MG Gundam X

About f***ing time!

AMEN! Next stop Double X Bitches! :smiley:

Oh, f*ck me, that was unexpected, but in a very good way. Makes me wonder now if they’re going to go ahead with an MG X Divider too. I think I’ll wait it out, haha.

It’s about damn time! Now give us Double X too! LOL

My friend JUST ordered some HG X kits this morning… If only I had seen this sooner o.o


I found this picture on GG and it got me wondering… are the panels for the MG going to be stickers or shiny chrome plates? What do you guys think?

Giant stickers on a modern MG would piss me right the fuck off. Im sure they would make them out of like the shiny parts. Sort of like the Hyaku Shiki. Man we need a 2.0 of that booger too.

I marked this guy for my 60th MG the day he was announced. I guess I better finish MG 53 and another six in the meantime, huh? :wink:

Ooh if you look real close at the pic Squee posted. The top rear solar panel is peaking out a bit. And it looks gold

It should be silver. DX is gold.

Oh yea true story. I wonder what im seeing there then.

So then, we are all in agreement that the Satellite Cannon panels are going to be shiny chrome parts.

We agree we hope so at least lol

Either way I want one lol.

Just saw a new image of the prototype with its wings open on GundamGuy. It looks like we’ll be getting a clear, textured part for the satellite panel (presumably with a sticker underneath).

Honestly just so long as there is a part on top. I think i can live with that. Any mention of an LED spot? It seems now they have the technology for it there is no reason for them not to put one in evry MG from now on. I mean who doesnt love there gundam to come alive.

I don’t have a problem with a sticker underneath a clear part, especially if it’s a sticker like the HG’s.

As far as the LED goes, I’m hopeful, but mobile suits in G, Wing, and X are all a bit smaller than the typical UC/CE size.

They could make a smaller LED unit and make it just for MGs. Especially sense it seem PGs are out the door. Thats really not asking much from bandai. All it is is a led and a batterie.

MG Wing Zero 2.0 with a small LED unit in the back pack with light piping running to the eyes and chest. U KNOW U WANT IT.

That would be heavenly lol (Angel pun lol)