MG 1/100 Dynames (3rd MG build)

So far, I’ve built an MG from Seed, IBO, and now an MG from 00: Dynames.

Why Dynames:

Aside from the obvious badassery of a pretty beefy Sniper Rifle, dual wield pistols, and the only Gundam to handle the monstrosity that was the Substratospheric Altitude Gun - Dynames was a fairly simple character and simple mech that had one job, done very well: Reach out and touch someone.

Several scenes in the Gundam 00 series show the marksmanship skill of Lockon Stratos. In fact, aside from a few of the Exia CQC abilities with blades, the gun battles of Dynames are among my favorites. I also rather enjoyed that Dynames was the only Gundam that did not have a direct counterpart among the Thrones.

Aside from IBO, I hold the opinion that 00 had a lot of character allusion and contrasts. Lockon Stratos (both Neil and Lyle) carried the same theme of consistency and focused drive. No matter whether Alleluja or Halleluja fought over metal dominance, whether Tiere was unsure exactly who to be angry with about what in his/her fits of self-loathing, and whether Setsuna became brooding and somehow alarmed about something after it was already dealt with - Lockon was right behind his friends as a solid support teammate. More than this, Lockon was also reserved and played to the need of the team rather than trying to simply showcase his talent every chance given.

Kit Qual:

I thought Barbados was a stable kit, but Dynames could be more stable. Astray has goo foot articulation, but again Dynames has better foot articulation than Astray. In terms of the inner frame, Dynames is pretty basic for what I’ve seen; not a focus for more than articulation (which isn’t a complaint, just an observation.) All of Dynames’ weapons seem to fit perfectly in his hands, and more impressively - remain as secure as any other part of the mecha. I’m pleased with the kit.
I do have one question that has been bothering me ever since I saw the piece in the instrutions:
If the Sniper Rifle is powered by the GN drive, and all the work goes into connecting the rifle to the arm… why is there a bolt and receiver for an energy weapon?


I decided to go with muted colors, which may seem strange for a “00” Gundam since a majority of the Gundam colors were very more vibrant than usual. Still, I wanted to kick is down a notch on the color.

Rattle Cans -
Tamiya Light Green (Luftwaffe)
Tamiya Dark Yellow
Tamiya Insignia White
Tamiya Metallic Red
Tamia Gunship Grey
Tamiya German Grey
Tamiya Rubber Black
Tamiya Haze Grey

Pot Colors -
Tamiya Silver Chrome
Tamiya Clear Blue
Testors Steel
Vallejo Mecha Metallic Green
Vallejo Model Bright Orange
Vallejo Game Charcoal
Vallejo Game Polished Gold

None of thee colors are supposed to pop as I did with my Barbados and Astray builds. I am also going with a very sparse set of gloss pieces - left to sight glass, GN windows, and eyes. Everything else - matte finish.

I’m still waiting on the LEDs to arrive and the waterclide decals (really dislike stickers that come with kits and prefer waterslide).


I’m second-guessing the design decision to paint the twin pistols white/black. It seemed cool at the time, but it’s also a little cliche`.

I don’t think there’s much I could do to improve the kits as it’s built in the style. Ther are a few parts I painted gold, like the exhaust, that have a visible brush stroke and could be better.

As I had stated, I don’t like the included stickers - not that they’re of low quality by any means, but another thing I don’t like is the visual continuity between them. I did use the foil stickers on the pistols, but everything else is hand painted - the forehead ‘eye’ the mask eyes, the sniper rifle glass… I think it looks better than the foil stickers.

Thanks for reading, and if there’s anything you feel could be better - please let me know.