Meijin Kawaguchi makes statement about BL Gundams

Apparently someone tagged Meijin Kawaguchi in a photo of a BL Gunpla. Obviously the guy didn’t like it.
Here in the Philippines the market for BLs is huge. There’s lots in some malls (but not the big popular ones).
I admit that the recent kit i bought is BL, the Gaddess (used it as a guinea pig for panel lining).

Yes, Yes, YES! I read the article, and I make this argument all the time, be it Gunpla vs bootlegs, DVDs against fansubs, or Apple against Android. The original creators deserve to be compensated for their work. Someone is not entitled to make/buy a knockoff or steal something just because they feel the authentic product is too expensive.

I’m only okay with bootlegs in regards to versions of mobile suits Bandai doesn’t already offer, or recasts of limited run items that are long since unavailable. Otherwise, I agree with this 100%.

I also agree with this. Thus far there have been instances in which I was actually considering getting a boot leg. Both Kits were Dragon Momoko. And both, Bandai didn’t make. 1: MG Tallgeese III. 2: The HG AGE-1R Razor. That being said, I don’t buy boot leg kits. I’ll support Bandai as long as I’m in this hobby.

P.S. and before anyone says anything about the AGE-1R. Yes I have Bandai conversion parts. But the Dragon Momoko version is a stand alone kit with clear green parts. Not just uncolored plastic.

I agree as well. Support Bandai and as a result, we’ll keep getting what they’re offering to us, which is a good thing. However, I have entertained the notion of buying a bootleg just to see how it’s like to build one. Specifically, one of those Gundooms I keep seeing over the web, but with all of the stuff Bandai continues to pump out, it’s a minor desire.

I support Bandai all the way, and people shouldn’t be buying bootlegs if Bandai has already released a model of the same thing. However, certain things like up-scaled 1/100 magazine exclusives are hard to resist. Third party companies who make pretty much completely new models like Model Comprehend are better. Nothing beats the quality of a Bandai kit, though.

I don’t have enough time to build the Bandai kits I have, let alone any bootlegs.

I have one Bootleg that I bought before I realized what it was. It is a Gundoom and the build wasn’t bad at all. It went together pretty much like any other Gundam as far as assembly sequence goes. The plastic was alright, not too spongy or brittle. I haven’t painted it just yet. Seems most of the Gundooms are based off the Nu Gundam. I do like the different head sculpt that it has and may use it if I ever buy an MG Nu gundam. I too will say, do buy some ‘bootleg’ weapons occasionally as I can’t justify full retail just to get a gun. I wish Bandai would sell them separately like Aoshima and Fujimi do with their more popular wheel and tire sets.

At the dollar store today, I saw a “Justice Robot” action figure that was very clearly a Gundam ripoff. It was maybe 1/100 scale; I would’ve take a picture, but it was too high up on the wall. It still made me laugh, though; this thing really looked like crap. All white, with some blue lines here and there.

I would have bought it just for the hell of it. I want some of those gundam mega blocks!

As far as the bootleg gundams that are basically copies of bandai kits, im not interested. I dont think you can really beat the quality of bandai’s models.

I considered it. But I was too lazy to ask a clerk to get it down, and it looked like it wasn’t even worth the dollar. :wink:

Why would anyone bite the hand that feeds you?

Bandai has been producing these kits for decades and have grown in terms of production quality and value. There’s a reason why they are at a higher price point in comparison to Boot Leg kits, hell Plastic Quality alone will show you that.

I wouldn’t buy Boot Leg kits not because of humanitarian issues but because of the quality that Bandai has set. Why would I trade my M3 for a Toyota Tercel?

You leave my Toyota POS alone!

Nah, I don’t drive a Toyota. Pfft, I can’t afford a Japanese car!

I’d argue that Gunpla is built of better quality plastic than the average western model kit, never mind bootlegs. Then again, since I’ve never built a bootleg Gunpla, maybe they are built of better quality plastic than western models too. :smiley:

I will confirm that. I’ve built a few model cars in my day, and none of them have near the quality plastic that a Bandai kit has.

I know. I used to build western models before Gunpla, and the crappy Wing 1/144s blew them away in quality. More recently (as in within the last 2 years) my little brother and best friend both made the mistake of building western models. If anything, they gotten worse in the last decade. My best friend was so disgusted with the lack of quality that he didn’t even finish it. I’m being quite serious when I say I wouldn’t be surprised if bootleg Gunpla turned out to be better quality than western kits, even if they’re still inferior to real Gunpla.

While I was looking at my back log the other night. I remembered that I actually bought a boot legged version of the 1/100 Armed Armor DE. Only reason I bought it was because I didn’t have the money to pay for a Bandai version from eBay. And it was less than half the cost. Plus, it’s not a full kit, more of an attachment.

But anyways, though it is a boot leg, I actually do feel the plastic is better quality than the car models I’ve built.

Western models don’t have nearly enough ROBOTS.

When I was in high school, I bought a 1/144 Hydra Gundam from the local Anime Store. They never carried bootleg figures or kits in the store (and aside from this instance, they never did after), so while I found it odd that the kit was plastic-wrapped, I didn’t have any other second thoughts and bought it. Upon opening it though could immediately tell it was a bootleg, thanks to the inconsistent colors of the plastic, and the air bubbles throughout the kit. Having already paid full price for the kit, I bit the bullet and built it. What a piece of crap. all the joints were loose, many parts didn’t line up, and the manipulator arms for the Hydra cannons couldn’t even support their own weight. I kept it around for a week and then chucked it in the trash, making it the first kit I ever threw out. Long story short, I only buy legit kits when it comes to Gunpla.

To be fair, the old official Wing kits sometimes have issues supporting their own weight too. :smiley:
There’s also generally two types of bootlegs. The ones where the manufacturer clearly doesn’t care how official it looks, like what you’re talking about, and the manufacturers who want their product to look like official Bandai kits (or at least have the final product be easily mistaken as official), these would be companies like TT Hongli & Dragon Mamoko. I’m not suggesting western kits are as bad as the former; I’m suggesting they are probably of worse quality than the latter. Personally, I wish the low end bootlegs, high end bootlegs, AND western model companies like Revell and Monogram (among others) would just stop making models entirely and leave it to the professionals. :smiley: