MG Freedom For Sell/Trade

I have a MG Freedom that I don’t really care for. I started it like a year ago and just quit. It has all the pieces, all the stickers/decals, etc. I’ve only put together the head, chest and arms. I did put two foil stickers on it on the eyes and the front camera. I didn’t denub them so it’s really rough and the only thing that is damaged that I can tell is the yellow piece on his head (it’s circled in red in the picture). I’d like to trade it for some smaller kits or just straight sell it. I’m not picky and open to anything.

What’s your offer in terms of price?

Hmmm idk, they’re usually in the ball park of $30 brand new so let’s say $17 plus shipping.

EDIT: But I’'m more than willing to work with you on price or trade offers

The only kit I have for trade is an old MSV Desert Zaku. If you’d be interested in that. Just throwing it out there…

Damn, the only things I have to trade is a bunch of WWII models… sigh…

Okay DesertTiger here is the deal, aside from the the chipped yellow V-fin, this kit looks great. Unfortunately, I am out as I am saving up for an MG HD Color Hyaku Shiki. I appreciate your time and your price was very reasonable.

I’m interested if you’re still selling the whole thing?