MG Death Striker Gudnam (Flight type deathscyth) CUSTOM

Hey everyone I have been working in this guy for a little while now. Hope you like it. Still have more to do.

Haha, we’re barely even back online, and you’re already back.

Lookin’ good, man. I look forward to seeing this completed.

Looks great man! Odd that I have never even seen that kit.

I’m certainly glad everything is back up. That was crazy being hacked. Then some kind of server error trying to access the WIP section.

Yup was crazy, great job on the death scythe! I’ve been lurking your build thread on gundam eclipse and thoroughly enjoyed it.

I’m getting this crazy Xi Gundam vibe just looking at it… And that’s awesome :smiley:

So someone made a generous donation from Facebook and gave me another buster shield! Then I got my MSG big missile launchers in also. Should have a video in a few days. Started with glue on the seam-line but you can see it is not exactly the most fun seam-line to clean…lol

I made a order for some Alclad II paints and primer for this build. Will update soon with the final fitting.

NOTE: The putty ruined the yellow parts any suggestion on a different type of putty to use?


Man that thing really looks good.

The progress is looking awesome man! Nice work on the seam removal, looks like a pain in the butt to sand around all those corners.

As for putty, what kind did you use? I just use Tamiya Basic Gray Putty.

What kit is this and where did it come from? Ive never seen it before. But i do see the deathscythe in it. But doesent look like a modified deathscythe kit. Because i see nubmarks on the different parts. Im confused.

It took me awhile to see that. It’s the MG Deathscythe with custom parts and parts from other kits.

Oh ok i see. I saw the deathscythe and non deathscythe parts with nubs on them. And i dont see pla plate or putty or sand marks so i was confused.

Here check this video out for a different perspective on this build. The fitting is all done now. Tell me what you think I would appreciate it very much!



Frame is done! Ill start on the armor now. What do you think?

That is a good looking frame man. I like that silver on the neck.

Very well done man.

So I started painting the armor. I’m airbrushing primer for the first time and I’m very pleased with how thin it looks.
I wont tell what the color layout will be you will slowly find out ;D!

Using white and gray primer.

This is a part that is painted light ghost gray not primer. It also has topcote.

Primed the under armor and painted it steel also.

Will update more later.

The progress is looking good man. I’m anxious to see the next update and more of the color scheme.

Well I’m still working on the kit. I decided to omit the backpack missile launchers. Here is quality example of some painted parts. I’m surprised of the lack of panel lines on this kit.

What do you think? Still keeping the color layout a secret ;D

Nice paint job.