed….
Kenyon: “….Article Eleven: no matter how well you follow the Creed, there will always be casualties….Article Twelve: ….Survive.”
-After BALDUR completes the post battle diagnostics, they return to the Odessa.

Location: on board the Odessa (again), in the same hangar, with the same Gundam, with the same pilot, sipping on the same soda.
-We then see another person enter the bay, this time it was Damas.
Damas: we’ll Kenny, I heard of that little stunt you pulled.
-Kenyon frowned.
Kenyon: don’t call me “Kenny”!
-Damas Laughed. He had been more family to the Anoahs than a Friend. He patted Kenyon on the head and pulled out his flask to take a swig. He then looked at Kenyon.
Damas: you want some? (holds the flask out to Kenyon)
-Kenyon grinned.
Kenyon: no thanks.
-Damas Grins back and swigs one down. After which he says….
Damas: Good work Ken. (pats him across the back)
Kenyon: thanks…uncle D.
-Both start to laugh.

To be Continued……

Chapter 5
Location: Unknown…… Darkness, not even stars……We Hear a Choir chanting……
Choir: “……Born of battle….baptized in blood, and we heed the calling of the Dead….Whoa…… We will Fight…We Will Win, or We Will Die….Ohhhhhh (think monk like chant)….”
Location: Glessia Continent, Alpha Prime, 30 years ago……
-We see the ruins of a small village. In the sky we hear the sounds of battle roaring in the distance. We hear the sounds of primitive Mobiles suits clanking and shooting into the air. We then hear the sound of brisk footsteps and the clanging of a rifle on ones back. We then see a young man who looks to be the age of 13 rushing up a flight of stairs of an abandoned and crumbling building. We then see a man roughly the same height as Damas 30 years later, had brown buzz cut hair, brown eyes and almost the same demeanor as Damas, but more intense, more energetic, but a lot less cynical. We hear a communications device blaring in the room.
Voice on radio: Stormer? ….Stormer?.. I’m barely getting you say that again Capitan?
-the gentlemen’s name by the way is Capitan Drake Stormer of the 77th GR (or Grand Response) Corps.
Stormer: Colonel Halsey, I’ll repeat as loudly as I can: We have Argonaut Mobile Suits in the area aiding the Loyalists! I repeat Overlord; Arggy Clunks are on the playground playing with the snooty kids!
Halsey: Damn! I thought we signed a treaty with both the Feddies and the Arggys declaring Alpha Prime neutral! I guess the Loyalists are getting desperate.
Stormer: (speaks after debris finishes falling, Damas has just sat down on his left.) It looks that way sir, cause from what I’m seeing; the Arggys are deploying some new Clunk model.
Halsey: What does it look like?
-another section of debris falls.
Stormer: looks like they’re calling it a Viking Sir!
Halsey: how many do they have?
Stormer: 7 Sir!
-silence over both sides of the comm. The sound of missiles and gunfire are heard in the distance. The building shakes violently from the blast wave of a missile hitting the building 3 blocks up. The Colonel speaks up.
Halsey: how many of your team is left Stormer?
Stormer: me and GR03 are left sir!
Halsey: Doddammit! I’m sending you a retrieval boat. Take out what you can and get the hell outta there!
Stormer: Roger that! Capitan Stormer out! (Switches the radio off. Turns toward Damas.) Damas!?
-Damas turns toward Stormer, who had been more of a father to him than a commander for most of his military career.
Stormer: How much ammo do you have son?
Damas: half a clip. You?
-Stormer grins.
Stormer: likewise. You wanna swig of booze before we shove off?
Damas: Negative sir, never touched the stuff before sir, never will.
Stormer: (still grinning) sooner or later, you will Damas.
-the two check their gear and head into the ruins. Off on a hunting trip….hunting for clunkers. 5 hours later, we see a Viking (an earlier version of a Zudah) basically blasting at a plethora of buildings and Damas and Stormer are crouched behind certain parts of the said buildings. They are waiting for the Viking to cease firing. Drake has a light machine gun while Damas has a Fire and Forget missile tube.
Damas: tube is charged…on your command.
-Stormer peeks out and sees the Viking turn its back and snaps his head towards Damas.
Stormer: NOW!!!
-Damas Jumps from his spot and fires. The missile flies out of the tube and towards the Viking and hits it straight in the back. The mech explodes and the remnants of the machine crashes into the ground and the buildings around catch fire.
Damas: 3 down! Four to go!
-Suddenly, Damas and Stormer look up into the sky and see the rest of the Vikings starting to fly away from the area.
Damas: What the Hell?
Stormer: They’re falling back??!!
-Stormer looks around everywhere. Then he shows a look of horror on his face when he looks up into the sky.
Stormer: Oh my God! (Looks toward Damas) Where the ****’s the closest anti-barrage shelter??!!
-Damas Stutters for a second and comes up with the answer.
Damas: near the hospital, Sir! It’s about 15 minutes away!
Stormer: MOVE!!!
-Stormer grabs Damas and they haul ass across the ruins towards the hospital, they reach the hospital and as Stormer tries to open the door, Damas looks toward the sky to see a long slender Tube that was pointing downward to a conical point. It was simply dropping, no thrusters, no parachutes, just falling to the ground.
Damas: What the **** is THAT!!!
Stormer: That’s a DRAGOON Fusion Nuclear Warhead! In about another 5 minutes, it’s gonna hit and we’re gonna have one hell of a landscape development!!!
Damas: In English!!!
-Stormer opens the door and sadly realizes that due to a cave in it has cut off most of the shelter; it only had enough room for one.
Stormer: (Grins) in other words…. (Grabs Damas and Puts him into the shelter)……I have a message for you from all of us.
Damas: (tenderly) what?
Stormer: (hands Damas his Helmet and Dog Tags) “Make it Count”
-Stormer Slams the Door and it automatically bolts shut. We can hear Damas Screaming to the top of his lungs to let him out. Stormer Pulls out a cigar and lights her up. As he puffs on it once or twice, he looks at the Warhead as it’s about 40 seconds into impact. He chants the lyric from before.
Stormer: “……Born Of Battle……Baptized In Blood……And We Heed The Calling Of The Dead……Whoa……We Will Fight……We Will Win……Or We Will Die……Ohhhhhh” (Finishes Chant and Smiles)
-The Warhead Hits and we see an almost impossible Bright flash. We see the silhouette of the buildings, existing people, and Stormer in the background. We then see them disappear and it’s now completely white.

Location: First Target on the Feddies list of supposed hiding places of the THOR Gundam. On Silva in the Renon System. On board the Odessa and in the quarters of Lt. Colonel Damas Thein Mathaian. Present Day……
-we see Damas, waking up in a cold sweat. He still remembered what happened next: he managed to claw out of the bunker (what was left of it) and walked around what was now a desert. He then fired a flare and an hour later, a Federation drop-ship came up with at the time a young Gathers. He was distraught, confused, and mostly Lost. He couldn’t think a man who had been a father to him for all these years was gone, it made him sad, hopeless, and ultimately and I quote Gathers at the time: “Pissed Off”. It wasn’t until long after that till when Gathers introduced Damas to the Gundam Program and ultimately, Sigurd and Ghost Gundam.

  • He started to scratch the area where the prosthetic arm was attached to his left shoulder. He heads toward the refrigerator area of his quarters and pulls out a beer. He gulps it all down and then looks in the mirror on his right. He does not like what he sees, an old man roughly in his late 40’s-mid 50’s that was 6’8”, 280lbs of sleek muscles on a frail but stern frame, had multiple scares and patches across his body, and as stated before, a prosthetic arm that replaced the original left arm that was lost when some brave fool shot a Gauss Slug into the back of Ghosts body. The old man had mostly brown but with a kiss of grey hair, and his eyes were that of Aqua/Green color and had the glare of a proud race of Warriors.
    -Damas is known as a Primean, or someone who is from the former penal Colony of Alpha Prime (Think early Australia, but without the accent, it’s a whole planet, and don’t have 7/10ths of Earths deadliest animals) and was born on January 24th, 3962 (so if my math is right that means the present year is 4011). They gained independence when the Teran Federation faced a financial crisis during its early inception and for the next 200 years, they built themselves up to become a noted planet that was patron to the Arts, science, engineering, and everything else imaginable, down to their elite military crown Jewel, the GR Corps.
    -the GR (or Grand Response) Corps were an elite unit of Primean Super Soldiers that were made for the direct purpose of evolving the Primean Defense Force’s military arsenal. They were to be the peak of Primean Military Technology.
    -but sadly, due to political tension and outside interference, their world was shattered in an all-out Civil war between the Loyalists (Rebels), and the Main Government. Now for the most part of this 7 year war, the MG was winning, but what both sides didn’t know was that of two things: One is that Dr. Thein was developing something for the Federation in at the time Neutral Territory (Alpha Prime) which would later be the Gundams. And Two the AA got wind of this and exchange for their loyalty in their (at the time) 40 year war with the Federation, the Argonaut Alliance provided the Loyalists with their new weapons: Mobile Suits. Now as the knights of Medieval Earth gave way to the rise of Guns, so did the Super Soldiers gave way to the Rise of the Mobile Suits, as powerful on their own as they were, they were no match for the sheer might of Mobile Suit Technology and the Primean Government discontinued all Super Soldier Research and focused more on the newer, and as it turned out, more cheaper tech.

-After the boring History lesson, we hear the sound of Capitan Morgan on the Intercom.
Morgan: Lt. Colonel?
Damas: Yeah?
Morgan: First off its “yes sir”, and second, report to the briefing room for mission….uh briefing.
-Damas Groans and acknowledged. He threw on some clothes and grabbed another cold beer from his refrigerator and went to the briefing room. There we see Kenyon, Thomas, and the Capitan.
Capitan: Well Damas, so good of you to join us.
-Damas proceeded to flip the Capitan the bird.
-the Capitan, ignoring the gesture, activates the hologram and reveals the planet Silva. It was basically two continents separated by two bodies of water on both sides of one another (in a nutshell, think all of North America, South America, and everything in between as one continent. While Europe, Africa, and Asia as the Second Continent. And Australia is nonexistent.)
Capitan: Anyway, this is Silva, population 2 billion; it is in some ways not fully inhabited. They are all piled up in the five major cities that are all within a 100 mile distance of one another and are concentrated in one area, (points near the west coastal region of Continent 2). The Target is on Continent 1, right in the middle. There is an old Federation Base and we have reason to believe that the Argonauts are either holding the THOR, or have information pertaining to its whereabouts.
Damas: in other words, they either have it or not.
Capitan: yes. Your mission Damas is, simply put, enter the area, and Scan for the THOR Gundam. If our info is right and THOR is down there, do what you need to do to secure it, and when I mean that I mean to either capture it or blast it, your call. If it’s not down there, and I highly doubt it’s there, destroy the base and leave no trace of your presence in the area.
Kenyon: When you mean “No Traces”, what exactly do you mean?
Capitan: unless you can subdue them and take them into custody, kill em all.
-Kenyon winced. The Capitan looked around the room and resumed.
Capitan: once that’s done we will leave the area and move on to the next target. Now the ones going will be Damas in the GHOST, seeing we’ll need that search eye of his in order to scan the dense jungle of Continent 1. Thomas, you’ll be going along with him to provide local fire support and you’ll be equipped for this mission at least, with a small 120 mm cannon. Is that Good?
-Thomas looked at the Capitan and nodded.
Kenyon: What about me?
Capitan: You already had your fun with those Vikings at 639. You’re staying out on this one.
-Kenyon gets emotionally frustrated but does not facially show it.
Kenyon: Aye Sir!

