Metal Gear Gekkos

Hey guys,
When I first signed up a week or two ago, I introduced myself and mentioned that I was an artist. Someone said that they’d like to see some of my work, so I decided to draw something mech-related for you guys the other night!
It’s from Metal Gear Solid and not the Gundam universe, but here’s a sorta satirical appreciate of the Gekkos from MGS4. Those who have played the game might get the mini-pun. Enjoy.
“Gekkos Out to Graze”
Ink and colored pencil
5.5 x 8.5

Awesome artwork you got there friend. The image you drew of the Gekko is quite accurate. Did you use another medium to draw the Gekko or was it done by freestyle?

I never did get the chance to find out why they bellowed like cows in the game. It was quite amusing though. It served as a signal for me to stay out of their way. But then I acquired the Rail Gun and plowed their hides with it. :cool:

Wow, that’s a darn good drawing and the premise is incredibly funny. I love how you did the perspective in the background too, very believable.

Do you do these kinds of illustration often or is this a one-off thing? By that I mean, creating something with ink and colored pencil.

Thanks for the feedback, guys! I’m glad you like it.
Yes, it was all drawn freestyle. And ink and colored pencil is generally what I use the most when I do illustrations for fun.
Hey, once the summer starts, maybe I’ll take requests for Gundam drawings! I’ll keep you posted.
Until then, here’s another piece of mine in a similar style, this time, inspired by the Legend of Zelda…
“Sacred Realm”
9" x 12"
Ink and Colored Pencil

How long did that one take you? Many days? I would think so, because that’s one heck of a display piece. I don’t really have anything specific to say other than it’s very impressive.

Haha this is great work. And the joke is great too. Reminds me that I need to buy the kotobukiya Rex when I get the chance. It would be pretty awesome if kotobukiya started a whole line of metal gear kits, including the gekko. I know I would buy them.

Totally, I’d buy at least the Shagohod and a Gekko.

Im not gonna lie dude, you and my brother would be REAL Good Friends if he saw this :smiley:

Also, how good is your Cleanup work?

That’d make an awesome back tattoo.

Haha, actually, I’m awful with that. If I want to digitize something, I just photograph or scan it and call it a day. Unless I’m designing a shirt or something, then I’ll trace it and clean it up a bit in GIMP. I don’t have Illustrator or Photoshop (yet), I just keep it simple on paper.
Why do you ask? Do you have a group project in mind?

Yeah, I had the same thought partway through. While I have a tattoo, I think I’m too much of a wimp to get a big ol’ back tattoo personally.

Essentially Ive got a rough drawing of a project Im working on but I don’t think weve got the Skill (yet) to do clean up work. My bro is gonna give it a go but I just want to see if you could JIC LOL. and yes my bro would love that as a back tattoo if not an awesome T-shirt graphic lol