MG Tallgeese

Looks like Bandai has confirmed the 1/100 MG Tallgeese for a January 2013 release (80 or 90 days). With the price it is going at (I think 3800 yen?) and a “want” rating of 10/10, looks like this kit is jumping to the front of the line for my MG “must haves”. I have always wanted to build this kit, and I have held off on the HG in addition to the HG of the Altron Gundam.

Although similar, the joints are probably improved, as well as a redesign of the weapons, the shield, and the boosters look a little different.

3800 Yen
$48.50 US
$47.50 CAD
€ 37.41
£ 30.16
$47.39 AUD


For me as well, this is one MG that I have always wanted. Granted I’ve been hoping for a MG Tallgeese III.

For 3800 Yen, this is great! The low price tells me that this kit will have standardized frame parts for future variants like the Tallgeese II & III, and the Leo.

not a fan of this kit… whenever i look at the legs, i can’t help but think poor thing must have been in a horrible accident and now has prosthetics

More information from HobbyLink Japan regarding the MG Tallgeese:

Tallgeese footage begins @ 7:17.

Yes, i will be getting this kit for sure.

HobbyLink Japan had an episode on this guy recently. The eyes… look kind of incomplete. I’d have to see it up close before I made a call on that, but I LOVE the spring mechanism in the dober gun. The details on the OOB kit scream “paint me”! I hope I can get this around April. As for my copy, I will paint it anime colors.


Begin at 11:34

If I ever get one of these, I’ll do the same as you Jfl0. TV version all the way.

Tallgeese III all the way!

If they come out with a MG Tallgeese III, then I will have no reason to buy Tallgeese I.

I concur. Bandai is being sly it seems, to showcase MG Tallgeese II shortly after they release MG Tallgeese I. And so I thought, maybe MG Tallgeese III is not so far away? Might as well save the funds for that specific unit.

Yeah, I don’t plan on getting Tallgeese I for awhile. So hopefully in that time period, Tallgeese III will be released. And not as an expensive web exclusive.

Well if we all lived in Japan, it wouldn’t be considered expensive. It’s like 200 yen more than the original. It just sucks that to get it we have to pay middleman fees. :confused: Rumor through the grapevine is distributors are hassling Bandai to get it as a normal release in a year.

I don’t see a III happening for at least half a year. Unlike the II, it’s going to require alot more redesign on the armor parts. Knowing bandai, they’ll probably add some unique detail to differentiate the parts from the Epyon parts, and the regular Tallgeese.


what differences are there between Tallgeese I and II ?

Only the head I assume

Just ordered this. Gonna do a TV version.

Cha Ching! can’t wait to see it Ultra. I’m jelly- can’t pick it up until around early April.


Great builder and painter. Can’t wait to see what he does.

I just picked mine up last month, be a while before I get to it, just finished my MG Buster and Aegis over the last 2 weeks, still have Zaku Cannon, ZZ Gundam, Age 2 Dark Hound, Nu Gundam ver Ka, Chars Rick Dom, Sinaju Ver Ka along with the Tallgeese to build