Location: Over Continent 1 air space. In atmosphere, we see the GHOST in Bird mode, with the TYRE parachuting in and prepping to engage flight mode.
-now to Describe the GHOST Gundam, it looks like the Wing Gundam with all of the Weapons and equipment, except it has two combat knives stored into the wings and the paint job resembles that of Dynames. Simple suit for a simple man.
-the TYRE Gundam Looks like the Gundam Mk. II (from Zeta) Titans colors but the helmet is equipped with a permanent antenna, extra beam pistols, Knives like the ones from GHOST, and the TYRE Program is specially designed for combat strategies and tactics (Think a compact version of VEDA). The main arsenal itself has not all that changed, except in this mission it’s equipped with a 120 mm Cannon.
-We see the TYRE Engage its thrusters and pull out the cannon. We then hear Thomas engage his comm.
Thomas: Damas?
Damas: yeah?
Thomas: paint me a picture.
-Damas, using his own mind to use the Search Eye, scans the jungle below. Minutes pass, then we hear buzzing sounds go off and through Damas’ “eyes” we see the Search Eye confirm the location and occupation of the abandoned Federation Base.
Damas: SIGURD?
-the Artificial Intelligence of GHOST came online and responded.
SIGURD: Yes sir, I have confirmed it, it’s our intended target.
Damas: Copy that.
-Damas Downloads the info into the TYRE’s Combat Info. TYRE Program processed the system and formulated a battle plan. Then a red flag comes up. TYRE reports it to Thomas.
TYRE: Major?
Thomas: yes TYRE?
TYRE: I’ve detected that the Bunker’s thickness is exactly 40 meters thick and unscannable. We can’t see what’s inside. The GHOST’s weapon could open it up, but by the time he had blown a hole into the bunker he would have exhausted the 3 batteries in the rifle. So my suggestion is that the Odessa uses its heavy guns to do the job for us.
Thomas: but by doing so, that would give away our position to the rest of the populace on the planet. Their satellites will confirm the blasts and we’ll be discovered, and remember we’re not supposed to be here.
TYRE: that is why I took the liberty of jamming the Satellites before we entered the area.
Thomas: so…. (Sighs) …. Option A: We use the GHOSTS Rifle and hope like hell that Damas’ combat prowess aren’t rusty……Option B: ……Oh Hell let’s go with Option B!
-Thomas contacts the Odessa.
Thomas: TYRE to Odessa.
Odessa: We read you TYRE, what’s your status, over?
Thomas: Lock this into Fire Control and Standby: 120 Kilometers Center, 80 Kilos East, Depth 40 Meters, Ready your main Weapons and BRING THE RAIN!
Odessa: Roger that! Firing Control has a lock. Bringing the rain in 10…9…8…7…6…5…4…3…2…1…FIRING!!!
-The Odessa’s Forward Cannons Fire, Slamming headlong into the Bunker and 30 Seconds later, and the 40 meter thick armor had a hole all the way down to the main area. Damas then flies right next to TYRE and hands him his Buster Rifle, and then takes the TYRE’s Beam Rifle.
Thomas: what are you doing?
Damas: if anything happens… or you even see the THOR coming out of that bunker…. Melt the place shut. Clear?
Thomas: Roger that. I gotcha covered.
-Damas, then Flies into the bunker…only to find the place crawling with Norse Class Mobile Suits (which are essentially Zakus but with a heat broad sword on the back.), small tanks, and a lot of Troops. Damas then proceeds to in a nutshell hand these poor bastards their asses. One of them manages to get out of the base, but is caught in the target reticles of the GHOST’s Buster Rifle.
Thomas: Gotcha!
-Fires the Rifle and destroys the Norse, but sadly, due to the fact that Thomas didn’t count on the Hellatious recoil of the Rifle, it literally sends him 40 meters back and the sudden G forces crushes some of Thomas’ Ribs and Thomas coughs up blood.
Thomas: Son of a Bitch! That bastard’s gotta hell of a kick! Damas if you can hear me I’m gonna have to use the 120mm! Your damn Cannon is way too spicy for my taste.
-He proceeds to use the 120 mm Cannon and continues to shoot down any Argonauts that come out the hole. Damas meanwhile, finishes up and confirms Capitan Morgan’s Doubts: THOR Wasn’t Here
Damas: Aww Crap! Morgan?
Morgan: Go ahead Damas.
Damas: You were right. THOR’s not here we’ll mop up here and return to the Odessa.
Morgan: Copy that Damas. Do what you gotta do and come on home.
-Damas and Thomas Continue to finish up on the OP. and hour later, they return to the Odessa after they bury what was left of the bunker.

Location: Odessa, in deep space, leaving Silva. In the Briefing room.
Morgan: Good job men, we’ll be moving on to the next Target and I’ve already forwarded the Reports to Gathers. Again, Great Job.
Damas: Yeah…. (Swigs down a bottle of Whiskey) ….Great Job.
Kenyon: Um……
Thomas: Yes Kenyon. We took those who surrendered into protective custody.
-Kenyon sighs
Kenyon: that’s a relief.
-Kenyon then exists the room and Morgan is about to question this behavior when Thomas and Damas answer it for him.
Thomas: That boy follows the Creed to the letter, doesn’t he Damas?
Damas: Indeed, the only way you’re going to Get Warrant Officer Kenyon Aetius Anoah to Kill you is either you leave him no choice, or you violated the Soldier’s Creed. Me? All you have to do is piss me off and I’ll kill you. (Takes another Swig of Whiskey and leaves the room as well).
-we see Damas Enter his Quarters yet again and lay down on the bed. He lays there….thinking about the past, present, and what was to come. He then rolls over to his left and looks at a photo on his night desk, in the photo we see a group of people huddled around Damas. On his right, we see, a beautiful woman around Damas’ age. Below her, a little girl likes her mother, cheerful and pretty. Below Damas was young boy who looks like his father. To what we think to be his wife’s right shoulder is a tall woman with Dark Red hair, Dark Brown Eyes, and a cold, but confident demeanor. And finally, to Damas’ left, we see a tall black man with brown eyes and is bald.
Damas: I promise you…I will avenge you my love. (With the exception of Damas, from left side of photo to right.). Viper…Andrea….Rachel….Nathan….Bruno….I’ll avenge you all.
-Damas then recalls Stormer’s last words to him and Grins.
Damas: And I’ll “Make it Count”!

To Be Continued….

Another great chapter man keep 'em coming :smiley:

Chapter 6

Location: Odessa, Deep Space, on course to the Colony Cluster HZ-1109’s outer most Colony Codenamed: “Rose Pyramid”, Near the Sou System. Suspected Hiding Spot # 2 of the THOR Gundam.
-We see Thomas using a Guide bar to walk to the Galley of the Ship, he was for the most part, calm and cool. He had a positive demeanor to him, but retained a no nonsense attitude on life. He was with some minor exceptions appearance wise, like his younger brother Kenyon. The only differences were that he was 6’4” about the same height as his Father, and 3” taller than his Brother, instead of Brown shaggy hair he sported Swept back Jet Black hair (something he genetically got from his mother’s side), his Frame was a little more like Damas’ build, and instead of the Piercing blue eyes his younger brother bore, he had duller, more serious, and yet more Gentle Persian blue eyes. And of course, he bore a Great White Scar across his Forehead From an unexplained accident.
-Thomas Patterson Anoah Was born on July 16th, 3983, while Kenyon Aetius Anoah was born on October 9th, 3991, both of whom are what the other planets and Space colonies called “Natives”, people who were born on the home planet of the Teran Federation: Tera (or Earth). Thomas and Kenyon came from a long line of military Anoahs, that have traced their lineage all the way to the Formation of the Federation.

  • (Warning: another history lesson. If you find this section boring, please skip this paragraph now. Joke) by the Year 3000, Mankind had successfully colonized Space, allowing Earth to heal itself and become plentiful once again. But man’s ambitions can only be so long contained. In the Year 3069, Dr. Michael A. Ray (which the capital city of Mars is named after), Discovered that by harnessing Cosmic Debris and Rays, and amplifying them in a plasma core, what would take light years would now take only Days to travel from one system to another. This began “Jump-Drive” Technology, and with it, the human race spread from Earth and her orbiting Space colonies, which coupled with improved Terraforming Technology, allowed once uninhabitable solid planets to become habitable. Luna (Moon), Mars, Titan, and Pluto were the first bodies to be teraformed into colonized worlds. By 3669, over 2 billion planets have become home to the human race. In order to maintain stability in this new frontier, Earths UN government reorganized itself into an intergalactic Government with a sizeable fleet and army at its disposal. And as it was, on July 4th, 3776, almost 2000 years since the signing of the Declaration of Independence, the Teran Federation was born. Now unfortunately for this Federation, they realized that maintaining such a sizeable amount of Territory would not only start a massive war with those who wanted to govern themselves, but almost certainly bankrupt them. So with the Exceptions of all planets within the Main solar system, Midgard and her surrounding planets and any planets that were closest to the Solar System. All other territories (including the former Penal colony of Alpha Prime until its reannexation in 3971) were granted their own independence. And for the past 100 years the Federation, her colonies, and the neutral planets called “the Frontier” enjoyed peace. That is until December 7th,3940 when the new leader of the Spice mines of Midgard named Jason Argos Declared Midgard and her own surrounding planets to be the Argonaut Alliance and Started a 90 year War of Independence. (But that’s for Chapter 7) (History lesson over)
  • We see Thomas enter the Galley, grab a small platter and load it up with a sizeable steak, some mashed potatoes, and a side of Green bean Casserole. He grabbed a glass and filled it to the brim with milk and floated over to where Kenyon was. He was sitting there with his friend Dax, who was complaining on how he hated Casserole.
    -Daxus Lee Harper was born on December 15th, 3992 on a Colony called “Vanguard” in Cluster Colony AC-197-9. He was about Kenyon’s height, same weight, a little bit of Skinny lanky kid, had dirty curly blonde hair, and warming Hazel eyes. He was a “Spacnoid”, seeing he was not born on a planetary body. But luckily, that didn’t stop him from going to the Engineering School at West Point on Earth. There he met The Anoahs (Kenyon to be more accurate), they didn’t have a lot in common at the time except two things: One, they both got thrown out of West Point (Kenyon because of rescuing a Female Cadet from the Superintendents son who was trying to assault her, Dax because the son of a wealthy industrialist planted Marijuana in his dorm and had him thrown out because he pointed out a flaw in one of the sons’ father’s designs), and two, they both served in Black Ops before they enter the Gundam Program.
    -Thomas Sat down, said a quiet grace and dug in.
    Kenyon: Bro! What’s up?
    Thomas: (swallows some food) not much. You?
    Kenyon: Maso-Menos. (Spanish: “So So”)
    -Kenyon was a whiz with learning Languages, seeing he and Thomas had spent 14 years moving from base to base on earth.
    Thomas: (swallows down another chunk of food) good. Dax?
    -Dax looks at Thomas.
    Thomas: How are the Repairs on HERMOD Gundam Coming?
    Dax: All that’s left to do is reprogram the OS on HERMOD and he’s good to go.
    Thomas: I meant mechanically Genius.
    Dax: (Grinning) First off, I’ll take that as a compliment. Second, the HERMOD, Mechanically speaking is fully restored and repaired.
    Thomas: Good. (Sips down some milk) because you and I are going out on this mission.
    Dax & Kenyon: WHAT???!!!
    -Thomas continues eating and then speaks after the Third bite.
    Thomas: First off Kenyon, you already had your fun at 639, and when I mean going out I mean you’ll be coming out with us but all you’ll be really doing is local Fire support.
    -Kenyon sighs with relief.
    Dax: And # 2?
    Thomas: You’ve never been in a Mobile Suit Fight have you Dax?
    Dax: of course I have!
    Thomas: I mean a REAL MS Fight? Not a combat computer simulation!?
    Dax: (looking down in shame) no…not really.
    Thomas: and that’s the second reason you’re coming with me into the fight.
    Dax: And what about Damas? Why can’t he go?
    Thomas: Two Reasons. One, when it comes to space battles and colonies (or anywhere in fact), he has a Nasty habit of Leaving something called “Collateral Damage”, and # 2…He is a crazy son of a bitch. End of Story!

Location: In Forward Port Magnapod, inside TYRE Gundam’s Cockpit.
-We see Thomas yet again but he’s still in non-combatant uniform (space suit), he’s talking to someone, which is confirmed to be the TYRE Program, formulating a battle plan.
Thomas: (Sighs)….Ok (Pushes a button) this is Rose Pyramid. (Reading) “A 20th Generation Colony adjoined to the Colony Cluster HZ-1109 of the Sou System, it’s a long Cylinder like Colony kind of like an O’Neil Design, the only difference is that it has Two Rings on each side so it looks like a lifting Weight and on the said Rings, are the solar plates to collect energy and Artificial sunlight for the colony. It’s been abandoned and used for spare parts for the earlier part of the 4000s.” And according to reports from several eyewitnesses, there has been an unusual amount of activity at RP. One witness claimed to have seen an MSC (Mobile Suit Carrier) Class Ship in the and around RP. So if the Intel is right, and me and the Capitan are doubtful, they Must either have a stockpile of military equipment, or they have the Primary Target
TYRE: Do you mean THOR sir?
Thomas: Affirmative. So, do we have a plan?
-TYRE scans the entire schematic of the Colony and does countless numbers upon numbers of analytical Processing. Seconds turn to minutes. Then TYRE Shows a diagram of a battle plan and explains it.
TYRE: According to the Diagram and interior scans of the colony, it is confirmed that there are Argonauts inside but are mainly concentrated in Docking Bay # 7 in Ring 2. There are some mobile suits located in the colony proper, but they are mostly comprised of Norse Class and a few Anglo Class Mobile suits (They look like a Gouf but with no heat rod and are equipped with a beam shotgun). There are also 4 MT’s (Mobile Tank) and I’ve confirmed what the witness claimed, there is one MSC Ship, looks like an HDSC Class (Heavy Deep Space Carrier). Its weapons are cold and the mobile suits are idling. There is a large container near the Ship and for some reason, I can’t scan through it. I assume that may be our P1 Target sir.
Thomas: ok, and what’s the plan I’m seeing here?

