MG 1/100 Gundam Astray Noir

i need this in my life haha

I’d love to have it as well. Just don’t have the money for it. :frowning:

i’m in the same boat :confused:

^Same here. Too bad, the Astrays are probably some of the best designs to come out of Seed.

This color scheme is actually something I would love to do to a PG Red Frame! awesomeness!!! this Astray NOIR is badasssss

Oh…that’s is sexy

The Astrays look like crap compared to most of SEED’s, make that most of the entire Gundam franchise’s, mobile suit designs. Seriously the things are hideous, and the only reason for their popularity is that damn manga series.

Screw that i think the red frame is a sexy monster. Lol

I actually love the design of the Astray. The Red Frame is one of my favorites. I wanted the Astray Noir. Just couldn’t afford it.

Get a red frame, a strike noir, some paint and kit bash the things together. It’s basically all the effort Bandai made for that design. Although personally, I wouldn’t waste a strike noir on such a project.

I was thinking about getting this because i really want to try building a MG Astray, but the sword guns and that head crest really ruin it for me. I was thinking about getting the Sengoku Astray, but i found out they don’t include the original feet. The toes ruin it for me. Might look into getting P-online red frame. I hate that backpack that comes with the standard red frame.

You should make an epic kitbash then. It would be nice.

I just finished putting this together. It’s a good looking kit overall, and it’s custom V actually works when you see it in person. It uses the striker pack adapter that came with the MG Blue Frame kit. I wish they would have done something more for the swords though.