MG Build Fighter Kits

Yes, yes, double yes! I cannot express my excitement enough! BOTH lead Gundam suits and the Sengoku Astray? Count me in!

YES!!! sengoku MG dream come true.

I couldn’t care less about the Astray, but I really want the other two. And quite frankly at this point, I need MGs of Maoh and Fenice.

That Build MK.II is too good to pass up. I’m passing on the other two as well, although the Build Strike looks pretty darn nifty.

Honestly I’d rather have the Mk.II 2.0 and the Strike Ver RM myself. I’d say though, that Build Mk.II is just a Mk.II 2.0 with added parts. Just like the HG is.

i wish they would sell the MG build booster mkII by itself… i already have a 2.0 MKII haha

It’s a shame throwing my money at the monitor will accomplish nothing in getting that Sengoku Astray any faster to me XD

What that makes me think of