MG GM II vs GM Sniper Ii

I was just looking for a reasonably priced MG kit of the GM II and well I can’t fine any. I somewhat remember a thread on the “old site” where it may have been mentioned that the MG kits GM II AND GM SNIPER II may be very similiar. Does anyone know if this is accurate???

The frames if both kits are basically the same. However the armor is vastly different between the two kits. The GM Sniper ll and the GM Command type have similar armor because they are from the same family.

You are right Rxslinger, you are right. Im still trying to figure out why the GM II has such a high price given I’ve seen on average close to $100.00 and above with shipping.

That’s probably because the GM ll is a P-Bandai kit.

Oh crap, i just saw the box, P Bandai for sure!!!

Unfortunately all 3 versions are P Bandai. Your looking at around $100 shipped on average. Or if your lucky you might find something selling one for less.

Im trying to piece together some parts for a scratch/kitbash project I’ve been thinking about for a while; the GM 86-R or GM III and the Gm II seems to have some of the primary parts I’m looking for especially the upper and lower torso. However given the expense the project is looking less and less attractive unless i can snag the ako kit and not use the 2nd (or upper) set of engine intakes. Like the work seen below


Are you planning on scratch building the legs and shoulders?

Was hoping that those components wouldn’t be that difficult to do given a good bsse kit legs and shoulders to start from. Again being a bit more realistic given my skills and funds snagging that ako kit is my hope.

I don’t think those parts will be all that difficult to build.

Might have to increase the length of the legs a bit and add the side jets as well as the knee thingee. The shoulders are probably the easiest parts so sheet stock and epoxy scuplt would work rather well to get the right shape.

Okay someone did use the P Bandai GM II to make a GM III !!! It seems that he also used the original B Club Conversion kit as well.