MG RX-0 Unicorn

Greetings friends! It’s time for me to move on to the next phase of my Gunpla adventure. And that next phase is Color Application.

This is the current progress at the hangar. RX-0 patiently wait for its new color scheme. The wait will be worth it.

Hey bro~ I’m a huge fan of the RX-0 and the way it looks now is already badass~! :smiley:
Can’t wait to see what you’ve got in store for this kit~ Good luck!

I’ve heard a few traits and facts, mainly complaints about the MG Unicorn.

Mind telling me whether it’S really that bad?

Are you going to be keeping it in one mode only? I heard it can be a challenge to transform once painted.

Interested to see what colors you’re going to pick out for this.

RX-0 is definitely badass, especially on Destroy Mode and Full Armor :cool:. I’ve already started on the right leg and painted its armor with pearl white. Thanks for the good luck wish friend, I’ll definitely need it!

Yes there’s quite a few. Before I purchased the kit, I watched numerous reviews about it. And while the reviewer is presenting it, pieces would pop/fall off, such as the side skirts and ankle guards. The range of articulation is very small and limited especially with the legs. The legs cannot bend to its full capacity. The feet follows suit and has a very small range of articulation, mainly because of its design, it prevents it from certain twist and rotation. And no, it’s not bad at all. The least I could say is that it’s bearable. Things like these are to be expected, we just have to work with it. The kit is still badass though.

I will only keep it in Destroy Mode after I showcase it’s double form in the forum. And yes, I also heard from reviewers about it being difficult to transform once painted, thus keeping it in Destroy Mode. I’ve already painted the armor of the right leg in pearl white. After I saw the Titanium version of the kit, I already knew the color scheme that I would apply :D. I’m aiming with that direction and maybe even go further by making it shine even more. I’m quite excited with this phase.

Okay another question :

What camera do you normally use to take pictures with?

That would be Sony Cyber-shot DSC-W220. It’s just a regular point-and-shoot camera that takes exceptional photos under good lighting. The images posted are optimized with Adobe Photoshop for clarity.

Click [here] to see what the camera looks like.

Glad to see your finialy digging in and starting this looking forward to watching the build.

Same here. I’ll be keeping an eye on this build. I’ve stayed away from this MG kit and went with the HG version instead. So I’ll definitely be keeping an eye on this.

Ah, I see those painted parts in your pic now. Hmmmm, interesting to see it’s a darker shade. I think it’s a very good match and with the added sparkly effect, it looks dazzling under good lighting.

Yeah, I know, it is about time that I work on this project! But progress is slow I’m afraid. Although I would rather it have it that way than rush on through.

The MG version do has some prominent flaws such as lack of articulation and armor pieces falling off. But put aside its flaws, its still look badass, especially on Destroy mode.

Indeed, good lighting makes a big difference in showcasing a complex paint. Unfortunately I only have a lampshade to work with LOL. I might try and take pictures outside when the sun is out next time around; nothing beats natural light.

Alright friends, I’m back for a minor update on the project. I managed to apply the right frame of the leg with Dark Steel. I really like the color for its enhanced metallic vibe.

I originally set aside the armaments for last. But I just got so excited with the Carbon Mist color scheme I picked out that I just had to go on and apply it. The armaments is by all means not finish, it will be detailed. Gotta thank thwalker13 for inspiration on his detailing talent.

The armor for the right leg is finished. The glimmering effect of the Pearl White is just awesome. Diggin’ the color very much.

Yes, please take a pic with this under natural sunlight. I bet it will look amazing :slight_smile: Sparkly effects like that always look good under the sun.

That dark steel gives the frame a dirty metallic look. Are you going to be flat-coating at the end?

I can see a bit of sparkly affect now that I’m on a different screen. This Unicorn will look great with armor like that. And I love that gunmetal you used. What is it?

I is comming along nicely what brand is the dark steel.

Yes, it does look dirty doesn’t it? That’s the effect of angled light I’m afraid. I was working with one of those lamp with a clip - and I clipped it on an overhead cupboard. The lamp neck wasn’t quite long enough to reach the parts and give it some ample light LOL. And in regards to the coat, I wanted to preserve the sheen of the paint’s metallic vibe and so just a few minutes ago coated it with a gloss finish.

Yeah it’s quite hard to see the effects of the Pearl without taking a closer look. That’s a fault on my part, I should’ve taken the pictures outside.

And I agree, the Pearl definitely looks great on Unicorn. I even purchased a special decal to accentuate the whole metallic theme.

Oh and the paints I used are RUST-OLEUM.

Thanks man! Slowly but surely! That Dark Steel paint is by RUST-OLEUM from good ol’ Home Depot.

I’ve heard some horror stories about using Rust-Oleum on models. Have you ever had any kind of trouble out of it at all? And do you clear coat it with anything?

Wow, going the spray can route with it. I thought it was an AB, haha.

That’s some good control you have with the cans. I often spray primer from a can when I’m feeling too lazy to break out the AB and I almost always end up spraying too much.

I re-examined the parts that I painted after I read your statement LOL! But no, no trouble at all, so far so good. I gloss coated the frame of the right leg and armor with Krylon Crystal Clear. I left out the armaments for the moment since it will be detailed.

LOL I thought this might be a good start and learning experience for a novice like me.

I’ve had some background with spray cans in the past for random projects (House, Car, Electronics, etc). Although before I took on this project, I came across a tutorial video from Hobby Link Japan. And in the video they shared the combing technique. I’m glad I encountered that video, it really helped a lot.

I’m with you on the lazy part LOL. Part of the reason I chose the spray can route is because it’s fast. :smiley:

And oh man, the dreaded over-spray paint puddle. I’ve had a few of those in the past when I did those random projects. They can be tough to be remedied. And so now I try my best not to spray on one spot for too long.

Hey y’all, yours truly is back for an update. The project is still in motion LOL, just excuse the turtle progress. Summer is upon us, so I’m quite occupied with outdoor activities. Well here it is, the right leg. I will not be showing the Destroy Mode in its WIP stage. That is something I reserved for the official showcase. :cool:

Alright, off to the right arm! :smiley: