Mg quanta full saber+mg quanta+2 shield capes? possible?

is it possible to take the shield cape off an original mg quanta, and, using the full saber version, MIRROR the left hand shield cape…onto the right hand side? do I need to somehow find a custom mounting connector to replace part K-14 and j-6 in the backpack assembly?

…I really wanna build a configuration I call quanta breaker and these two pieces are keeping that from happening.

Yes anything is possible that being said. Do you have both the Quanta and Quanta full saber kits? I don’t have either of these kits (this would be easier if I did), but from looking at the instructions they appear to be the exact same kit in regards to the main body. If you look at the holes on part k-14 they appear to be the same size. That being said both kits us the same parts (E-35, E-36, and E-37) for the Quanta shield. What I would do is that K-14 cute it and reglue the left side of it to make it symmetrical. Then take parts (E-35, E-36 and E-37) from the Quanta and Full Saber and attach them to part K-14. The only problem is you need a second K-13 part. Which you might be able to find a similar part on a different kit or you can try to find a Kotobukiya Joints kit with a similar part. You could also recast the part or scratch build one.

This is just my thoughts on how I would do it.

already been down the cut/glue route about 20 or so years ago with a by now elderly wing zero hg kit(from when gundam wing was on toonami old) and it didnt end particularly well then, I’m even less confident in it ending well now, sadly.

a friend suggested 3d printing, but I’d need to supply a cad model(which I dont have) and 3d printing isnt cheap(I has no idea)

I do have both kits, and what led to this thought even being regarded as possible…was my successfully transplanting the smaller shoulder pauldron and forearm armor off the original example which I’d already owned.

I’d need to mirror the left side of k-14 to the right, and the left side of j-6 to the right…which is what led to the 3d printing suggestion…

I have everything needed but these two parts(modified that is)