Mixed Gundams

Here is an another game. Rules: Take any 2 gundams or MS and mix them together. Then state why and how it’s super good.
My turn first. I would combine Unicorn gundam with infinite justice gundam. It’s gonna be amazing since it will be super fast at moving and it’s movements will be extremely fast. Also if needed it can transform into destroy mode and double in speed and strength. I want it to have the dual bladed beam saber that justice has and the gun shield format that both gundams share. It’s main thrusters would be justice’s backpack. Also it would have a transforming ability. In the end it would be painted indigo and the psychoframe could be scarlet. Don’t you think that would be cool.
Now it’s your turn.

Hmm intresting.

Unicorn and the Hi-Nu.

Basically imagine the Unicorn with Hi-Nu’s Fin-Funnels, and maybe some other influences, basically what makes it good is it has funnels full time, can go NT-D for a preformance boost…while Jacking more bits/funnels. The Psycoframe would be Green, there’d also be a Full Armor form based on the Nu’s Heavy Weapons and Full Armor system (It’s a non animated MSV) mixed with the Unicorns to cause optimal damage against ships and whole MS Squads when needed.

I will combine the Tallgeese III and Wing Zero (Tall-Zero). With these two suits combined i think i would give even the most skilled pilots hell, With the fire power of the ■Mega Beam Cannon and the twin buster rifle I would have the advantage over a lot of mobile suits with my medium and long range capabilities. And for close combat the The Tall-Zero will be exceptionaly fast and and with the Zero system being inplace I will become aware of future outcomes and possible courses of action that can be taken to achieve total victory . And not to forget the search eye software that gathers data that the cameras and antennas cannot. During combat, it instantly calculates the precise position, movement, and weak points . That would be another advantage i would know how to defeat my emeny. Unless the Turn A shows up I think i will be the victor.

I’m not really aware of your concept being able to achieve anything. Compared to the tallgeese III, Wing Zero only lacks ability to perform close ranged combat. Furthermore, neither of them possesses a beam-gun enabling the using to inflict damage upon enemies in short-ranged combat. It’s no use originating a weapon developed from Zero’s twin buster rilfe and tallgeese’s Mega Buster cannon, I suppose.

don’t need a beam gun to inflict close range damage :wink: that’s what the beam sabers, machine cannons, and heat rods are for

I comprehend that, yet something seems to be missing.

Scrutinzing each Gundam designed and released so far, we remark most of them possess weapons resembling with the mentioned (“main characters gundams” :
(Shortly examined)
Gundam Rx-78-2
ZZ (this one appears to be equipped with a specially originated weapon consisting of beam rilfe and something transcending them in size)
Nu Gundam

As you’re able to see, it’s partially crucial for a designer to consider including weapons such as these.
Either do I acknowledge it incorrectly, or my arguments are valid.

It doesn’t even require to make sense. It doesn’t.

However, submitting my personal opinion concentrating on designing a Gundam developed from others, I’d be likely to establish a Gundam consisting of Heavyarms and DX.
Moonlight Satellite Cannon with missles and bullets, hasssshhhhaaaa³ !

Sounds like a reasonable argument to me. All of those gundam do have long and close range combat features and it is very important to include both in a good mobile suit design. The only exceptions would be gundams meant for long range sniping since they are weak with beam sabers and generally have shields(Gundam Dynames) or any gundam from G Gundam since they are all mobile fighters.

could’t have said it better my self

I think both of you guys are kinda right. Death scythe is right on how you do need a gun for short range, not close combat. For close combat you guys would be right since beam sabers would work efficiently. So you guys are both right. Now correct me if I’m wrong but what death scythe is saying if you twin buster rifle custom is best for long and medium ranges then how are you going to fight when the enemy is about 25 meters ahead or you? It’s gonna be hard with a buster rifle since it needs to recharge a little and it would be too far for a beam saber. so a ideal smaller gun like a beam pistol would work. Now not all gundams need that since their main weapons is already good enough to shoot close range, for example RX-78-2 beam rifle that has almost no recharge time would work. I hope I was a help to this convo.

thats true alphachurch those are some good points. I know that the Tall-Zero has it’s flaws like most mobile suits, But with the right pilot and the Zero/ search eye system i think it will manage.

