MG Char's Rjck Dias WTB


I have always wanted to get the Quattro or Char’s version of the MG Rick Dias but never got around to it. Now that I want to the kit is close to and mostly over $100 US which is a bit too high for my budget. Anyone know of a cheaper source out there???

Looks like everybody is sold out, and the people selling know this, so they’ve gouged the price. has it listed as backordered, but it’s a long shot.

Just a theory, but if bandai stopped making these, MAYBE there’s a new one in the works? Char is a huge fan fav, and I have a hard time believing they’re just not in demand.

Well, only have 1. Maybe you want to get it for $99.99?:laughing:

But on the serious note, you can definitely try to get it from HLJ, did that for the MG Full Armor Gundam, the olive green color one with cannon on shoulder, along with the old 1/100 Gold Frame Astray. However, they stuck in backordered for a long time and eventually, HLJ sent e-mail about unable to acquire the Full Armor and that was the end of that order of MG.

Lowest found on eBay was about $72.

Bandai supposedly will be reissuing some kits in December, there was a list, Rick Dias was not on it, but they might still release it in low quantities.

Where do you live?

Western New York State, U S A.

Okay good I live in the US as well. Do you care if it’s prebuilt? Im bidding on a (lot) of built kits. And there is a Char rick dias in it. If I win the auction,we can work a deal out for the kit because I already have one.

I also found that kit for sale on 2 different websites. One which I’ve bought from in the past $36 + shipping (they are a Hong Kong website, but ship internally)
and a site that I stumbled upon $53 + shipping (idk where they are located). I can send you links to both sites. Just let me know what you’d like to do.

Hello and THANK YOU!!! Please send the links but also keep me in mind for the pre-built as well.