MG Sazabi Ver Ka

I’ll just leave this here…

wait a minute… where was this photo taken.

@GundamFront this weekend. Pic was taken from a twitter pic.

Also there are pics of RG Strike Freedom but i don’t care about that suit lol

So, lets see, we get a kit with less weapons and more stickers/decals… I just leave that there…

So there is going to be an RG of Strike Freedom.

LOL WUT?! This is literally a placement standee. The prototype hasn’t even been shown. We are guaranteed to get all of the same weapons that the old MG had. Maybe Bandai will give parts so you can actually pose the kit with funnels unlike the old one, similarly to what they did to the new Nu ver Ka.

This kit is still in TBA status right? I might get this right after I finish my bootcamp lol

The card on the bottom says December 2013 rollout.

I was actually going to post this here but okay. I’m rather excited to see the price tag of this zeek suit

Give it to meeeeeeee!

I can’t wait to see the prototype of this bad boy. All Hail Char!!

Got a more detailed picture here.

I wonder if it will employ a psycho frame gimmick like the Nu Ver. Ka did. It’ll be interesting to see the prototype. I’m also more interested to see the inner frame. As I’m wondering if any of the tech from the RX-78-2 3.0 has gone into this project.

Oh my goodness; oh my dayum. That is going to be a pricey kit, but one I think I’m gonna look into. I am as curious as thwalker13 is about the 3.0 aspects and if they made it into the kit. I’d expect a holiday release.

Yeah I’m about 100% sure it’ll be a December release like the Nu was last year. I’m also curious as to whether or not it’ll contain any Psycho Frame parts.

I doubt that it would contain psycho parts, somthing so bulky just wouldnt have it. I’ll give you 5 bucks if your right though c:

Well, Char was the one that gave Amuro the Psycho Frame in the 1st place. And he said that he wanted his final battle with Amuro to be on equal footing. So it would only make sense that the Sazabi would have a Psycho Frame. Char just didn’t think that Amuro would go off and build something superior. AKA, the Nu Gundam.

Well the Sazabi mainly had a psycho frame in the cockpit. The Nu was the one to go for the full frame first. Found this pic from a quick google search. A custom HG build someone did of a Sazabi with a psycho frame like the Unicorn. Pretty cool looking.

You guys verbally slapped me with thoose posts :frowning:

Still, I find the psycho frame very pointless, if its anything like the nu’s one, then it would look bad. Nu’s one is very unoticeable. And the stickers take alot of patience, But if you have the time, I guess I can’t complain.

Pricey and big (more shipping cost) given how big the existing MG version is already. Better start saving now :stuck_out_tongue_winking_eye: