MG FA-78-2 Heavy Gundam

Can anyone help with getting a copy/scan of the instructions for the MG FA-78-2 Heavy Gundam (the brown one) and the foil stickers? I received the model from an online transaction and it had no instructions or stickers with it. It is partially built and I need help finishing it. I tried searching for days online and no one seems to have a scan of the book. Hoping someone here can help with the book as well as the stickers. I think it was a Bandai Hobby exclusive. Any help would be great.

Check out Hobby Search. They scan the instructions from kits for use on their site. You should be able to to at least find the instructions you need there.

Edit: Try this one.

ZakuAurelius kinda goes through the manual well here. Maybe that can help.

This book will definitely help you!

Yeah because that book has scans of the instructions for this kit in it.:roll_eyes:

Most likely not too helpful, but here are few blogs with said kit:

Not sure if you still need the manual for Heavy Gundam, but Dalong finally got around and review the kit and have scanned the manual, .