Mobile Suit Carriers and other Starships

Sure a lot of Mobile Suits, Mobile Armors, and Super Weapons get a lot of street cred. But what about the Ships and fighters? What about ships like White Base, Albion, Ptolemy, and the like which without, our favorite mobile weapons would never get from a to b until its too late? And it isn’t just restricted to Gundam, Tell us what your favorite starship designs from the realm of Scifi.

Me? The ships from AGE are the most appealing, along with the Nael Argema from Unicorn, Albion from Stardust Memory, and both Virginia Class and Baikal Class Assault Carriers from OO.

In my opinion, the Gundam would have been toast if the White Base wasn’t there to tote it around. It would have run out of ammo, beam sabers, and then would eventually fall prey to the enormous amounts of mobile suits.

I liked the CE MS Carriers a lot. Weapons and their own bays, so sending out modules and weapons wasn’t much of a problem.

UC had a more realistic and rudimentary approach.

Oh, and since you said not limited to Gundam, Daiku-Maryu comes to mind, a certain "city sized alien battleship, and several Space Battleships.

The Minerva from Destiny always striked my fancy. I just like the overall design and color scheme of the ship. 2nd would probably be the Albion.

Argama is my mobile suit carrier favorite ship, followed by Nahel Argama, and Minerva. Albion and Ra Cailum are also nice.

I like the General Revil, lots of MS and lots of guns, that ship is a fleet itself. I like alot of the grunt carriers from OO because they appear to be the most realistic in my opinion

It’s a Dogosse Gier class ship. The class’s eponymous ship was a major headache for the Argama in Zeta.

I know, but its a improved version with 2 extra hangers, I honestly didn’t really like the original to much

I wasn’t criticizing you or your choice. I was just pointing out that the class has been around for awhile.

In order from 5 to 1: Grey Phantom, Albion, General Revil, Nahel Argama, Ra Cailum.

My top two favorite none gundam ships? The Serentiy (firefly) and the battlestar Galactica and other Colonial Fleet ships.

A fellow Browncoat, yay! Serenity is an awesome design indeed.


I, personally, also love the Enterprise (NX-01). The Star Trek Enterprise’s Enterprise.

browncoat all the way man! lol. I call it the Gundam X of the scifi community…underated (at first) and didn’t get enough attention (at first :p) as for the Ship itself, the one thing that attracted me to it was its odd design: odd aesthetically, beautiful mechanically wise. and of course it was crewed by an allstar gang id sign up with lol…

as for others ships the following pics are my other faves…

The Girty Lue

The Amadeus

The Dyaus Class

Believe it or not I DO NOT like the latter twos predecessor, the Diva. the Baronche, its a love/hate relationship but its more love than hate lol

Love the NX01 Enterprise and I love the Enterprise E

I also love the Battlestars of BSG…heres a strange question for ya: how many suits do you think it could hold?

I simply love the submarine look the NX-01 has going for it. Its design is the second best thing about Enterprise (the show), in my book. The Andorians are the only things that top it, naturally.

I just had a crazy idea: imagine DS9 retrofitted to launch mobile suits. That would make it an even more awesome space station. Sisko playing General Revil and commanding a fleet of mobile suits against the Dominion would just be awesome in a weird fan fiction kind of way…

I WANT IT! I WANT IT! I WANT IT! Why isn’t there any damn mechs in Star Trek?!

me personally I like the firefly
and (and if anyone remembers this one from like a century ago)
the Valkyrie from titan ae.


Glad to see I’m not the only one. And to answer your question, Star Trek is about exploration and the power of the human spirit and people doing the right thing just because it is right, and all that nice, fluffy, positive stuff. Hell, you’d be hard pressed to find a fighter jet in the 700+ episodes of it, even in DS9, which is easily the darkest and most war focused of the bunch.

Meanwhile something like Gundam (especially UC)is about war and death (by awesome robot), and revels in humanity’s inability to change for the better, no matter how beneficial it may be.

Really, I love both, but they couldn’t be more different, just look at their most successful iterations: Next Gen and Zeta. I rest my case.

Oh and I’d like to add Excelsior and Enterprises C and E to the awesome ship designs list.

Good to see more brown coats here and I’m major fan of the ol’ bucket Galactica, nearly brought a tear to my eye seeing Adama fly his Viper around her before it was sent to the sun, one of the best moments in scifi history. If were going to get into scifi, Enterprise D is my favorite trek ship, its such a elegant design. I also like the earth designs from Star Gate SG1. I’ve always been a fan of the Macross (SDF-1), nothing like a ship that turns into a mech lol