Mobile Suit Carriers and other Starships

There are two ships I have in my mind. The first one is the Archangel. I find it one of the most powerful ships in Gundam universe. The second one is the Ptolemaios which really have a strong defense and utilize the Trans-Am.

Ships from Macross series is just on another whole level. I’m always amazed by those ships that can transform!

Since it seems to be okay to include non-Gundam ships here, my vote has to be for the SDF-1 (because it’s the first ever and it has a design that radiates power) and the Macross Quarter for practically being a gigantic mobile suit.

In terms of Gundam, my overall favorite has to be the Potelamaios and its successor designs. It just seems like a ship that you can lounge in and relax after a hard day’s work. It certainly helps that it has incredible firepower and defensive options too.

The SDF-1 definitely belongs on the list.

Out of Gundam, the Ralowla and the Gwaden are my favorites, the Musai and the Argama Class also get an honrable mention as well.

From non Gundam stuff, the Excelsior Class(Excelsior/Enterprise B), the Galaxy Class (Enterprise D), and the Constitution Class Refit (Enterprise A) are some of my favorites from Star trek.

Oh shout out to the Empire’s Star Cruisers and Destroyers as well, they’re f***ing Triangles, but they’re awesome.

Oh and from Mass Effect, the Normandy SR-1, and SR-2, also the Turian Cruisers/Dreadnaughts and the Asari Dreadnaughts (IE Destiny Ascention) as well. Reapers if they count as well.

oh another favorite ship? The Sullaco and her sisters. for some reason it was a design that was just so cool lol.

one more thing, just for laughs, how many Suits do you think the largest Enterprise could hold?

If I had to choose a non-Gundam ship, hmm.

I think I’d have to choose the Malevolence from Star Wars.

For a Non Gundam ship, I would say USS Daedalus from Stargate and the Space Battleship Yamato.

As for Gundam universe ships, those would be Diva/Dyaus-class from AGE and along with Magellan-class battleship plus Dogosse Giar-class and General Revil Class (I think that General Revil from Unicorn should be class of its own, due to its improvements over the Zeta Dogosse Giar)

I also like Ptolemaios 2 and Minerva, but not as much =P

Oh and for carrier that doesnt have any weapons on it, I would say The Ender from Zone of the Enders Dolores I.

I just remember a good one and its my absolute favorite, the Resolute 2 from ExoSquad, that big girl can haul alot of mechs

Gots a question for the forum: How many decks are in the General Revil (ship)?

I’ll give a conservative estimate and say off the top of my head that the Enterprise E could probably hold at least 12, but without knowing how big its hanger/cargo-hold is, I couldn’t say for certain.

Total Length: 685.0 Meters

Total Beam (width): 273.3 Meters

Total Height (from the bottom of the ship to the bridge dome): 97.0 (or 96.666666) Meters

what can you factor in about that lol?

I was talking about the cargo/hanger area of the ship. I already know the entire ship is in Dogosse Gier territory for size. Remember a good part of Star Trek ships is for labs, living quarters, recreational facilities, and the like.

If I had eyeball it, id have to say its main hangar has enough space to stack height wise about 5 shuttle craft on top of one another.

to be honest, imagine the entire ship, with the exception of the vital necessaties, gutted to make room for ms. then tell me lol

Even the damn White Base, Argama, etc. didn’t devote THAT much space to the mobile suit deck.

Just theoretically stating if in its original state cant support it lol. but if it can, then all power for it lol

Without the assault carriers like White base and Archangel mobile suits are only partially effective. Without a base to rearm, repair and transport it to the battlefield yet have enough firepower to hold its own in the middle mobile suits are really only effective in fast strike battles. But that is mostly in UC and CE.