Recalling aspects related to Tallgeese, I’ve now remembered Tallgeese I had used a small gun until it was destroyed.
No idea what treize was thinking, fixing the remaining parts of Tallgeese. We are just aware of him returning with a Tallgeese not possessing and therefore equipped with that small one.
If you’ve not remarked it yet and therefore do investigaton on that pertaining to Tallgeese, you’ll perhaps find some precious data on it, by viewing videos of “gundam endless duel” featuring Tallgeese with exactly a short weapon.

I’ve conprehended it’s no beam weapon, yet meets all requirements of mine referring to short ranged weapons.

Ive done a little research on the rifles . Wing Gundam has a single buster rifle which can fire either a narrow beam akin to that of a beam rifle or a huge blast like that of a beam cannon; a particle weapon capable of destroying multiple enemies in one shot. Now Wing Zero has twin buster rifles, im pretty sure that they almost have the same type of settings. Since the buster rifles are simular. So im thinking that for medium range combat the rifle might have certain settings that will alow it to function like a beam rifle for medium range combat, since the rifles are Wing Zero and Wing Gundam main weapon.

Why would rifle strength need matter? If you’re combining two high thrust suits then wouldn’t you end up with a super thrust suit. Just hit the thrusters to full and force a close combat situation.

Well, speaking of the difference between Wing’s and WingZ’s artillery, I have to say, Wing Zero’s buster rilfe distinguishes from Wing’s in being able to ignite shots with delay.
WingZ’s rilfe possesses the capability to shoot as often as demanded by the pilot, whereas Wing’s requires delay in order to regain power.

Why would rifle strength need matter? If you’re combining two high thrust suits then wouldn’t you end up with a super thrust suit. Just hit the thrusters to full and force a close combat situation.

That’d waste precious fuel unreasonably. I wouldn’t dislodge just in order to assume a position enabling me to inflict damage upon the enemy.
I had actually been attempting to convince you to equip yours with a small hand weapon resembling with Sandrock’s UZI.
Extraneously, hitting is supposed to force the piloting to sustain damage.
I intend to claim being able to perform things similar to this to be an unnecessary evil.

The only thing precious in battle is your life. Waste the fuel and cut the enemy down. Then when reinforcements show up blow them away with th super high mega buster rifle. Then leave as the enemy has to bask in your destruction.

I’d still stick with the original equipment used my Zechs and Herro. Herro never had any problems with medium range combat. My pilot would be just as good or better than Herro

Okay, assuming it’s my turn to submit ideas, I’d like to expose my sudden thought to you : Epyon+Hi-Nu Gundam. What do you think and what’s your opinions on it?

Whoa man that’s cool. I just had the thought of a maroon mech dragon with cannons on its back and then I see you have beat me to it. I think that’s great since the epyon would have extra fire power and have close range firing weapons that the gundam itself doesn’t need to control. I also had a interesting mix. What if burning gundam mixed with 00 raiser. Like a melee gundam with the transforming guns and 0 raiser speed. Also gn full burst, golden trans-am, and a 00 style burning finger. But I really like your idea.

Well. You should’ve remarked me commencing laughing, having read your submitted text.

Would you like to know why? I’d reviewed randomly selected episodes of 00, including the battle between Setsuna and Bushido.

However, closely watching both fight, I considered the “golden mode” of G Gundam, yet didn’t recall the offical term, not having viewed G Gundam for … 10 months.
That I remebered, reading your comment.

The golden mode is called…um…burning mode? No I don’t think so. And that bushido vs detains battle was really cool but why would it spark laughter? I wonder. I hate autocorrect on iPhone. I meant to say bushido vs setsuna.