Mg gundam Nu, rx-93 with conversion kit

Just finished the panel lining and water decal yesterday. Took some nice photos today.

Did some hand painting on this mod. I don’t have air brush.

I color scheme:
Yellow parts to metallic copper,
Navy or dark parts to metallic steel
Red parts metallic red
Inner frame was dry brushed to silver
Joints painted bronze/gold
The physco green to metallic green
I used acrylic paints and some area are already rubbed off. I will need to touch up at some point.

No clear finish on this model.

Over all was impress with the conversation kit.

The mould were not as clean/sharp as the Bandai kits, but over all everything fit really well.

I got my conversion kit on eBay. The shipping killed me and I ended up paying close to 100 CAD and the mg nu is about 100 CAD. Over all really nice kit.

I also have some hi resolution, wing and Noir astray. Those kits are close to 200 too.

I would say, the wing hi resolution trumps the mg Nu with conversion, but the mg Nu is nicer then then the Noir astray.

Overall if you can get the kit direct from website where they aren’t killing the price with shipping this overall one the best kits out there. Lots of shelf presents. And with the back pack and shoe it makes the kit slightly larger then others.

Btw I did not use the conversion head. I felt the conservation head was sloppy.


Really awesome work here! I almost bought that backpack awhile back. How did you find the build for it?

The build was very easy.

2 parts came broken. It was a small part. And a piece had bent on it. It had not completely broken off yet so it was a easy fix.

Instructions are easy to read.

It uses the original stand and it back pack fit into the original piece with no problems.

The painting is what took forever. All the smaller yellow parts in the back pact I painted before I built read through the instructions. There are quite a few additional pieces so I should read it through better. Ended up painting pieces I did need.

Also no decal included. But the rx-93 comes with plenty.

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That’s good. I’ve had hit and miss experiences with 3rd party kits. So I’ve mainly stuck with accessories like that back pack instead of full Gundams. Glad it was a smooth build for you.

yeah, this was my first conversion kit, 3rd party, the local shop I go to had this conversion kit on display and i was soo impress i hunted it down and pay a premium for it. during the hunt, i did end up ordering the complete ful kit model. I’ll post it when i receive it. it looks promising.

i would recommend this particular kit if you can get it cheaper.

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It looks awesome. I like the copper, in place of the yellow. My Rage Nucleon kit just came in as well, so I’m excited to build this guy :slight_smile:

i am sure you will have fun with it. if you are going to paint pieces look through both instructions, I snapped all the yellow pieces and painted them in advance, but it ended up being a waste of time, as the conversion kit replaces many pieces in the base kit as well as many pieces in the conversion kit are extras.

Seeing this makes me want to break out the kits I bought for my PG Astray. Got the flight unit and the Cadelvitch (spelling here) set to go with it.

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