MG RB-79K Ball

Bought this kit because it just has this look that reminds me of the company I work for

Remembered to wash the runners first this time!

The stock orange color of the kit was cool, but I sprayed down 2 different custom orange colors on the outside panels. Used diamond dust and graphite dust finishes over matte black to get some different metals for the arms and cannons. Also used a green-ish color shift paint on the core.

Reassembly and details … (possibly my favorite part, although weathering is really starting to take over)

Panel lines …

Decals and highlights …

Weathering …

And lastly, my buddy shot some photos with the nice camera in our studio …


From one fellow modeler to another, let me say, “Fantastic Job”! And GREAT photos, too! Question though. I have never heard of “diamond dust” as a paint or color. Please tell me about it

That is a great looking kit! Spectacular job with the details and the paint work.

Thank you!

Thank you very much!

Diamond dust is basically a lacquer finish that I like to spray over matte black or grey to get that metallic look:

Testor Corp. One Coat-Diamond Dust, 3oz