TYRE: A Simple Blitzkrieg attack and a nominal “smash and grab” job.
Thomas: I’m not like the others TYRE, in detail.
TYRE: HERMOD, using the VSBRs blasts a hole into the docking bay and a smaller hole into the main colony. TYRE Unit will enter the Colony proper and distract the main forces; Whilst HERMOD will enter the bay and search the contents of the container. If it’s the target, we will either have to Capture it or destroy it. After the P1 Target is neutralized either by capture or destruction, then we will proceed to destroy the rest of the Argonaut Forces inside and the colony itself.
Thomas: Why destroy the colony?
TYRE: In the immortal words of a famous commander, “Never Leave an Enemy Stronghold Intact”. And of Course, it will accomplish the objective of destroying any evidence pertaining to our presence here. Black ops will cook up a story.
-Thomas Carefully Studies the plan and the statistics.
Thomas: my 2 biggest concerns are the MTs, and that Damn ship. If her guns go hot it will be difficult for us to incapacitate the smaller forces. The VSBRs on HERMOD would make quick work of the ship, Mobile Suits, and MTs.
TYRE: Agreed, will this be the final plan?
Thomas: Affirmative.
-TYRE then shows multiple windows on the view screens and all of them had information on them until they had in bold on them “SENT”, and the windows close.
TYRE: I’ve just sent portions of the plan concerning HERMOD’s Role to Daxus. I’ve submitted the plan to Archive, and……
-TYRE makes some calculations.
Thomas: What is it?
TYRE: I just remembered a variable; BADLUR will be joining us for local fire support, correct?
Thomas: the reason why I didn’t mention him in the original plan is because he won’t be conducting any combat within RP, he’ll just be operating to pick up stragglers that get outside.
TYRE: Of course. (Continues calculating and submissions of reports). I have completed the necessary checks and tests, as soon as we arrive at Rose Pyramid, which will be in 1 hour, we will conduct the operation immediately.
Thomas: Send a message to the Capitan, tell him that we have a plan and prepare for combat.
TYRE: Copy that.
Thomas: Also, send a message to both Kenyon and Dax. Tell them to mobilize and be ready in 1 hour.
TYRE: Already did sir.
-Thomas climbs out of the cockpit.
Thomas: Now if you’ll excuse me, I gotta get dressed.

Location: Outside of the Scanning Range of Rose Pyramid. We see Odessa, preparing to launch the Gundams.
-Thomas, now already in his suit is making last minute checks, switches on the comm and the Morgan’s voice comes from the other side.
Morgan: Yes Major?
Thomas: is everything good to go on your side?
Morgan: Roger that, we are preparing to reverse polarity of Magnapods 1, 2, and 3. (switches comm so Kenyon and Dax could hear this) As soon as you see the light on your consoles go green, you are go for manual launch. (Switches it back to Private Channel)(To Thomas) and just in case that ship of theirs manages to get out, we will have our guns at the ready for combat Major.
Thomas: Very good Capitan. TYRE Unit Out.
-Thomas then switches the comm to BALDER Unit.
Thomas: Kenyon?
Kenyon: Yes Major?
Thomas: Are you equipped with a long range beam rifle?
-Kenyon looks at the long barreled rifle in his Gundams Hand (Which Resembles one of Wing Zeros buster rifles from Endless Waltz)
Kenyon: I am. And I know what to do sir?
-Thomas Grinned.
Thomas: I know you do bro.
-Thomas then clicked the comm to Dax. He could hear the sound of Dax’s unsteady breathing.
Thomas: Are you ok?
Dax: (Hesitant)…Yeah! Yeah! I’m ready. (Paces his breath and nervously takes Hold of the Controls.) I’ve only worked on Mobile Suits, never actually piloted them. In essence this will be MY first Sortie.
-Thomas Laughs, he remembers his first sortie on Salabat. The Argonauts were closing in on the Federation base, and Thomas boarded the only Federation Mobile Suit operational: an MX-22 Plebian (Which looks like a traditional GM but with an Olive Drab Paint Job) and somehow, even to Thomas’ surprise, managed to defeat the entire force with only a few grenades, a submachine gun, and a beam Saber. He was 18, almost the same age as Kenyon when he made his first sortie.
Thomas: Don’t worry Kid, you’ll do fine.
-he then switches the comm to Damas.
Thomas: Damas do you read?
Damas: Yeah?
Thomas: In case something happens, I want you ready to launch.
Damas: Yeah, Yeah…… (Clicks off the comm.)
-Damas was a nice guy to the people he trusts (which is a very rare few), but he still has a problem with authority since the Death of Stormer.
Thomas: TYRE, are all units ready to go?
TYRE: Affirmative sir, we are all green across the board.
Thomas: Very good. (Switches the comm to the other two pilots) Ken, Dax, I’ll go first, then Dax, Then Ken. You all know what to do, copy?
ALL: Copy sir.
Thomas: Very Well then. (Grabs the Controls) TYRE….Major Anoah….I’m taking off! launches out of the Pod
-Thomas Screams out of the Pod, followed by HERMOD, then BALDUR. They head toward Rose Pyramid, and inside the cockpit of HERMOD, we see Dax hit a button behind the right control throttle, and outside we see the VSBRs fold down and become the beam cannons. Inside, we see a module come down and over the visor of Dax’s helmet; we see darkness and then a small screen inside the module flashes on and shows a targeting reticle. We then hear the Targeting system engage beep several times and confirm two separate target locks. Then the HERMOD Program speaks up.
HERMOD: Targets locked sir, T2 is set for a 20% Damage, while T1 is set for 50%.
Dax: Roger that. Let’s go in and say “hello”. (Charges the guns), Firing in 3…2…1…FIRING!
-A small precise blast came out of the Left VSBR, while a Large Blast came out of the right at the same time, hitting the two targets at once. An explosion occurs and like a hornets nest, activity sprung up.
-TYRE Entered the Small hole, while HERMOD Gundam Entered the Large hole. The Norse and Anglo Mobile Suits started to shoot at the TYRE and the TYRE fired back.
-we then hear the Argonaut Capitan speaking to the crew.
A Capitan: ALL MOBILE SUITS! Hold off the Enemy at all costs!
-we then hear one of the technicians speak up.
T: SIR! It’s confirmed! The enemies are GUNDAMS!
A Capitan: SHIT! Order the MT’s to defend the cargo! Do not let the Gundams enter this block, is that understood!
T: Yes Sir! (Proceeds to order the Tanks back and lock down the Ring)
-HERMOD, by this time. Has entered the Ring and is scanning the box. Suddenly, the alarm sound rings and Dax sees the 4 MT’s firing at him. He flies away and manages to dodge them.
Enemy Pilot: this Guy’s too fast!
-Dax pulls out his Rifle and fires, hitting the tank square in the head and blowing it partially up. The other MTs’ (Which basically look like the Guntank from the original show but with a black paint job and a white visor.) started to fire in wild patterns and only succeeded in hitting parts of their own ship and the container.
A Capitan: Cease fire you fools! You’ll destroy the cargo! Helmsman, get us out of here!
Helmsman: Aye Sir!
-the Ship suddenly roars to life and tries to get out. Meanwhile, Thomas, manages to subdue and destroy all of the units inside and was about to plant the bombs when he hears Dax on the comm.
Dax: Major! The Enemy ship is trying to escape! And they have launched the remainder of their suits!
Thomas: and the contents of the Container?
Dax: Just a bunch of Mobile Armor Parts they were using.
Thomas: DAMN! Just as Me and Morgan Suspected, it’s not here! (Slams down on the console) Dax!
Dax: yes?
Thomas: Get outside and aid Kenyon in taking out the suits.
Dax: Yes sir! (Flies out of the colony)
Thomas: Dammit! Damas!
Damas: Launching Now! launches out of the pod
-we see the enemy mobile suits engaging BALDUR and HERMOD. They are doing all they can to distract the two machines until the ship is safely away. The HERMOD shoots the machines left and right, Dax getting confident (albeit cocky) starts to shoot left and right. He manages to shoot down one more until an alarm rings again and he turns around and sees an Anglo coming up on HERMOD, shotgun in hand and was about to blast HERMOD at Point Blank Range. Dax froze, possibly believing he was gonna die. Suddenly, BALDUR, with the broadsword in left hand, slashes the Anglo in two and explodes. Dax, breathing heavily, managed to speak up.
Dax: Th…Th…Thanks.
Kenyon: You can Thank me later now move!
-both fly toward the Odessa, who was now “Beam Spamming” at the enemy ship, whilst the enemy ship was returning the spamming in kind.
-Suddenly, from out of nowhere, the GHOST shows up at the bow of the Odessa, Buster Rifle in hand.
Damas: SIGURD set the GH Drive to 30% percent and lock on to both the Enemy ship and the colony!
-we hear the beeping sound of the GHOST’s Targeting system obtain a lock and confirm.
Damas: Guys, get the ****outta my way!
-Thomas, Kenyon, and Dax hear this and manage to get out of the way.
T: Sir!
A Capitan: what is it?!
T: It’s the GHOST SIR!
A Capitan: Oh My God! The GHOST of Alpha Prime! GET US OU-
-the Capitan is cut short. The blast roars out of barrel of GHOST’s buster rifle and in a flash vaporizes both the ship and half of the colony in the process.
Thomas: Dammit!
-Dax looks on in amazement and horror of the awesome firepower of the mobile suit.
-Kenyon winces at the sight of possible unnecessary casualties.
Damas: SIGURD?
SIGURD: yes sir?
Damas: were those mobile suits inside the colony located in the destroyed section?
SIGURD: No Sir, but they got one hell of a tan.
Damas: (laughs and turns on the comm) did you hear that Ken?
-Kenyon Sighs
Kenyon: read you. And D….Thanks.
-Damas chuckles. Then Thomas then speaks.
Thomas: I hate to break this up but we still have a job to do. Morgan just told me that a “clean up” crew will handle the rest. As for right now, mission Incomplete.
-The Four Gundams Report back to the Odessa.

Location: Anton, Glastonbury Continent, New Britannia, Neutral Territory, at a large Compound inside the city, we see the Stolen Federation Mobile Suit THOR Gundam Laying down in the main hangar, alongside several Vikings and Berserkers (which look like Kampfers from 0080). We then see, walking along the Scaffolding, two parties walking towards each other, one party consists of Tristan, Laura, and an Entourage of other Argonaut officers. The other party consisted of several guards and two businessmen, one of whom looked like the owner of the compound. The two parties meet and Tristan and the Mysterious man shook hands.
Tristan: I assume you’re Mister X?
Mister X: Oh please… Call me Ebbers….Moriarty Ebbers…… (Cracks a cheery smile)

To Be Continued…

Chapter 7
Location: Unknown……

  • (Warning: Another History Lesson.) In the year 3642, the following 4 planet Systems were the first outside the Main Solar system to be Terraformed and colonized (systems are organized by starting with titular planet, plus the eight surrounding planets): Alpha Prime (Penal Colony), New Britannia (Commerce and Trading Colony), Helicon (Gas Mining Colony), and Midgard (Spice Mining/ Penal Colony). The fourth one (Which was the Farthest from the Main Solar System), Midgard System, was the only one out of the Four that did not receive independence from the Territorial Relinquishing Act of 3779. Midgard and her spice mines were vastly important to the TF, and therefore, was the reason it was not given full independence. And from 3779-3920, the Midgard System toiled to the demands of the Federation for the spice Proneum, a very unique spice needed for a plethora of uses. Sadly, like the early treatment of workers of the infancy of the Industrial Revolution, they were treated poorly and almost Half of Midgard proper’s population died of negligence and abuse of the Federation officers that were in charge of them. That is until 3921, when the Midgard Spice Mine Workers Union Elected Former Federation Officer and Worker Sympathizer Jason Argos, to be their new leader and representative. Jason spent the next 7 months pleading with the Federations Senators for relief, but it all fell on deaf ears. Fed up with the Federation, Jason Argos and a small band of militiamen quietly overthrew the Federation Officers, and for the next 19 years, under the guise of the Security forces, they built up arms and developed a secret weapon. Then on December 7th, 3940, Jason Argos willingly revealed that the Federation Territorial government on Midgard was overthrown, and in its place the New Independent Government of Midgard. The Midgardians Instead of that title took the name of their leader Jason Argos, and proclaimed themselves to be the Argonaut Alliance. The Federation took this as nothing more than a small Workers uprising and sent an Army Infantry Transport ship and a small Federation Frigate to put down the “rebellion”. When they got there, they discovered that they were dealing with more than a bunch of rebels. When the troops sat foot on Midgardian soil, the Frigate in obit suddenly exploded and crashed to the surface. Suddenly, in the distance, they saw the AA’s Secret weapon: Mobile Suits. They didn’t have a chance. The only thing left was the combat video log of the troops. This footage was shown before the Federation Senate, and with the discovery of the Argonaut Alliance’s new weapon, they were horrified. As it was, on December 24th, 3940, the Argonaut Wars began. Alpha Prime, New Britannia, Helicon, and several hundred other Planets declared Neutrality and made both sides sign a treaty cementing that claim. But both sides set a loophole in the treaty and made the Neutral planets agree that if any planets give ANY sort of Support to one side or the other, that would be grounds to invade and Seize the said planets, for the purpose of using the planets resources for the war effort (in other words, if you’re a planet, and your caught aiding say the Argonauts, that’s grounds for the Federation or the Argonauts to seize you and take control of your government.). And like a wildfire, the Wars spread across the Cosmos, and for the next 20 years, the Argonauts gained the upper hand. That is until September 18th, 3960, when an unidentified Federation Ship entered Argonaut Space, a Federation Prototype Mobile Suit Deployed and set to destroying all Argonaut Forces. According to the Survivors Reports, the Federation’s Prototype Mobile Suit had emblazoned on the Left Shoulder Armor the following Inscriptions: “Prototype Federation Mobile Suit RX-78 ODIN Gundam (To be honest with you the RX-78 part should help the Audience describe what ODIN looks like if not, it looks like the RX-78-2 Gundam but it’s all Grey and white).” The name “Gundam” for the next 5 years would strike terror into the hearts of the Argonaut Alliance until its “Destruction” on January 1st, 3965. It was not long after that the Federation rolled out their own mass production mobile suits Codenamed: MX-22 Plebian. Then in 3967, Argonaut Spies discovered the Origin of the Gundam, the Former Penal colony of Alpha Prime. After further Discovery that it was enduring a civil war, and in accordance to the Treaty, they invaded Alpha Prime and aided the Loyalists in their war. Sadly for both sides, the Creator of the Gundam, Dr. Thein, and his laboratory had disappeared except for Five Mysterious Containers (Which were later revealed to be the other Gundams). Thus they engaged in a brutal Battle that lasted until August 10th, 3971, when the Federation in a desperate attempt to secure control of Alpha Prime, Dropped a DRAGOON Fusion Nuclear Warhead on Glessia. This Forced the Argonauts, along with the surviving Loyalists, to flee the planet and Alpha Prime was Reannexed into the Federation. Then in 3981, A new Gundam that went by the name of GHOST began conducting Guerrilla Warfare on Argonaut Territories. The Pilot, one Damas Mathaian, became legendary for appearing out of nowhere and vanishing without a trace, thus earning the Nickname: the Ghost of Alpha Prime. After constant harassment of GHOST, the Argonauts were starting to exhaust their resources and (as Damas 12 years later confirmed) in order to regroup and rearm, sued for peace in 3999. But before both sides could draw up the plans for a peace Treaty, a renegade group of Argonauts attacked a Federation Outpost and in the process killed Damas’ entire family. In a fit of rage, Damas Stole the GHOST from lockup and in an awesome display of Firepower, Decimated the ENTIRE Argonaut Invasion Fleet (Which was a total of 120 MSC’s, each carrying 500 mobile suits, and 80 support Frigates.) After that catastrophe, which was later called the “Screaming Ghost Incident”, Damas was later Tried and Convicted of Several War Crimes and Sentenced to Life in Prison with no possibility for parole. After that on January 1st, 4000, on the 1000th anniversary of the first colony into space, the United Teran Federation and the Argonaut Alliance signed a peace Treaty that will last until May 5th, 4011, When the Legendary Knight of Midgard, Tristan Walker, attacked the Secret Federation Base Cradle and stole the RX-104 THOR Gundam. (History Lesson Over).

Location: Anton, Glastonbury Continent, New Britannia, Neutral Territory.
-We see a man in his late 20’s, roughly about 27 years of age, he is about 6’ 2”, 180lbs. He has Black hair, Silver Eyes, and the appearance of a war weary young man. From the age of 14, the Young Midgardian had piloted mobile suits and either by honed skills or sheer dumb luck, he had obtained multiple (albeit minor) victories for the Argonauts. They may have been small, but they got the attention of Argonaut Leader Jason Argos. He took the young man under his wing and impressed by the young man’s clear observation of the Code of Chivalry, on his 21st birthday in front of all the Assembly, Performed a classic Knighting Ceremony. This, Coupled with his formidable skills in swordplay, forever gave him the title, “Knight of Midgard”. Tristan Thaddeus Walker not only studied the Code of Chivalry, but Sun Tzu’s “Art of War”, particularly the Phrase, “Know your enemy”. He studied the Guerilla War Tactics of Damas Mathaian, and used them to his own advantage. Afterwards, he used these tactics to conduct his own black ops in complete disregard of the Treaty. His Crowning achievement was the audacious theft of THOR Gundam, which was in Dock at Anton, getting upgrades and repairs. He is walking along the catwalk overlooking the Gundam. He’s looking at it. This mighty monster of a Gundam.

-The RX-104 THOR Gundam aesthetically looks like the GP02A Physalis Gundam with some minor Details. The Blue on the Gundam was traded out for a light Grey, while the Red areas were a white. The Overall head design does not change, but the eyes instead of Green were Yellow. The Tan color was traded out for a Dull White. This of course was all like this when Tristan stole it. Armaments included the Classic Vulcans and Beam sabers; it still has the Shield and its ultimate Weapon: The Atomic Bazooka and its FNW Slug. But it was modified with 3 extra weapons: a Physical sword that resembles the one BALDUR sports, a beam rifle that looks like the one Arios (From OO) Carries and a small Combat Knife that looks like the one GHOST has.

-Tristan looked at the machine and wondered how could Doctor Thein design such a beast? Then the owner of the Warehouse that the Gundam was being stored at the time walked up to Tristan, he was a Midsized Asian man that was bald, had a visor across his eyes (seeing he lost them in an accident and had to use augmentations to see again), and had a cheery demeanor. This was all a ruse though, underneath that smile, lied a cold blooded, calculating man.
Ebbers: Ahh!! Mr. Walker!
Tristan: Hello Mr. Ebbers. And please, call me Tristan.
Ebbers: Very Well then Tristan, would you give me the pleasure of calling me Moriarty.
Tristan: Of course, Moriarty.
-the two men looked at the Gundam. Both are in awe and in fear of the massive beast.
Ebbers: It is a pity Doctor Thein never heard of me, I would have made him a rich man.
Tristan: doing what?
Ebbers: Mass producing these magnificent machines.
Tristan: (thinking) thank God he never heard of you.
-Many people have witnessed the detonation of a DRAGOON FNW, Tristan was no exception. His first “Glassing” was on New Lebanon, where, like Glessia on Prime, the Feddies were desperate and had to claim the planet at all costs.
-Tristan looks back at THOR and wonders about the FNW Slug that was on board.
Tristan: How goes the duplicating of the DRAGOON?
Ebbers: The progress is slow, but we have already duplicated some of the Core components of the Slug. Once we have the main ingredient of these Warheads, we will begin making you and your lovely piece of machinery more them.
Tristan: and the Main ingredient is?
-Ebbers Grinned.
Ebbers: it’s a unique compound of Magnesium Oxide, Helium 3, and a certain spice you Midgardians are familiar with.
Tristan: Proneum?
Ebbers: Correct, about 3 pounds of the Spice for each Warhead.
Tristan: I’ll have Jason Argos Ship you some of the Spice as soon as we have a chance.
Ebbers: (Chuckles) Very well then. Also there is something that I’m concerned with.
Tristan: and that is?
Ebbers: Well according to my private satellites there is a Federation Scout ship not more than 2 jumps away.
Tristan: And your concern is?
Ebbers: Well….I really….have you even tested that things potential?
-Tristan looks at him like as though he was on opiates.
Tristan: You want me to go out with the Gundam and Test it? In Neutral Territory? You’re mad!!
Ebbers: Don’t worry, I’ll jam the sensors of the internal security and you will be free to fly out of the system and deal with those pesky buggers. So what do you say?
-Tristan Thinks……

Location: Somewhere outside the Neutral Territory of New Britannia.
-we see a small MSC/scout ship cruising along in sub jump speeds, it’s about 40 meters long, had two Mobile suits on board, and was totally unaware of what was about to happen.
-we then see the Capitan and his first officer conversing about current events and then laughing.
Capitan: so Francis, what’s the status on the scanners?
Francis: According to the Scanners, they lost those abnormal readings.
Capitan: Huh… (Takes a sip of coffee) that is strange. What would make the scanners go bananas and then all of a sudden, back to normal?
Francis: Do you think it may be Argonauts sir?
Capitan: I highly doubt it, they wouldn’t be this far out and besides, and this is neutral territory, why WOULD they be out here?
Francis: do you think those rumors of them rearming and preparing for another war may be true?
Capitan: Now THAT I wouldn’t doubt. But Rumors are exactly what they are: RUMORS.
-Suddenly, the Scanners blare again and all hands are alerted and the mobile suits are on standby. The mobile suits were old MX-22 Plebeians that were modernized and fully equipped to take on even the mighty Viking if it needed to.
Capitan: Where is it coming from now?
Fancies: From our Starboard bow sir! Can’t see what it is though.
Capitan: Launch the Plebeians!
Francis: aye Sir!
-the two machines launch off their respecting catapults and begin to scan the area.
Pilot 1: we’re on course to the Ships maximum Retrieval range for further exterior scanning.
-the suits continue on course until they see a small shuttle approaching them.
Pilot 2: looks like a New Britannian Trading Vessel sir, but it’s not responding to our hails.
Capitan: This is the UTFS Dingy, unidentified Britannian Vessel, state your business with us and halt your engines.
-no response. Captain Repeats the Statement again and again no response.
Capitan: Britannian vessel, if you do not respond and halt your ship I will be forced to shoot you down.
Voice: go ahead and try…….
Capitan: Very well then sir (contacts the Suits), you heard him, shoot down the vessel. It’s possibly a stolen ship.
-the mobile suits proceed to shoot holes and blow up the ship.
Capitan: First Officer Francis, Contact New Britannian Star Control, see if they have any reported stolen….
Pilot 2: Capitan LOOK!
-Out of the Debris comes the Hulking Monstrosity known as the THOR Gundam.
Capitan: What the hell? Plebeians capture or destroy that unidentified mobile suit.
Both Pilots: Aye Sir! (Launches toward the Gundam)
-Tristan Readies himself at the controls. He places the THOR Program into the Console and the System Hums to life.
THOR: THOR Program: Online. Sir, there are unidentified Mobile Suits approaching us (THOR had not been fully programed like the others).
Tristan: I know. We’re just going to sit here and let them have their fun.
THOR: Yes sir.
Tristan: And THOR.
THOR: Yes sir?
Tristan: Call me Tristan.
THOR: Yes….Tristan.
-Tristan makes a light grin. As he does so the two mobile suits try to move the Gundam from where it was standing. They didn’t move an inch. Then one of the pilots gets a bright idea.
Pilot 2: Screw this! (Aims his beam machine gun at the Gundam) I’m turning this piece of shit into Scrap Metal!
-Fires at almost point blank range and would have continued to fire if he had not needed to cool down his weapon or face overheating and explosion. And as the Steam of the Blasts faded away, the THOR Gundam was exactly where it was before the bombardment and not a scratch on it.
Pilot 1: What the Hell??!!
Pilot 2: It’s like as though I did nothing to it!
Pilot 1: Open up on it again!
-Both start to fire on it and like the first time, it came out unscathed. Both pilots and the Crew of the Ship were stunned. Then Pilot 2 sprung forward, Beam saber drawn.
Pilot 2: Let’s see what a little beam saber can do to that fancy armor of yours.
Tristan: not much (draws his own sword and lunges forth.)
-the two duel for ten seconds until the Feddie pilot made a fatal error and is cut down.
Pilot 1: Damn YOU!
-Pilot 1 Lunges forth and before he can even get his beam saber drawn, he’s cut down.
Helmsman: both suits have been destroyed!
Capitan: Unload everything we’ve got onto it! Francis!
-She looks at the Capitan.
Capitan: Get to an Escape pod and deliver this message: Have Spotted the RX-104 in the Neutral Territory of New Britannia, Send help now!
Francis: What’s the RX-104?
Capitan: Gundam……
-the Crew looks at the Capitan in horror.
Crewman: You….You…You mean to tell us the Arggys have developed their own Gundam??!!
Capitan: Not Developed, Stolen. First Officer, The Gundam is currently jamming our Comm and we can’t send for help. We’ll distract it for as long as we can, but you need to run now!
Francis: Y…Yes Sir! (Tearfully salutes her Capitan)
-She hurriedly runs toward the Escape pods. She knew that she wasn’t coming back. A few seconds later the Ship Beam Spams the THOR Gundam and forces it to dodge and weave to avoid getting hit. All the while it closed in on the ship. 5 minutes later, an escape pod jettisoned and “Jumped” out of the area.
THOR: Tristan, an Escape pod has just left the area.
Tristan: Was there anyone on board?
THOR: That still has to be determined.
Tristan: DAMN! (Sheathes his Sword and pulls out his rifle.) I’ll just have to make do.
-THOR flies toward the Bridge of the Ship and points the Gun right at them.
Tristan: those who have laid eyes on this Gundam will not live to tell the tale.
-Fires into the Bridge. Then flies over to the Engines and proceeds to destroy them. The Dingy explodes and is turned into cosmic dust.
Tristan: This sortie was like nothing! What’s the status of the Pod?
THOR: It’s too far out of range and we only have enough energy for one Jump back to base sir.
Tristan: Damn! Oh well, I’m a gambler. Jump us back to Britannia THOR.
THOR: Very well Tristan.
-THOR then Jumps back to the planet.
Tristan: Amazing. These Gundams power plants are so powerful, they have the ability to Jump without the assistance of an external Jump Drive Engine or even a ship! Truly Amazing!

