Mg rx-93 nu ver.ka titanium finish & mg rx-78-2 ver 3.0

My mom went to japan and brought me back these 2 kits. They also gave her free RG Gundam postcards when she bought them. I don’t have time to build them at the moment because of school, but when i do ill keep you guys up to date on my builds.

That is awesome man! Can’t wait to see the WiP.

Looking forward to seeing your progress.

Very nice haul. I think that Titanium Finish Nu Ver. Ka might be the most challenging out of the two.

I read some other thread on this form which recommend Tamiya 74035 side cutter i ordered them on ebay for $30 and as soon as they came i got straight to building, i started with the rx-78, building the core fighter went off without a hitch.

I started to build the body it went pretty well till one of the pieces wouldn’t go on so i forced it and snapped it. I started to investigate why it was not going on, and found out 2 steps ahead the pieces were not on properly. But good thing when it is fully build its not really in a visible place. any recommendation of glue or something to strengthen that area? If this was Gundam build fighter my Gundam would be crushed for having a weak part lol. :frowning:

Super glue will work fine with putting it in place. If you want to fuse it back together, get some plastic cement. It can also work as a glue of sorts, though I don’t hear about it getting used like that often.

Also, your three pics aren’t showing. Looks like they’re not attached correctly.

Yeah, I can’t see the pics either. The core fighter looks good. I can see only one nub. What piece in the body are you talking about?