MG Gouf Custom pre-planning: to 2.0 or not to 2.0?

Sadly, I don’t have any WiPs of my current stuff. Buuuuuut I’ve got four new MG kits coming my way, and one of them has already got me doing some serious pre-planning before it arrives.

The MG Gouf Custom always managed to stay out of reach when I was younger; but I’ve secured one for myself finally. In doing my homework though, I’ve learned that if I build the kit as is, I’ve got some modifications to make in the left arm and skirt armor in order to get it to pose how I’d like it displayed.

I know that during my hiatus, a 2.0 kit of Ranba Ral’s Gouf was produced, but apart from the new skirt and tubes, I don’t know what other improvements were made. I was wondering if I should spring for the 2.0 kit and kitbash the two together to make what I hope would be a sturdier, more articulated Gouf Custom; or take the chance and do custom tweaks to just the one kit and hope the costs don’t add up to the price of a second kit. Thoughts?

I personally don’t dig the looks of the Gouf 2.0 at all. I think the whole look is just so cartoony. I think you’re better off doing the modifications. It’d be hard to make a small project like that add up to the cost of a second kit.

Well, the idea would’ve been to just use the 2.0 internals, skirt, and tubes, and then try to use as many of the outer panels from the Custom before blending in the remaining 2.0 parts. Did they really make that many changes externally from the Ral 1.0/Custom to the 2.0?

I know this is an old post but if your still considering doing this i can post some gouf 2.0 pics if you want just tell me what you want pics of.(ie knee joints or torso parts) it mite help you make up your mind wheather or not this would be worth it.

Might* my bad