MG Strike Freedom! (1st Serious Build!)

Alright folks!

I’ve finally finished my Project Freedom. It has been up and down and it definitely was fun but I’m pretty burned out until I saw the results.

I’ve been doing Gunpla for about 4 Months and seeing the comparison between my 1st Kits up to now are astounding. For those that would like to see.

This Project was the very 1st I’ve attempted to
[ul][li]Airbrush[]Scribe(Though very little)[]Metal Parts(Even though it’s Ghetto :P)[/ul]
It took me about a Month to finish it from Snap Building to the Final Product. I decided to take a good amount of pictures and I’m going to be putting them up so I hope you can stomach it lol.

Anyways let’s get on with it! Strike Freedom, Ikimasu!

I’ll put the rest following this post ! Screw you 10 Image Limit! Curse you!

This specific one is one of my favorites, it came out very crisp and it dynamic.

Onwards to the next one!

This was also a good shot :stuck_out_tongue:

And the last ones shot in White!

And for the Final Set!

And finally all of Kira’s(And Mu) Mobile Suits! Loving how they all turned out together.

Anyways, thanks alot for the kind words and help that you’ve all provided. Catching my mistakes so I can fix it, this specific community(Gundam Forums) truly is the best. And most definitely I’m glad to be a part of it. (Now to cross my fingers and hope that I won even just a Participation Prize :P)

Till the next project.


You did an amazing job on this kit man. All the details, shading, and the decals really set it off. Not to mention the addition of the metal parts. Very well done good sir.

That’s where you are after only four months? Four months?!


Seriously, that’s some unbelievably incredible work. Great photography, too. We should all aspire to your levels of skill!

Astounding quality. The decals add that much more to the finished product. Was it worth the many hours of pain?

I already said my piece on this at the HLJ site so I’ll just summarize: You should be darn proud of your work on this. It’s a beautiful kit and I hope you learned a lot to make your next kits even better.

Saz is a Newtype modeler LOL.

Thank you very much guys, I appreciate it :smiley:

To be honest towards the end I was wondering if it would even be worth trying to compete since I feel like a novice in comparison to what others put out but really in the end it was definitely well worth the hours of frustration, annoyance and bliss. Glad I stuck through it.

This is the plan. I’m going to be entering GBWC 2014 at A-Kon Dallas with the Strike Freedom & another kit! It’ll be hopefully good. For some people to see my work I’d be happy.

If I was a woman, you’d woo me with flattery. Thanks alot man, I’m hoping that what I’d learned from this Project makes my future kits that much better! Specially the next coming one.

I actually laughed out loud on this haha.

So as I’ve said my 1st Entry to the GBWC 2014 is this Strike Freedom, my next entry will be the Nu Ver. Katoki! I need to find out if I can use Metallic Parts since I’d want to do this lol.

I can’t find anywhere that prohibits this. Gotta start the planning phase for it :stuck_out_tongue:

Holy hell. Its so nice. Very professional. And the photography skills are off the charts. Damn nice work man.

lol, thanks broseph.

This is entry 1 of my GBWC’14 so hopefully the next one can be even better !

I just came a little in my pants… so jelly…

I’ve never been a big fan of Strike Freedom, but your work here is fantastic. I don’t have words that can top what has already been said, so…
Lets just say: if SEED Destiny was remade with stop-motion shots of this kit, I would actually enjoy the series!

Be very proud. I’m green with envy.

Wow, what a fantastic job! And after only 4 months of building Gunpla, that’s incredible.

Thank ya’ll!

This means a lot and definitely gives me confidence to improve the upcoming builds! I’m hoping the Judges and spectators for the A-Kon GBWC feel the same way! Or atleast be all “wow, nice” lol.

Thank ya’ll!

This means a lot and definitely gives me confidence to improve the upcoming builds! I’m hoping the Judges and spectators for the A-Kon GBWC feel the same way! Or atleast be all “wow, nice” lol.

If you don’t win some kind of cool prize, then those “judges” are worthless.

You need to be a judge.

Realized I had a untouched Runner of Effects for the Dragoons lol.

Didn’t want them to just be wasted and I hate how Bandai is asking me to bend the rods (When I know full well Gravity will mess them up) so I just cut them to different varying sizes

The Dragoons look pretty damn good in this position lol, plus the decals do make it stand out

I like it like this!

I agree, that’s a much better display. Takes gravity right out of the picture with that rod arrangement too.