Mechanica Tief Sturmer Deep Striker WIP

Not exactly sure what happened to the forum before, seems it is a whole new system now, my previous post all gone.

Anyway, I started this monster kit a couple of years ago, then put it on hold due to work etc…
recently started building it again. will post some pictures after this.

Over all the kit has been ok, most parts fit together, some parts had to be sanded to fit in etc… but not too bad,
glue is a must, the smaller joints/parts definitely needs it. also i think due to the physical size of the final build, glueing is required to keep it together.

i finished the shoulder canon and that alone is over 60cm.

Here some pictures of part i have already completed, mainly the shoulder canon, hand held rifle and some of the boosters.

each component average over 50 parts, the whole kit is 1800 parts.

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here are a few more pics.

what i did find with this mechanicore kit is the surface of large flat areas are not as smooth as bandai kits, or not consistent anyway, and because i am trying to go for that metallic look on parts of the weapon and boosters, i had to really sand the surface quite a bit to be able to spray paint it and get that shinny metal effect.


Which paint did you use for the gold color? It looked pretty good, especially on the rifle sight part.

for the Rifle sight i used standard Mr Hobby Acrrysion Gold N-9
for the other gold part i used Mr Metal Gold mixed with Mr Metal Copper, these are the paint that requires a buffing to bring out the metal look.

Cool, thanks for the reply. Those colors looked very good.