MG Wing Zero TV Version

Buying. If it looks like the TV version. Price. Don’t care. Must Have. Will buy. Will paint and assemble. Yup yup :smiley:


It won’t be the same. Just another katoki redesign, so it can go to hell.

It’s not exactly a redesign. It’s being played off as how the Wing Zero was before Quatra got the plans and completed the suit. He made modifications to the designs as he built it. So we’re basically getting the Wing Zero in it’s more original form.

So…basically its safe to say the reason why Zero has Angel wings is cause of Quatre?


Well, I have no idea on the Zero Custom. I was referring to the TV version of the Wing Zero. The Angel Wings still baffles me to this day.

I was referring to the WZC not the TV Version. lol

I know you were. lol. This whole thing makes my head hurt. Damn you Bandai.

Likewise…just, Bandai, shut up and take my money come October :stuck_out_tongue:

The MG prototype is here! It still looks awesome! Personally, I think that Quatre is going to build this version of Wing ZERO, but it proves too much for pilots and it goes out of control (such as when Quatre blew up that colony). Zechs then uses it for a while, then Heero gets it and modifies aboard the Peacemillion for the final battle. And I actually love Wing ZERO Custom. Watch Gundam Evolve 7 where the wings are more mechanical than in Endless Waltz. The way work is almost the same way the binders work on the Qubeley, they assist in AMBAC mobility.

I like you already. Glad I’m not the only one who thinks the Katoki redesigns can go to hell.

Why all the hate? Sure the Wing Gundam EW ver. bugs me, I don’t hate it. I just… comb my hair differently. Besides, I think the EW designs of the Deathscythe, Shenlong, Heavyarms are better than the TV versions.

He’s a shitty redesigner. His whole “realistic look” approach is bullshit. It’s a show about mecha and space, the “realistic look” kills off the mystique that makes a gundam “WOAH”. It’s like he can’t design anything worth a damn so the only option he has is to steal another person design, make it “realistic” and send it Bandai who then pump out a MG and add Ver. KA. to it. Just f*** that guy, I hope he get’s a splinter under his fingernail.

I personally think his unique stuff is really where it is, though I’d lie if I said I don’t like his UC resigns either, but then again those aren’t so much as resigns as re-proportionings like the F90 and such, the closest to a full redo he did was the RX-78-4/5 which look vastly better, and I have yet to see anyone who likes the old MSV versions.

I am with you 100% on the redesigns of the G04 and G05.

I think it’s time to show you this video. It’s because of that video that try to limit saying of the word “hate.” I can see your points about some Katoki’s work, and there are some designs that bug me (Wing EW being the only one I can name off the top of my head). I try not to hate on designs, but instead look for flaws and see how they can be better.

He’s a great designer as a whole though IMO. I mean in my opinion his designs in Sentiel are nothing short of Revolutionary, they put the real in real robot IMO, I mean I guess it’s diffrent as it’s a Photo Novel and you can load those details in it but I loved that, makes it feel more millitaristic but I think that design methodolgy lends it’s self better to allot of UC works more than it does other works.

I do see where Exia is coming from though, but I do still like two of his Wing designs better than the normals those being the Wing (Not the Zero mind you) which I still like the Green Wing from promotional material more, as well as the Heavyarms Kai Custom, which more or less looks the same with a repaint and more guns.

I don’t think that he is a bad designer either. I like the Ver. Ka kits. And I don’t hate the Wing Zero Custom at all. I just don’t really understand why it has angel wings. That’s all. And I also don’t understand why Bandai can’t just give us the TV version of the Wing Zero. Instead of the “Prototype” Zero.

Okay? A toonami promo.

Anyway, most are missing the fact I say his redesigns. All the OZ suit, the Leo, Ares, Taurus, Cancer, Pisces, Tragos, Tallgeese, Virgo, Mercurius and the Vayeate were designed by Hajime Katoki. I love the Leo, it’s easily my favorite MP suit with so many options. Love most of the grunt suits. He should stick with that instead of trying to get into the big time gundam designer chair by redesigning others work.

I’m kinda half and half on Katoki redesigns. I enjoy the overall changes in looks (aside from the WZC) and his original creations, but at the same time, I don’t like how his designs always give the suit more leg length than needed and unfortunately, I’m a sucker for more realistic proportions. Another part of his designs is how sometimes he gets out of hand and makes changes that are more for show than practical purposes. Then there’s the decal orgy, which is just nonsensical at times.

However, all in all, I’ll take a Ver. Ka over nothing any day of the week. Regarding this upcoming release, I’m happy we’re getting it, tainted design be damned.