Location: Anton, New Glastonbury, New Britannia, Neutral Territory.
-We see Tristan Overlooking the Repairs and Tune ups of THOR. He is still mesmerized of how easy the sortie was with the Gundam.
Tristan: These Gundams are truly an awesome achievement in engineering.
Ebbers: (Walking up) indeed they are. Congratulations on your first sortie with the Gundam.
Tristan: thank you Moriarty. It was…a truly unique experience.
Ebbers: Indeed. If you’ll excuse me. (Walks away)
-Ebbers then enters another room and looks at schematics of a Gundam, but not THORs.
-we then see Laura walk up to Tristan and look at the Gundam herself.
-First Lieutenant Laura Cresnick was from the planet New Stockholm of the Midgard System. She was a 5’ 9” and 130Lbs woman with a slender yet sturdy frame (Think Classic Noir Femme Fatal Curves); she had a cheery demeanor on the outside, but had the mind sight of a competent and lethal warrior. The top of her beautiful face was shadowed by her extremely noticeable White Hair (Platinum Blonde), but the one thing that caught the eye of any man or woman who gazed upon this young lady besides her frame, was her mesmerizing Gold Eyes.
Laura: So, how did it feel to pilot it?
Tristan: The Reflexes on the Machine were easy, fluid, the Weapons felt like they did as they were suppose to, and AI was superb and…….
Laura: And what Tristan?
Tristan: it was truly terrifying. I mean if it was that easy to destroy two well-equipped mobile suits, even if they were 40- something years old. In a Viking they are hard to beat, but in the Gundam they might as well be cannon fodder!
-looks at the Gundam.
Tristan: that thing is indeed a monster. And that kind of power coupled with the FNW, it truly is a juggernaut!
Laura: (Jokingly) if I didn’t know better, I’d say you were in love with it.
Tristan: In love with it? I’m flat out scared of it!
-Laura then realizes what Tristan was saying: The Gundams were too powerful and too dangerous. And they only have one, and the other four were still out there, and they posed a serious threat to their forces. What they didn’t know is how close……
Laura: Of Course sir, I apologies, so what are we to do about it?
-Tristan leans on the rails and thinks.
Tristan: I don’t know Laura, I don’t know.
Voice: Sir!
-Tristan and Laura look and see a soldier and two people behind him walk up to them.
Soldier: according to the woman here they’ve been assigned to your outfit sir.
Tristan: Alright, you’re dismissed.
Soldier: Yes sir! (Salutes and leaves)
-Tristan Looks at the Two. One was a tall woman with Dark Red Hair, Dark Brown Eyes, and a Cold yet confident attitude. The other was a young man at 5’ 11 ½”, Dark brown hair, Blue Eyes, a cocky demeanor, and had what looked like bandages under his uniform. Tristan Looks towards the older woman.
Tristan: So, you two came into contact with the Gundams?
Woman: Just one sir, but the sortie gave me and my nephew here enough experience to know what we’re dealing with here.
-Tristan looked at the boy.
Tristan: Nephew? So that’s why you screwed up your own plan!
-the woman cringed, remembering Night Wolf’s words.
Woman: I let my maternal instincts get the better of me. I didn’t know I was dealing with a pro. According to your report, you said the one piloting the BALDUR was, and a quote, “a Kid”.
Tristan: (Chuckles) my apologies. Also where are my manners? I’m Capitan Tristan Walker of the 95th mobile Suit Squadron, or 95th Lancers for short. And you are?
Woman: …Of the 88th Mobile suit squadron, and everyone calls me Viper. Just Viper Capitan.
-Tristan then looks at the Boy.
Tristan: and you are young man?
Boy: Same outfit. They call me Nathaniel Mathaian. You can call me Nate Capitan.
Tristan: Very well then Nate, Viper, and please, call me Tristan.
Both: Yes sir Tristan.

Location: Star Port #716 near the Cabori System, Federation Territory, Odessa in Dock.
-We see Colonel Gathers, Capitan Morgan, Damas, and Thomas in the Sick bay talking to a now conscious First Officer Francis of the Late UTFS Dingy. She explains what happened and gives full details. Gathers thanks her for her time and the party walks out of the room.
Gathers: Well, the good news is we’ve caught a break and now know where the Gundam is, the bad news is the Location is in Neutral territory.
Damas: So?
Gathers: So, if we go in there, and since this is not technically a war, the Britannian Royal Military would have us arrested for incitement of War on Neutral Territory. And since that part doesn’t cover your list of demands, you’d go to prison on their world.
Damas: Doesn’t bother me, the only difference between YOUR Prison and their Prison, is that their prisons are escapable, yours aren’t.
Thomas: Either way, it’s still too dangerous, political or otherwise. And besides I believe the approach we’ve been doing is becoming too conspicuous. I think we should do a more subtle attempt to capture the Gundam.
Damas: And what do you propose, little Tommy?
-Thomas considers his options, as he is doing so, Dax and Kenyon approach the group. Thomas looks up and an idea pops in his head.
Thomas: Kenyon, How good still is your Black Ops Training?
Kenyon: They’re ok. Why?
Thomas: Congratulations, you two are going to New Britannia.
Dax & Kenyon: What!!!???

To Be Continued….

Chapter 8

Location: Anton, New Glastonbury, New Britannia, Neutral Territory.
-Its night, we see the city lit up like New York on a good night. We see scores of people walking the sidewalks to their homes or to night duties at whatever business were open at night. We see cars moving through the streets in big City fashion: slow. In a crowd of people, we see a young man in his late teens wearing a Bush (boonie hat to military folk) hat, a hoodie and blue jeans (seeing its fall). He is wary, and His Piercing blue eyes have been scanning the area around him to be certain no one is following him. He then turns into what looks like an apartment building and enters it. He then gets into an elevator and pushes the button for the top floor. He slowly relaxes his guard just enough but keeps his hand near the .45 under his hoodie. The elevator dings the top floor and he steps off the elevator. He enters Apartment room numbered 512 and pulls his pistol. He scans the 35X35 room and confirms it’s clear. He then proceeds to lock the door behind him and checks the room again for intruders, bugging devices, etc. before finally putting the pistol back in its holster. He walks over to the window and opens it up, climbs up onto the fire escape and climbs to the roof. There he sees his friend on a chair looking into a telescope. They were spying on a Ware house complex nearly 460 meters away.
Kenyon: Dax?
Dax: Yeah Ken?
Kenyon: What’s happened so far?
-Dax Shrugs
Dax: Not much. Just some guards changing out, but we’ve already documented that. No vehicles large enough to carry Mobile Suits have come in or out of the complex. The only types of vehicles coming in or out are those of delivery and supply trucks. Other than that, not much activity.
Kenyon: so no big deal vehicles like limos or business cars entering or exiting?
Dax: Nadda, if they are they’re either using a back door or for the cooky people, a secret underground entrance.
-The two were dispatched by Thomas (Kenyon’s older brother and commander) to New Britannia when evidence supporting the presence of the stolen THOR Gundam in the system turned up. Due to the fact their recent ops with the Gundams had drawn too much attention, they decided to go with the long haul/undercover operation. The drawback to this method: it’s been over 6 months since they were sent to the planet. They had 4 more weeks to make their move before Thomas would have to plead with NB authorities (Namely both the NB Royal Court and the Royal Military) to either send in their own military forces or have the NB Military deal with it themselves.
Kenyon: so… (Sighs in Frustration)…these guys are keeping their noses clean. They definitely have all of their bases covered.
-Looks into the Scope and then looks away.
Kenyon: …Yep they are definitely the guys.
Dax: We don’t even know that there are even any Arggys in that compound, Ken. We’ve tried twice to get in there and twice we’ve nearly blown our cover cause apparently, Mr. Ebbers here knows just about every single one of his employees, even the new guys.

  • After the last 4 months, they managed to narrow it down to Moriarty Ebbers and Ebbers Research & Development Corp. from the other 7 major Corporations because of the following points:
  1. His Facilities were the only ones large enough to house a Mobile Suit Unit the Size of THOR and 8 other Mobile Suits.
  2. They managed to hack into his databases despite of his sophisticated security programs (when Thomas called Dax a Genius he wasn’t lying) and discovered that according to his financials, there was a huge quantity of cash forwarded to the corporation via a Dummy company that as it turned out, belonged to the Argonauts. They were careful, but not careful enough.
  3. The past 2 months before Dax and Kenyon came to New Britannia there was a lot of comings and goings in and out of the main facility. And that looked a little suspicious from the get-go.
  4. It was close enough to a star port for a quick getaway in case something went terribly wrong.
    -Dax returned to looking into the Scope, scanning for any type of weakness in the security, anything that would give them entrance into the compound. Then……
    Dax: BINGO!!!
    Kenyon: Keep your voice down! What is it?
    Dax: see for yourself.
    -Kenyon looks into the scope and sees it: a garbage truck going out of the compound.
    Kenyon: so?
    Dax: (enthusiastic)…so?? Look on the SIDE of the garbage truck.
    -Kenyon looks at the side and reads: “Public Waste Management Services”.
    Kenyon: so (looking up from the scope) the Trucks not part of the company?
    Dax: Yeah!!
    Kenyon: so that would mean??
    Dax: that would mean two things: 1) that’s possibly how they would smuggle any personnel they don’t want snoopers see leaving off the base. And 2) that’s possibly our ticket onto the base!
    Kenyon: a Trojan horse Job??!!
    Dax: Yeah!!
    -Kenyon sits down.
    Kenyon: We haven’t done a Trojan Horse Job since our days with John…
    -suddenly memories flood back. That horrible day……

