Mg rx-7-2 3.0

New MG

August release 4500 yen

man I wanna see the actual model, especially the inner frame, not a cgi depiction of it.

Same here. I want to see what they’ve improved upon, but if it’s anything remotely close to that CG render, it looks to be a worthwhile upgrade. Hope I’m right.

2 words with an Emoticon. MUST HAVE :3

If this is like the real grade then I am springing for the new MG 3.0 instead of the RG. I just really like larger scale models I guess.

I really want to see some real pictures of this as well. I just finished the 2.0 kit a few weeks back. I’d like to see if they are improving on any of the problems I encountered on the 2.0. I’m really thinking about getting it even though I already have 5 RX-78s of various scales.

really glad I held off getting the RG version now. I want to see some actual pics of this thing. I want to see what we can start expecting from the MG line.

Same applies to me. I’m glad not to have bought the RG 1/144 yet.

I’ll probably get my hands on this buddy instead of purchasing an MG and RG of the same kit.

For those who may still want an RG, I’m sure a new version of will follow up, then hopefully a MG Zaku 3.0 and a new version of that RG.

I think the RG line has bubbled over into MG territory. I like it. I hope they make bigger kits in the future.

The production of a Zaku 3.0 entails that we are unquestionably going to see a Char’s Zaku 3.0 being distributed.

It’s happening. The Char’s Zaku 3.0.

Yep. Getting this 3.0. 4500 yen… About $47 USD? I’ll shell out the cash for new tech. I have not built an RX-78-2 yet.

I’ll pay 50 bucks for a 3.0 RX78-2. Seeing as how, like Jfl0, I have not really built one yet. (not counting the old ass HGUC kit that I have)

This kit’s talked me into altering my “to buy” list once more.
I’m getting this one for certain. I’ll get this pre-ordered as soon as it is up on HLJ (I hope)

I’ve got a few kits to go before the 3.0, but I might make an exception…

You can now pre-order the 3.0 for 36$ on HLJ.

Just saying

Well, they got me! I just preordered at HLJ. I guess I better build my Ver. Ka this summer before I get the 3.0. $36 is pretty good. I think I paid $55 + postage for the 2.0. Does Bandai release water slide decals at the same time they release kits or some time after?

I’ll pass on pre-ordering until I see more info about the kit. Not like kits ever go out of stock completely and I have enough backlog to worry about, haha.

About the decals, I thought Bandai stopped making separate water-slide sheets for kits? It’s possible this one will have them included already instead of dry-transfers.

I would hope that it would contain water-slides. Seeing as how a lot of the newer MGs have them.

I guess I haven’t gotten any newer MG kits. Actually, I’m pretty sure I’ve never gotten water slides with any Bandai kits I’ve gotten. I prefer water slides to the dry transfer and I use the stickers as little as possible. I hope you’re right!