MG 00 Qan[T]

Welcome to my new Gunpla project!

This is what the project entails thus far:

[li]A slight color variation from the original scheme.
[/li][li]A combination of flat and gloss finish.
[/li][li]A detailed frame.
[/li][li]A high possibility of taking the Full Saber route (To enhance the already badass feature of the Gundam further).
[/li][li]A detailed base stand.

I’m looking forward to seeing this, though I’m not a huge fan of the Qan[T], the painted builds that I have seen of it are awesome. So I’m looking forward to seeing what you’re going to bring to the table.

You already know I’m a fan of the Qan[T] so I’m keeping an eye on this project big time. In particular, the mix of flat and gloss finish and a detailed frame pique my interest the most.

Supposedly the Full Saber isn’t as great as the HG version, though I don’t exactly know why; I think the MG version is leaps and bounds better in the looks department at the very least.

I am very excited to see where this project goes.

While I was putting the Qan[T] together, I looked at the works of others as well. And indeed yes, they are awesome. Their work helps me shape the ideas for the project.

Your Qan[T] was an inspiration! After working and investing some time on the Unicorn, I feel that I have gained the skill to take the next level. Even though it was just only through one recent project, I am very confident that I can manifest this new ideas.

And in regards to the Full Saber, I believe it was the transformation gimmick that was installed on the 1/144 that topped the 1/100. Like for instance, the 1/144 can transform into a rifle and its GN blade bits can transform into pistols. Unfortunately the 1/100 do not have those options :(.

I am very excited too Boss!

When I think about ideas for the project, I feel like Sei from Build Fighters during Episode 5.


Oh yeah, since our glorious forum is taking quite a while to be fixed, I decided to lift the veil on Unicorn and showcase it. Those who have been anticipating it has waited for too long. And I have been waiting as well to show it. We deserve to be rewarded LOL. If I’m not able to do it tonight, then expect the showcase tomorrow. :smiley:

Haha! That scene was hilarious. I’ve seen pictures and reviews of the Full Sabre, and it looks really nice. Shame about those lost features, though.

Good luck on this project, man. I doubt you’ll need it, though; You don’t seem to be plagued with the mistakes and mishaps we have whenever we do something that’s a bit more advanced than our work on a previous kit. Let that imagination soar (or in the case of that pic, reach the depths of the universe, haha).

Looking forward to the unveiling of the Unicorn too. I still haven’t forgotten that pretty thing :slight_smile:

Oooo Qan[t]~

I am filled with anticipation for this kit…
Can’t wait to see how it comes about~ :smiley:

It is a fun build, and can’t wait to see what you do with it, one word of advice be careful with painting the joints my came out super stiff after paint

Stay tune my friend! :smiley:

Noted. I’ll definitely keep that in check, thanks man. This new project might top the Unicorn. :cool:

Oh man, topping that Unicorn will be a feat alright. If you’re thinking that, then I’m super excited to starting seeing some more WiP pics.

:shock: It might top the Unicorn? I am officially hooked.

I’m afraid so Gents… I’m afraid so. I just painted an armor piece for the right foot… and well… the outcome gave me a “Sei moment.” You know, where he had like sparkles in his eyes and a big grin on his face while floating across the cosmos LOL. :lol: To me, it’s a confirmation that I can manifest the Qan[T] color scheme that I envisioned.

Hopefully I’ll be able to show you an image of the piece that I recently painted tomorrow. I’ll mount it on the leg itself to give you an overview of the progress.

Holy balls man. You have officially peeked my interest on this kit. I must see!

Oh, man. I need to see that piece NOW.

Haha, you’re building up a lot of hype for this kit. You better deliver the goods :slight_smile:

LOL, I know right. Otherwise I might get the airlock treatment.

LOL :lol:

Alright gents, here you go. The very first official WIP.

It’s not much since I just started, but it’s progress. I took a picture of the WIP beside the OOB so that you can distinguish the new custom color that I applied. The only parts I had the chance to work on so far is the small piece on the upper knee, the circular piece in the middle of the knee, and the foot pieces that used to be red.

That is brilliant! So wonderful…

Oooh, even though it’s a simple change, it actually looks rather nice. Kinda getting some royalty vibes now when I look at it.

I love that blue man, it looks simply awesome. What shade is it?