Location: Colony Cluster 779342, Colony # 5 Codenamed “Daikon”, near the New Lebanon system, 2 years ago….
-we hear the alarms blaring across the colony, but the colony had already been evacuated. At a small building inside North Ring, we see a small firefight. We see on one side, Argonaut soldiers shooting at several personnel on the other side of the building. They were a small group of Federation of Black-Ops Agents sent to sabotage an op of the Argonauts.
-Just because the Federation and the Argonauts signed the Treaty, didn’t mean that the war was officially over. Oh no…for the ten years of “peace” the Federation and Argonauts raged a cold war of espionage and Black-Ops. The secret soldiers were now needed, the lethal sort that were completely undetected by even their own forces. In later years it would be known as “the Silent War”.
-the Feddie Black ops team comprised of Kenyon, Dax, and their leader: Jonathan “John” Tatum. He was a 6’1”, 210lbs., 24 Year old young man with Green eyes and Rust colored hair from a planet which he specified at the time as “gone to him”. They were given intelligence that the Argonauts were gonna use the colony as a jumping point to launch an invasion on the Federation controlled New Lebanon. They went there to stop it before it began. They never saw what happened next coming.
Kenyon: DAMN! These ******* don’t know when to ******* quit!
-John Laughs.
John: that’s Argonauts for you, they’re like ******* Russians, they just keep coming!
-Dax makes a nervous laugh and resumes to hacking the door.
John: Dax? How long before we’re through??!
-a bullet flies right by Kenyon.
Kenyon: SHIT!!! (Reloads his assault rifle)
Dax: about……NOW! MOVE!!
-the group move into what is now revealed to be a control room. Dax sits in a chair and clicks on a console. Ken and John point their guns at the doors facing on the right and left of the consoles of the round room.
John: so Dax, when are the reinforcements coming?
-Dax continues to click on the console until he suddenly stops and is just looking at the screen.
John: Dax?
-Dax doesn’t respond
Kenyon: Dax?
-again no response. John moves toward Dax.
John: Dax what the Hell???
-John looked at Dax. The boy was pale as a ghost.
John: Dax, what the **** is wrong?
-Dax pointe with a shaky finger at the screen.
Dax: they’re not going to capture this colony…… THEY’ER GONNA DROP IT!
-Shows a diagram of the colony heading toward the planet. Kenyon snaps his head in John and Dax’s direction in shock.
Kenyon: Where??!!
John: on New Lebanon??!!
Kenyon: they can’t!! That alone will render the planet useless!
Dax: I know!! But according to these coordinates, they plan to drop it on New Lebanon for that exact purpose. If they can’t have it, no one can!
John: Son of a Bitch! (Slams his hand on the console)
-John collects his thoughts and thinks. Minutes pass, all the while the Argonauts are trying to bang down the doors. John looks up and sees a ventilation shaft.
John: how cliché. Dax!
-Dax looks up bewildered.
John: Quit worrying, we still got a plan. (Smirks) where’s the colony’s core?
-Dax quickly taps on the computer, a screen beeps on.
Dax: There! About 20 meters right above us!
John: good.
-2 minutes later the Argonaut soldiers bust through the doors and search the area. They find nothing but a small box. They see an open duct door.
Argonaut soldier: they’re in the vents move!
-just as he said that, the bomb in the box detonates leaving a nasty mess.
-we see the trio enter the power core of the Colony. We see Dax entering codes into the computer.
John: Judging by that sound, the Arggys have received our little present.
Kenyon: Yeah, but in a few minutes they’ll figure out where we are and come here!
John: Don’t panic Kenny!
Kenyon: for the thousandth time dammit don’t call me that!
-John laughs.
John: DAX! Have you got me into the main security control system??!!
Dax: you’re on the air sir!
John: good. Now, get to the escape pods, I’ll take care of this and ill join up with you as soon as I’m done here.
-at the time Kenyon actually believed that was gonna happen.
Kenyon: well if you’re gonna stay here a little longer then I guess you’ll need your .45 back.
-tries to hand John his gun back.
John: I gave it to you for a reason. It was a gift.
-Kenyon had a lot of respect for John, like a second Brother to him. He felt proud that John trusted him enough to carry his gun.
Kenyon: alright sir! We’ll see you at the pod.
John: done deal.
-Dax and Kenyon headed towards the engineers escape pods. John turns towards the console.
John: Attention Colony AI Daikon: In emergency situations I’m authorizing E-Code 5864133-9185 to override all presiding security codes you are under direction of.
-the Ai responds.
Daikon: Roger that First Lieutenant. All codes have been overridden. Standing by on your orders.
John: This is First Lieutenant Jonathan Tatum of the 8th Black-Ops Team. ID Clearance Level 9. Initiate Self-destruction Code 343-7901. Transfer password Detonation to remote level.
Daikon: Roger that First Lieutenant. All systems are being set for remote detonation.
John: also. To make certain that the enemy cannot undo this, initiate lockdown code 4233196. Password Halo.
Daikon: Roger First Lieutenant, all systems are set to detonate.
-suddenly, a red screen appears in front of John.
-we then see Kenyon and Dax inside the escape pod waiting for John. Then we hear Johns voice on the intercom.
John: Doddammit! So, that’s how it’s gonna Roll! Well boys and girls I got good news and bad news: the Colony is too close to the planet and even if we did detonate and destroy the core, shrapnel will still hit the surface.
Dax: Great! So what’s Good news?
John: that WAS the good news.
John: Bad news is, the remote systems are damaged, gonna have to blow it by hand.
-Kenyon looks into the blackness of the hall way in stunned silence.
Kenyon: can’t you use the rest of the explosives??!!
Dax: we used the last batch in that room remember?
John: and also (we hear him click some buttons) the detonation will have a 10 second lag, just enough for anyone to abort the blow and not enough time to get to the pod. Kenyon?
Kenyon: yes?
John: Remember those dog tags and pendant?
Kenyon: Yeah?
-John pushes a button. Suddenly the door to the pod closes, and Kenyon slams on the door.
Kenyon: What are you doing?!
John: do me a favor, go to New Britannia, Give those to my little sister, and tell my family I love them. Consider this my second to last order to you.
Kenyon: Second to last order?
John: My last order to you: my little sister, Aleia, she’s all I’ve got left. Protect her at all costs soldier. Again, this is my last order to you Kenyon.
Kenyon: I will find her sir (tearing) and ill protect her!
-Pulls himself up, stands at attention, and salutes. Dax, tearing as well, stands up and salutes.
Kenyon: Orders received and Understood Sir.
John: Dax?
Dax: Yes sir?
John: Get a girlfriend.
Dax: (smiles) yes sir!
John: copy that. (Pushes a button)
-the escape pod bursts from the hull of the colony and the small onboard Jump Drive engine Jumps them out of the area. John then turns his attention to the console and pushes a few more buttons.
John: Daikon?
Daikon: yes sir?
John: Rangers Lead the Way! (Pushes the button)
-the Colony then Explodes and 50% is incinerated. We see a bright flash……

Location: Anton, New Glastonbury, New Britannia, Neutral Territory, Present day……
-we see Kenyon sitting on a crate looking at the Colt .45 semiautomatic that John gave him all those years ago. He then pulled out the dog tags and pendant that John gave him as well.
Dax: (concerned) it’s been two years…and I still haven’t got a girlfriend!!
-both do a light chuckle. Kenyon then stands up, holsters the gun, puts the tags and pendant back into his shirt pocket, and stares into the night sky.
Kenyon: Dax, see what you can do about the Garbage truck angle.
Dax: what are you gonna do?
Kenyon: if you don’t mind…
Dax: go I’ll call you if something’s up.
Kenyon: thanks.
-Kenyon then begins to run toward the ledge of the building and start free running (or parkouring to the literal types.) he dodges, bobs, weaves, and all sorts of ridiculous acrobatics. He then comes to a stop at the top of a building. He looks around with a leg up on a rail
-then he hears shuffling behind him. He swerves around and pulls his pistol. There standing there on the ledge was a girl. A girl roughly 5’9”, 110LBs, and had the appearance of a soft Goth Kid. She also sported the one feature that was unique to all New Britannians: Elvish like Ears. She was standing there, completely oblivious of Kenyon. Kenyon, realizing she hadn’t noticed him, slowly put his gun away. He walked up to her.
Kenyon: um….hey! (Walks a little over to her)
-suddenly the girls shifted her eyes toward him. Her piercing Green eyes and his piercing Blue locked. For at best 3 minutes the two stared at one another. Then she looked towards the ground, then Kenyon, then toward the ground, then Kenyon again. She starts to lift her right leg.
Kenyon: Whoa! Whoa! What are you doin??!!
Girl: come any closer and ill jump!
Kenyon: even if I don’t come any closer your still gonna jump.
-the girl starts looking towards the ground, then towards Kenyon again.
Girl: look, This is none of your concern, alright! You wouldn’t understand ok! I just want to end it all!
Kenyon: look, I’ve had my own problems too, but I don’t jump off a building and commit suicide! I fight them, I resolve them! I don’t throw my life away. Now come on (moves toward the girl, holds out his hand) come off the ledge. We’ll take a nice walk and we can talk about it alright.
-the girl scowled, tears falling from her eyes.
Girl: that’s what my brother would say. ”We’ll take a nice walk and talk about it.” Johnny was always like that, caring towards everything and being the one to take the lead. But he’s gone now and…and… (Starts to quietly cry).
-Kenyon looks at her, sympathetic and sorry for the young girl. Then a thought hit him…
Kenyon: naw it couldn’t be….
Girl: what?
Kenyon: Johnny…as in John Tatum?
-the girls head snapped up and looked at him in shock.
Girl: you knew him?!
-suddenly as she snapped her head, she lost balance and was about to fall. The girl gasped, and Kenyon rushed forward, heart racing. Time seemed to stop. As if by fate, Kenyon managed to grab her by the wrist, and pull her back from the ledge. They looked at one another.
Kenyon: (Nervously) your name wouldn’t happen to be Aleia would it?
Aleia: yes…yes it is. Now tell me, did you know who my brother was?
-Kenyon groaned and looked at her again.
Kenyon: Yeah……I was there when he died……

To be Continued….

Chapter 9

Location: Anton, New Glastonbury, New Britannia, Neutral Territory.
-its same night stated in Chapter 8, and in the same city. We see Kenyon and the girl now revealed to be Aleia Tatum, younger sister of John Tatum, sitting on the side of the same building Aleia just tried to jump off of. He’s explaining a little bit of himself, his connection to John, and ultimately, Johns Demise. He then hands Aleia the dog tags and pendant.
Kenyon: he told me to give those to you and tell you he loved you and the rest of your family.
-Aleia Tatum was a New Britannian girl that was 5’9”, 110lbs, Green Eyes, A Soft Goth appearance (Black Hair, Black eye shadow, Goth Clothing), and had the feature that all New Britannians sported: Elvish like ears.
-Aleia looked at the tags and pendant. She was solemn in the face, tears welling up and then rolling down her cheeks.
Aleia: Um…… (Wiping away the tears) sorry…
Kenyon: don’t be. (Smiles) if I lost MY big brother, I’d be this upset or worse myself.
-he pulls out a piece of cloth and hands it to her.
Kenyon: Please, I insist.
-Aleia takes the cloth and dries her eyes. She tries to hand him back the cloth.
Kenyon: Keep it, I have more. (nervously chuckles)
-they sit there for quite a while for several minutes quietly. Kenyon then asks a question that bugged him since the beginning of this whole strange incident.
Kenyon: I know this isn’t any of my business, but why were you trying to kill yourself?
Aleia: I don’t know….Pressure I guess.
-looks down in shame and look back up towards the night sky.
Aleia: if you knew how High School society was you’d understand.
Kenyon: bullying?
Aleia: verbal, never physical. But not just that, but problems at home, and of course the loss of my brother.
-looks at the Tags and pendant again.
Aleia: it wasn’t only the fact he was dead that depressed me, it was the fact we didn’t know what happened to him.
-Kenyon looked at her in confusion.
Kenyon: you mean the Federation never informed you of his death?
-she shook her head.
Kenyon: not even informed by your own government?
-again she shook her head.
Kenyon: Not even a note!?
Aleia: Nothing.
-Kenyon looks down to the ground in disgust. Granted John knew New Britannia was Neutral, but he still wanted to do something with his life. But instead of Joining the NB Royal Army and hopefully see action on the systems farthest planet concerning star pirates, he became a mercenary and sided with the Federation. The rest as they say is history. But the one thing that made Kenyon mad now was that for all of John’s services, the Federation didn’t even send a death notice to the family. Granted he was Black ops but at least they could have made something up. Kenyon looked at Aleia again. He thought if he should tell her that John made him promise to look after her, but realized it just wasn’t the time.
Kenyon: so….how do you feel now?
Aleia: I’m…. I’m fine now. Thank you for asking. I can see why John would have liked you. You’re a nice person.
Kenyon: well…. (Shyly scratches the back of his head)
-then a female voice calls from below.
Voice: Ally! Are you ok? It’s time for dinner!
Aleia: Alright Mom! I’ll be down in a few minutes! And please stop calling me Ally!
-Kenyon chuckles.
Aleia: what’s so funny?
Kenyon: they call you Ally? Weird, my brother calls me Kenny?
-both of them laugh. Aleia then scales down to her apartment in the top floor and enters the window. Kenyon then gets up and makes his way back to his place and carefully enters his apartment, checking for the usual bombs, bugs, unwanted thugs, etc. he sees Dax brewing coca.
Dax: Hey! Where have you been?
-Dax hands Kenyon a mug of coca and the two sits down.
Kenyon: Just getting some fresh air. So, how’s our Garbage angle?
-Dax grins.
Dax: well now that you mention it….

-Morning, we see Dax enter a café at the corner of Heidelberg and Seton Drive. He orders a black with cream and sugar, pick it up and go to the back of the café into a booth where a man in the clichéesque trench coat, trillby and reading a newspaper.
Dax: the main character of Tek series is….
Man: Jake Cardigan.
-Dax sits down, back facing the man. The man, who is revealed to be a Federation contact, sips on his own cup of Joe and looks around. Dax does in kind.
Dax: so…do you have the stuff?
Man: yes…it will be delivered to you via one of my associates at a designated spot of your choice.
Dax: good. (Slips a piece of paper to the man) that has the designated spot. Have your asset put the goods there.
Man: very well then.
-the contact gets up and leaves the café. Dax sips on his coffee and wretches.
Dax: Bleh!!! Doddamn I hate this shit!

3 hours later……
-we see Dax enter the apartment building and is about to walk up to the elevator when he sees Kenyon and Aleia talking. He is intrigued, and as he passes Aleia he looks at Kenyon with a puzzled look.
Dax: Um…who was that?
Kenyon: That…was Aleia Tatum.
-Dax Is startled. Does a double take on Aleia and looks at Kenyon.
Dax: Please tell me that’s not John’s sister.
Kenyon: Sorry to say…it is.
Dax: (face palms) Aww Shit! How long has this been going on?
Kenyon: Since last night…when she tried to jump off the building
Dax: What?
-as the two enter the elevator. Kenyon recounts what happened last night.
Dax: did you tell her what we’re doing here?!
Kenyon: NO!!! I’m not that stupid! Besides that would be in direct violation of Articles One and Eight…
Dax: Yeah, Yeah…”No Civilian Casualties, and Never Mix your personal life with your military life”.
Kenyon: if I told her about what we were doing we would be endangering her life and I would be getting involved with her and that’s the LAST thing I would do before I go and botch 6 months of undercover work.
Dax: yeah, but, just be careful.
Kenyon: don’t worry… I mean what’s the worst that could happen?
Dax: (angrily) the last time you said that, I woke up in a Dress on New Botswana!!!

-another two weeks after this pass, and Kenyon unintentionally starts to visit Aleia more and more to keep an eye on her. It’s during one of these trips when Kenyon comes upon a scene that hauntingly reminded him of the incident at West Point. We see a man, Asian like of sorts and was messing with Aleia. She was shouting.
Aleia: get lost Chang!
Chang: you make a fool out of me in English Class??! (Pulls out a switch blade) how about I cut that tongue of yours out? My only regret is that I won’t be able to hear you scream my name.
Aleia: my fathers’ a cop and when he finds out…
Chang: he won’t find out shit!! (Punches her in the gut) I’ll see to it your body will never be found, and my father will pay off the cops.
-Kenyon Grabs Changs shoulder and swerves him around, and then punches him across the face hard enough to make the nose bleed.
Kenyon: your pa must be a very wealthy man to have enough money to pay off the cops.
-Chang Recovers from the blow and proceeds to do Kung Fu moves. Kenyon counters with Jeet Kun Do and proceeds to whip the living hell out of the guy. Chang falls into a pile of Garbage bags and immediately springs up, with the knife already in hand. Chang lunges forward, Kenyon ducts right, grabs Changs hand, twists it to loosen the grip and gently takes the knife out of the man’s hand. Then he throws Chang back into the pile of garbage.
Kenyon: You shouldn’t play with sharp toys kid. (Tosses the knife into a sewage drain)
Chang: Do you know who the **** I am??!!!
Kenyon: Well by your filthy mouth you sure as shit aint the preacher’s boy.
-Chang pulls a gun. Kenyon is hesitant to pull his own fearing a gunfight might not only draw attention, but also a stray bullet may hurt Aleia.
Chang: I’m Chang Ebbers. Son of industrialist Moriarty Ebbers, a….
-he is cut short by the sudden insertion of a hypodermic needle into his jugular, the one who administered the needle stepped into the light.
Damas: ….is that a fact, Debby?
Kenyon: Damas??!!
-Change slumped to the ground and Damas like he was nothing hoisted him up onto his shoulder and turned to Kenyon.
Damas: let’s get back to the apartment. Thomas has just spoken to the royal court and in 3 days they’ll be executing a warrant to search Ebbers’ compound.
Kenyon: what?
Damas: (Frustrated) in other words, we’re raiding Ebbers’ compound tonight to get the Gundam!!
Aleia: what’s a Gundam?
-both men look at Aleia; she had been quietly standing there, fearful that if she tried to run, something bad might have happened.
Damas: Aww SHIT! Get her in the car!
Aleia: What??!
Kenyon: I’ll explain everything to you at the apartment now come on!
-they come bursting into the apartment several minutes later and Dax is stunned.
Dax: what the **** is going on? Damas??! When the hell did you get here??!
Damas: shut up and grab that Chair!!!
-Dax hands Damas a chair who then places it in front of Aleia.
Damas: (Very calmly) please young lady, sit here.
Aleia: (surprised) Oh, thank you.
Damas: now hand me the other chair.
-Dax hands him another chair and sits an unconscious Chang in it.
Damas: ok, we got another 7 minutes until Debby here wakes up, you got any rope?
Dax: no, but we got Swat Handcuffs?
Damas: ….Yeah lets go with that.
-proceeds to tie Chang to the chair. Aleia then speaks.
Aleia: now will someone please explain to me what’s going on.
-Kenyon Takes her into a back room then proceeds to explain to her what has been going on, from how he didn’t leave the army after John’s death, how he joined the Gundam Corps. , to the theft of THOR and everything else he was at the liberty to discuss. After explaining all of that, she slaps him in the face.
Kenyon: What was that for?
Aleia: that’s for lying to me!
Kenyon: touché.
-Takes her back into the main room
Kenyon: Now what I want you to do is go home and forget about all this till morning.
-Aleia looks at him puzzled and angered.
Aleia: that’s it? “Go home”? I mean how do you know I won’t go to the police about this illegal operation?
Damas: Yeah, (silently cocks a gun) how can we trust her enough not to rat us out?
Kenyon: (looking at Aleia) because you know for a fact that will get me, Dax, and Damas here killed, and I don’t think John would have liked it that his little sis would do that after the sacrifice he made to save me and Dax.
-Aleia grudgingly agreed, and then she asked Kenyon a question,
Aleia: You say there are Argonauts in Ebbers’ compound right?
Kenyon: Yeah?
Aleia: and it’s the Argonauts who forced John to sacrifice himself to save you right?
Kenyon: yeah?
Aleia: well I want in.
Kenyon & Dax: what?!
Aleia: you heard me, I want in.
Damas: why?
Aleia: for 3 years all I have done was sulk about my brother and doing nothing with my life, now I have a chance to do something. Something with myself, for my home, and to justify my brothers sacrifice.
-Kenyon looked at her empathetically, but Damas interrupts.
Damas: Yeah that’s all well and good, but you’re just gonna get hurt. I mean do you even know how to handle a handgun?
Aleia: My Dads a cop, of course I know how to use a gun in fact… (Reveals a hand gun)
Kenyon: wait a minute! If you had that this whole time, why did you threaten Debby here with your father?
Aleia: I thought it would scare him. If you hadn’t come along id possibly have pulled it.
Kenyon: yeah and then our plan to raid the compound tonight would have gone to shit. So I guess saving you when I did worked well for us.
Aleia: just out of curiosity, when you mean compound, do you mean the Ebbers Estate a few blocks up from here?
-the 3 men look at her odd.
Dax: Yeah? Why?
Aleia: my mom works there as a secretary. She has a security pass and it can get you in there real quick into the main offices.
-the trio looks at her like agents look at an asset.
Dax: you have our attention….

Location: Ebbers Compound in Anton, you know the rest, 10:50 pm.
-we see a garbage truck roll up to the gate of the compound. The guard does the initial checking and seeing the paper work was clean, allowed the truck enter the compound. It passes into the compound and into a space that separated two buildings. There Kenyon, Dax, Aleia, and Damas exit the back of the truck, armed with small submachine Guns and with the exception of Aleia, explosives.
Damas: alright, you all know your targets. Kenyon, you and Aleia get to the Mobile suit armory and set the explosives. Dax, you head to Ebbers’ office and drain it of every ounce of information from its computers. Ill head to main mobile suit hangar and do my business, once your assignments are done, head to THOR’s Hangar. Well try to secure it, but if we can’t steal it back well blow it to ****. Are we clear?
All: Yes sir.
Damas: Move then!
-the Teams move in different directions, Dax moved to the office building at the northeastern corner of the compound, he uses Aleias’ moms ID card Aleia swiped from her mom earlier in the day and enters the building. He heads to Ebbers’ office, but just as he is about to enter the office he hears a “Poof” and a thud. He decides to hide, and just as he slid under a desk the door to Ebbers’ office springs open and Laura Cresnick, Tristan Walkers’ Right hand woman comes swooping out with a panicked look on her face. As soon as she left, Dax enters the room to come upon a grisly scene: the body of Moriarty Ebbers with a gunshot wound to the back of the head. Dax checked his pulse, Laura had hit a vital part of the spine and death was instantaneous. He then locked the door behind him and went to the computer. He did his magic and hacked through all of his really private files he wouldn’t have on the server Dax hacked into several months earlier. He found all the evidence they would ever need to have convicted Ebbers of war crimes, sadly he would not live to see it. He then came across something odd: a heavily encrypted File that was near impossible to crack with the tech he had. Dax saw that the file was though heavily encrypted, but was removable, possible that Ebbers was going to run. The file was entitled: “Project L”
-Kenyon and Aleia made their way to the mobile suit armory hangar. They set their explosives without any hitch.
-Damas makes his way to the main MS Hangar and was about to enter the main building when suddenly…
Laura: Capitan! Capitan!
-we see Laura enter the hangar in a panicked state. Tristan turns around, and sees Laura.
Tristan: what is Laura?
Laura: Its Ebbers sir, he did something foolish!
Tristan: What did he do?
Laura: remember when we loaded up some of the DRAGOONS and noticed 3 of them were missing?
Tristan: yeah, Ebbers said they were in the final preparation, why?
Laura: He lied, they were complete, and he placed them in a missile!
Tristan: What??!!
Laura: I don’t know why, but he did, and in 2 hours the missile will launch. I tried to stop it but he has it set on a permanent count down, they’ll arm once they are passed the moon of the target.
Tristan: and the Target is?
-Laura looks at him in horror
Laura: Midgard.
Tristan: What!!! WHY??!!
Laura: I don’t know, he said something about profiteering from it.
Tristan: where is he now?
Laura: I asked him to give me the abort codes, but he refused, so I shot him.
Tristan: Doddammit! Get everyone together. Evacuate the compound, ill intercept the missile with the THOR!
-Activity starts to spring up everywhere. Tristan makes his way to THORS hangar.
-Dax then Speaks to Damas into the comm.
Dax: Uh…Damas, we have a problem….concerning Ebbers……
Damas: I Know Dax…I know……

To Be Continued….

