MG Strike Freedom - an awesome old-school kit

First of all, I do not have a thing with Freedom / Strike Freedom. It was the price that I couldn’t resist - only about ~$59 equivalent in USD for a full burst mode.

One aspect that leaves me clueless is that if Bandai has decided to have gold plating, why don’t they do it for all the yellow parts? There are lots of redundant parts of the palm. I tried to repaint the obvious parts in gold (exposed parts in the chest, etc), such that they look less plastic. All the connections were left as they were because I don’t want to break anything. The chest mega canon (what it is called actually?) is the gold-plated parts for your reference.

While this kit is made a decade ago, there is nothing really there to complain. Both its lines and articulation are very top-notch! Below is a picture inspired by the scene of Strike Freedom turning back and shot off a funnel of Legend Gundam.

If you have visited Gundam Front Tokyo (Former Gundam Base), there was a 1:1 chest statue of Strike Freedom. The dragoons of this MG basically have the same lines except that each dragoon was simply 2 large pieces combined instead of having separate gold parts. This is why I had a little bit extra work =) Overall I do enjoy this old-school kit!


According to MAHQ, the torso canon was called MGX-2235 “Callidus” multi-phase beam cannon.

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I have always been under the impression that Bandai didn’t plate all the yellow parts for multiple reasons. One, being to keep the overall cost of the kit down. Two, plating the frame adds another layer to the parts, which could cause issues when it comes to tolerances.


Is there a “Gundam Wiki” or something equivalent? I thought we can only learn about technical terms like this from the construction manual. Furthermore, manuals of the pre-2018 kits are in Japanese such that translation can never be 100% accurate.

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There is a Wiki.

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There is a wiki hosted on Fandom, . Information on there most likely inputted by the community, so there could possibly be errors. Not too sure if there is an official wiki or not, never really tried to look into it.

However, Bandai usually do put out official mobile suit data in magazine(s) or book(s), at least they did anyway. Got couple of those books.

Sadly, if you looked at the scans from or, the newer manuals from the kits do not offer very detailed technical information anymore. They still put some information in, but just general information. No more detailed drawing from Bee-craft or detailed information.

Personally, for technical information, especially for Gundam anyway, will go to . The site has been around, probably longer than the original Gundamforums. And the website is pretty simplified with probably few ads. The old one was even slightly easier to navigate, but new ones work just as well. The website is virtually all English. That was pretty good, but when attempting to search for Japanese names of MS or related things, those are the information that the site lacked of. Hopefully they might consider adding those Japanese names in. Translation-wise, the information on the site should be fairly close to what Sunrise / Bandai named after, but never really try to compare the translation against some other sources, so cannot really say whether or not the translations were dead on. Regardless, still pretty cool site and they have some rare linearts that you typically do not see on other websites.

As for the plating parts, since you already have everything built, you might want to check out pictures from Dalong or other reviews, you will notice that the parts that they plated were pretty much all that will be exposed when built up, asides from bottom of the feet. It was quite possible that Bandai thought that people would typically display the kit with armor installed rather than display it with just the frame, so there was no need to plate every yellow part. Also, plating the joints would be pointless because the plating will be rubbed off when attempt to pose the kit. That would be guess of why they do not plate all the yellow parts and only done so for some parts.

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