Metal Structure RX93

Hey guys, I’m seriously considering whether or not to get the Metal Structure RX93 Nu Gundam. Of course, the thing is running for nearly $2000 on eBay. I’m a student, but I recently got a “stipend” that I wasn’t expecting, so now I’m debating whether or not to purchase it.

Is there any chance more will come out around December time when it gets released? Or is my only option eBay? Am I crazy for thinking about buying it?

Well, so far, there was no mention of it being limited release or one time release, only its funnel parts and other accessories will be P-Bandai. So maybe there will be chance that they will produce more.

It is likely Bandai is using the initial release to test the water to see how well metal structure sells and decides on future production(s). But unless you know someone that knows the production ends first hand, it is hard to tell whether or not they will likely to produce more and if so, when.

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So you think I should buy one now just to be safe? Lol

Sorry, cannot answer that for you.

If you really really want it and can afford it, maybe you should go for it.

I am on the fence about it, though I can wait or just not get it. So it is entirely up to you and your wallet :grinning: You guys should discuss it.


I say you get it

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I’ve dropped that kind of money on my motorcycle. So if you’re good with spending it on the 1/60 Nu, then go for it. A hobby is a hobby; whether it’s Gundam, motorcycles, or guns.

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I would call a few of the US shops (if you’re in the US) and ask if they might be getting more than their allotments and if you can put your name down on a standby list before committing to one on auctions site. Also search japan auction sites, I’ve seen them at lower price and you can use a buying service like Buyee to get them.