Chapter 10

Location: Ebbers Compound, Anton, New Glastonbury, New Britannia, Neutral Territory.
Dax: Uh…Damas, we have a problem….concerning Ebbers……
Damas: I Know Dax…I know……
Dax: What the hell does that mean?
-switches radio so all the team can hear this.
Damas: Attention all units, disregard approaching the THOR hangar. Just set your bombs and get the hell outta here.
Kenyon: why? were so close to getting THOR!!
Damas: Don’t ask Questions, just get the **** out of here!!!
-As soon as Kenyon and Aleia finished up, they managed to get out of the compound due to the commotion. Dax managed to destroy the computer in Ebbers’ office by shooting it up and setting fire bombs. He then followed the Two afterward. Damas then made his way to THOR’s hangar.
-Tristan had just come out of the locker already in his suit. Damas pulls his revolver.
Damas: Hey Asshole!
-Tristan swoops around, pulling his own gun in the process. Like him and Kenyon at the Cradle, both men were pointing guns at one another, both unflinching. Then Damas tosses his gun aside.
Damas: It’s been awhile since I whooped someone’s ass outside my mobile suit……
-Gets into his GR stance, GR Combat is a combination to US Navy Seals (Mental), Russian Spetznas (Physical), and Israeli’s Defense Forces Krav Maga (adaptation) Training to make the GR series a Hyper Lethal weapon of war.
Damas: Let’s see whether or not I still have it.
-Tristan gets frustrated, but enters his own combat stance.
Tristan: I don’t know why you’re here besides the obvious (looks at the Gundam), but a missile containing 3 DRAGOON Nukes are about to launch in 2 hours, and if I don’t stop them….
Damas: 2 hours is more than enough time to beat your sorry ass! (Lunges forward)
-They fight, constantly ducking, dodging, and punching. Hand to hand combat wise they were evenly matched. After a while, Damas manages to gain the upper hand and finally manages to put Tristan into the floor. He was about to stomp Tristan into the ground when…
-a gun is fired and hits Damas.
Damas: OW! (Gasps) OW! ****!!!
-Tristan is confused, he followed the possible trajection of the bullet and finds Laura standing with the literal Smoking gun.
Tristan: where the hell did you shoot him?
-she was about to speak when….
Damas: OW! **** You shot me in my ass you bitch!
-proceeds to cuss like a sailor.
Laura: I hate to break up the grabassin sir, but you need to go now!
-Tristan manages to get up, put his helmet back on and climb up into the cockpit. Just then, the Armory bombs detonated and blew the building open. Fire started to engulf the compound. Damas, who has now pulled the bullet out of his ass, grabs his gun and limps out of the compound. The fire bombs in Ebbers office detonate and engulf the room, the building, and the lifeless corpse of the late Moriarty Ebbers. Just as this was happening, the Anton Fire Department came rushing onto the scene.
Fire Chief: Hurry! Get the water going! We need to get this fire under control, move!
Fireman: Chief, Look!
-just as he says this, THOR Gundam came tearing out of the hangar, thrusters roaring and with the MJOLNIR Atomic Bazooka in hand. Just as THOR roared out, the Berserkers and Vikings came roaring out of the undamaged MS hangar.
Fireman: Sir! Did they cause this??!
Fire Chief: Call the Royal Army! Tell them to get some armor out here!
Fireman: Yes sir! (Runs off to call it in)
-THOR screams into the sky at break neck speeds, pushing the frame of the suit to almost tearing point.
Tristan: THOR! Give me everything you’ve got!
THOR: Roger that Tristan. Warning! Frame integrity at 50%! The THOR Gundam was not designed to escape a planet’s atmosphere on its own!
-Tristan smirked.
Tristan: First time for everything! (Pushes up on the throttle.)
-after several seconds of straining G forces, the THOR remarkably broke through the atmosphere. Apparently, the Gundams were built with this in mind.
Tristan: (sighs) all right, THOR, engage the MJOLNIR Atomic Bazooka and arm the DRAGOON.
THOR: Very good sir, we are well out in orbit so the nuclear warhead will not do any damage to the surface. Charging the cannon now.
Tristan: also, how long before the missile launches?
THOR: in exactly 20 minutes.
Tristan: how long before the cannon is charged?
THOR: in 25 minutes.
Tristan: Shit! Do what you can.
THOR: yes sir.
-THOR goes through the usual checks and charges the gun. If we could hear it in space, we would hear what sounds like a squadron of the most powerful fighters on earth firing their afterburners at once. We then hear Laura’s voice over the communicator.
Laura: sir I have good news and bad news. Our cover here is blown and I’ve intercepted a transmission that Feddie forces will be in orbit in exactly 30 minutes. And of course, the missile will launch in five minutes.
Tristan: and the Good news if there are any?
Laura: all of our forces have been moved to our ships and are proceeding to Jump out of here. We are leaving one carrier and the two Vikings behind to help you.
Tristan: leave the ship and the Vikings but tell those two NOT to come near me until I’ve finished the job.
Laura: Copy that, did you hear that Viper?
-Viper grips her controls.
Viper: agreed.
Laura: very good. Tristan, I’ve sent you the coordinates of our rendezvous point, as soon as you have completed your mission, you can link up with us there.
Tristan: Good. Now get out of here.
Laura: ok…and Tristan….be careful.
-Tristan chuckled.
Tristan: Roger that.
-at that time an alarm rang, the missile had cleared its silo and was on its way to clear the atmosphere.
Tristan: THOR?
THOR: The Gun is fully charged.
Tristan: that was 20 minutes! What were the other 5 for?
THOR: to prep the shielding from the blast.
-Tristan grabbed the throttle and targeted the missile.
THOR: what are you doing??
-Tristan Pulls the trigger. In an instant, we hear the sound of a pulsating blast, and then we see a bright flash. If we were there we would feel a sort of shock wave with a force that could crush the hull of a starship. The flash lasted for at best 2 minutes. Laura looks back.
Laura: Capitan?? Capitan! Do you read?
-silence. Laura stares in fear.
Laura: Tristan! (Tears start to well up in her golden eyes)
-we then hear Tristan’s voice faintly over the comm.
Tristan: Doddamn!! That was a hell of a recoil! Thank God this Gundams cockpit was designed to take the G’s. Laura come in.
Laura: (wiping tears from her eyes) yes sir?
Tristan: Are you ok?
Laura: (Blushing) um…. Yes sir, I’m sending you the Swordfish and the Vikings sir. Good luck sir. (Blushingly turns off the comm)
-Tristan survived the blast, but the left arm was damaged in the process. The upside is: the missile was completely incinerated, not a spec of debris anywhere. Satisfied that Ebbers treachery was thwarted, he began to make his way to the ship.

-Meanwhile, back on the surface, inside the apartment, the four were in the midst of injecting a still unconscious Chang with some MWS (Memory Wiping Serum) that will make him forget all that had transpired before he got injected by Damas.
Dax: well this is just ******* Great! Not only did we lose our opportunity to capture THOR, we nearly started a war because of it! Judas Priest! Boy we really screwed the pooch on this one! Now were back to Square One!
Damas: Shut up Dax! Just let me think!
Dax: (mumbles) don’t hurt yourself.
-Damas sits down, and rubs his forehead with his fingers. He then looks up and speaks.
Damas: Kenyon?
-Kenyon looks up at Damas.
Damas: Take Aleia home and make sure no one follows.
-Kenyon nods and he and Aleia prepare to leave the apartment.
Damas: Dax, start getting the stuff packed up, we need to get outta here now.
Dax: and what are you gonna do??
-Damas walks toward the refrigerator and opens the door.
Damas: I’m gonna drink some beer.
Dax: Don’t bother, there’s nothing in there.
Damas: that’s why I brought my own.
-Damas pulls out a silver flask and swigs down what’s called “Primean Moonshine”.
Dax: What the hell is that gonna accomplish?
Damas: First it’s gonna dull the pain from the bullet wound in my ass, and second, (takes another swig) I’m gonna need it to drag that heavy **** outside!

-we see Kenyon walking Aleia home, taking care not to have anyone see them. They make it home without any stopping. And just before Aleia enters her apartment, she has a talk to him.
Aleia: Well (nervously laughs) that was fun. Do you do this all the time?
Kenyon: I mostly spend my time in the cockpit of a mobile suit. But yeah that’s my usual out of mobile suit ops. And I don’t recommend it to anyone. It’s not glamorous, it’s very dirty, very dangerous, and you can get hurt or worse.
Aleia: but at least the payoff is worth it.
Kenyon: (puzzled) and the payoff is?
Aleia: You know you save lives.
-Kenyon smirked, and then he noticed something odd about Aleia, a piece of Red hair was showing from her usual Goth Black hair.
Kenyon: what’s your natural hair color just outta curiosity?
Aleia: oh…it’s red, why?
Kenyon: You know you shouldn’t cover that up? You probably look even prettier with red instead of black.
-Aleia Blushed.
Aleia: Thanks……well see you tomorrow.
Kenyon: I don’t think I’ll be here tomorrow.
Aleia: (worried) why?
Kenyon: my mission here was to capture THOR, and since THOR has gone off World, I’m no longer needed here.
-Aleia looked down in disappointment. Kenyon feeling bad, hands her a note.
Aleia: what’s this?
Kenyon: that’s my email address; you can send me messages if you want to.
Aleia: oh (still blushing) thank you Kenyon.
Kenyon: not a problem…. See ya!
-runs off back to his apartment. Aleia, still blushing, heads up to her apartment and into her bedroom.

-The next morning, we see Kenyon, Dax, and Damas about to board a shuttle to the Satellite Star Port where the Odessa was waiting for them. And as they are about to pay for their tickets, they hear a woman….
Woman: Kenyon! Wait!
-the group turned around, they see a New Britannian woman about 5’9”, 110Lbs., had Green eyes and short, Blood red hair. She was in normal clothes. Kenyon is stunned.
Kenyon: Aleia??!
Dax: is that the Goth girl? Damn she’s fine!
-Damas backhands him across the face.
Kenyon: what are you doing here?
Aleia: I wanted to say bye before you left.
-Kenyon kept looking at her, completely at a loss for words.
Kenyon: Wow! You look great!
Aleia: (Blushes) thank you, I took your advice and decided to let go of my old self.
-the two look at one another awkwardly for the next two minutes.
Kenyon: well, until we meet again…
Aleia: yes….
-without warning, she kisses him on the cheek and walks away. Kenyon freezes up. After another minute, he calms and walks back to the group.
-Dax smirks.
Dax: well you always were a sucker for Redheads.
-Kenyon Smirks back.
Kenyon: that I am….
-both laugh, much to Damas’ chagrin.

Location: Argonaut Territory, on route to Midgard.
-we see Tristan’s small Fleet en route to their home planet of Midgard. We see Tristan staring at THOR, he was disturbed by the callous betrayal of a man that Jason apparently trusted, and he couldn’t believe the power of the DRAGOON when it fired from THOR. It was more powerful than when it is dropped. He then looked at the 5 other DRAGOONS they had left. He was worried that may have to use them as well, and not for destroying missiles. He also knew that he now would have to be more careful when conducting special ops. For if he slips up now, not when they were so close to gaining so much an advantage in the war to come, the Argonaut Alliance would pay for his mistakes. They were all counting on him now: Jason, the Alliance, his men, Laura, and Talia his long dead little sister. Concerning his little sister he spoke.
Tristan: I look forward to the day I rip the heart out of the man who killed my little sister!
-Slams on the glass window.
Tristan: DAMN YOU…….!!!
-the name of the man is muffled by the sound of the ships engine.

Location: Odessa, on course to the Federation Planet of Serion to resupply and to report to High Command.
-we see Damas, looking at GHOST, he’s thinking of all the events that have led him up to now: his early life, his time as a GR, his time waging Guerilla war against the Argonauts, the death of his family, and his time in prison. He thought of this, he thought……and he thought. Then he pulled out his bottle and swigs one down.
Damas: Oh my aching ass!

-We See Dax enter his quarters, and sit down. He looks at a picture on his desk, it’s the picture of his Grandfather, Ray Harper, who went missing back in the late 50s; his body was never found. His father, Jack Harper, was devastated by this and it drove him into a depression that ultimately killed him. Dax made a promise to his dying father that he would find his Papaw, even if it was the last thing he did.
Dax: I will find him Dad, I haven’t forgotten the promise. And Johnny, if you’re listening, I haven’t forgotten my resolve to find a Girlfriend! (Quietly chuckles)

-We then see Kenyon enter his quarters, thinking about the promise he made to John: to look after Aleia.
Kenyon: I haven’t forgotten John, once I make a promise, I keep it.
-suddenly he feels something in his pocket. He pulls it out, and discovered it was a piece of paper. He opens it and sees a note written on it and with it came John’s pendant.
-the Note reads, “May it bring you memories of John and Me. Signed, Ally”.
-Kenyon Smiled, and placed the Pendant around his neck.
Kenyon: John, you have a strange way of picking people. Rangers Lead the Way. Hooah.

-We finally see Thomas sitting at his desk, talking to Colonel Gathers; he has a solemn look on his face.
Thomas: we have just seen the power of THOR, the Argonauts are planning something, and we need to be ready.
Gathers: Agreed. Also, General Mombasa has new orders: the Capture or Kill order has been changed to strictly kill. Destroy it at all costs.
Thomas: Understood. What about New Britannia?
Gathers: thanks to Ebbers Treachery, the NB Royal Family is considering to join the Federation as an attempt to avoid a shameful scandal. As for this whole mess……
Thomas: Yes?
Gathers: Just in case……

To Be Continued…