Michael Kopsa passes away


Damn, another Ocean Studios star gone. First Kirby Morrow, now Michael Kopsa. Rest in peace you legends.

Godspeed, Char.

When I found out that he passed away, this song is what started playing in my head.

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His performances were all memorable, always stuck out to me. It’s sad to see him go.644

His voice for Char and the character himself are what made me a fan of Char, and one of my favorite Gundam characters.

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I absolutely respect Shūichi Ikeda, but especially watching the dub of 0079 first before watching the movies subbed later, Kopsa’s voice is always what I’m gonna associate with the character. He was fantastic in the role.

Same here, Ikeda’s voice is who I associate with Char for subbed and I consider him like Kopsa’s Char voice counterpart, but it will always be Kopsa’s voice that will forever be the voice of Char since that’s who I grew up with from the games and anime.

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Funnily enough, I still have the last Gundam media property that Kopsa did perform as Char: a PS3 copy of Dynasty Warriors Gundam 3 (which is also the last Gundam dub done by Ocean Studios).

Same here.