MG 1/100 Barbados (2nd MG build)

I really enjoyed the IBO series but feel the IBO line of Gundams is rather limited in detailed kits to Barbados, the other Barbados, or other other Barbados. Then again, there’s always that version in that one battle where Barbados got turnt up. Oh wait, that was all of them.

Why does each iteration of Barbados have a more pronounced V-fin as if each successive repair, some engineer is doing their version of a college prank by making Barbados’s eyebrows get both bushier and raise even higher than before (wasn’t that Akihiro’s thing?). Would they just eventually make Barbados a Triceratops?

Seriously, my only complaint about the series is end of the final battle and the circumstances that allowed one character’s claim of victory over another.

Why Barbados:

What really drew my attention to this kit was unlike kits from 00, Seed, etc., the focus of the MG Barbados was not the armor but the frame where as the other kits available seem to focus more on the various iterations of added or modified armor. The MG Barbados is the 4th form, and as I recall, Mikazuki spent the most amount of time in this frame compared to others. Overall, Barbados’s armor conformed to the organic structure of the frame instead of the other way around. The frame is Barbados and viewers may notice that regardless of how many times Barbados is repaired, only the exterior changes. None of the characters in Takkaden change who they are or what they stand for at their core. After one of the many fights in the series, Nadi tells Mikazuki Barbados has been repaired and, “…they call it Barbados Lupus.” Mikazuki immediately responds, “It’s just Barbados. Barbados is Barbados.”

IBO had many nuanced markers in character development that can be easily overlooked and support as well as are supported by this lack of character change. One of the first, apeaars in the first episode of S1 and the last of S2: Mikazuki and Akihiro are defending against the Gallajorn in their mobile worker units. When their mobile workers meet up they spin around, back to back, and then go opposite directions to flip into a counter-offensive. This happens again during the final battle with Barbados and Gusion Rebake as the two take the fight against overwhelming odds one final time.

Prior to this, Akihiro reflects on a previous battle and restates his response to the statement that decent people are the first to die. Angrily, Akihiro cries out, “It’s time to stop being decent,” alluding to the idea that he was going to force the opponent to show how indecent they are (and possibly reinforcing the ploy used by Gjallarhorn to justify using Dainslief against Takkaden). Likewise, Mikazuki asks himself “What do you want me to do, Orga? Nevermind, I already know.” Mikazuki asking Orga what to do signals the original mission of their youth remained the same.

“What do you want me to do, Orga?”

“Let’s get out of here, go somewhere better for us.”

Sadly, my kit came missing a piece - a face vent. It just wasn’t present on the sprue or in the bag the sprues came in.


The color scheme for Barbados is very simple and I didn’t really diverge on anything. Instead, I went with glossy armor instead of the previous flat. I wanted the armor to have sharp, contrasting contour since the shapes are more organic than most any other kit (go ahead - EW shame me). I used a flat coat on the frame to have the texture contrast and soften the orginal molded color in the parts while keeping a rigid shape against glossy armor…

Becasue the frame is what makes Barbados both a fun build but an interesting Gundam, I decided I’d spend a little time detailing a few of the internal details that were exposed behind the armor.

Pure White
Rubber Black
Gunship Grey
Haze Grey
Bright Red

Polished Gold
Heavy Charcoal
Seipa Wash
Electric Blue
Suburst Yellow (what MR TwoSix would call, “Mac n Cheese” yellow-orange)

Of the two MG kits I’ve built (read: I have limited experience, but…) Astray is less sturdy than Barbados. I was a little surprised because aside from the very wide axes on the ankle in Barbados, Astray seems to have more range of movement to pose.

One of the mistakes made in this build was applying flat to the frame and then going back as an after thought and filling embossed areas with acrylic. The clean-up dragged pigment across a rough surface and as shown, traped it to look like someone got drunk with lipstick.

One of the biggest disappointments for this kit was I was unable to find waterslide decals and was stuck with the kit stickers. I really dont like the kit stickers for a couple of reasons: they are thick and can be felt or seen in the right light - and - if they’re misplaced and need to move, there’s a risk to the sticker that could make it look bad or not stick again. I like to have a little play in the placement before it commits to where it is. One of these days, I’ll pull them all up and order the newly released SIMP decals for Barbados (but for now, I don’t feel like addin decals and reapplying topcoat).

A highlight of what I was mainly focusing on with rattle cans was a paint fade. I went from Rubber Black to Haze Grey in a short distance but kept the transition subtle enough (to scale).

That’s it. As always, feel free to give constructive criticism and tell me what you liked or what I could do better / work more on.

Thanks for reading.