MG Gundam Astray Red Frame Kai and GP01, Itouch for trade

Got myself a MG Gundam Astray Red Frame Kai still in the plastic. Also have a semi built MG GP01 missing the pc parts and a few other parts like the gun and some of the head. Would love to get rid of it, ex gf gave it to me so ya… Watta move on…


-8G Itouch. So, there is a problem with it. The two buttons are broken so you can’t turn it on by pressing the buttons. It still works other than that. Comes with a ton of games. Sandstorm (think COD MW), Brothers in Arms, and many more military games. If you want it, I just have to switch around the account so you will not be using my account. No clue what I want it money wise so offer or better yet, trade for it.

Nothing is painted. Looking for:

-MG Zaku II
-MG Dom
-MG Sazabi
-MG Kampfer
-MG Nu Gundam
-MG Gelgoog
-MG Gelgoog cannon
-MG Acguy
-MG Zaku Cannon
-MG FA-010S Full Armor ZZ Gundam
-MG FAZZ (Sentinel Version)
-MG Rick Dom
-MG Zaku Mine Layer
-RG Zaku (either one)
-Zaku II Kai
-GM gun cannon II
-PG Zaku II
-Zaku ground war set
-Rick Dom 2
-Gelgoog Jager
-Guncannon Production Type RX-77D
-GM Command Space Type
-Blue Destiny 1 Gundam
-Zgok E
-GM sniper 2
-Zaku Mariner
-Dra C
-Clear flying stands

That red frame sounds mighty tempting. Do you have any pics of it? What sort of price range were aiming for?