Mecha modelling book in English

Hey guys, just want to mention a new project I am working on with some buddies:

We’re doing some crowdfunding to help cover the costs of a mecha modeling book we’re writing that’s in English. The idea is to make the first ever book about gunpla that is similar in quality to those from Japan. I’m doing a build up of a 1/144 Gundam and three other dudes are also doing step by step buildups.

I often wish for there to be a book in English, and now I’m trying to do something about it, so please support us if you feel the same!

Maybe you can do a DVD attached to the book like how Games Workshop does for their ‘how to paint’ book. I will be buying this for sure.

Thanks for the support Focke Wulf.

The Dvd attachment is a good idea, we may put it in future volumes of the books.
But atm, once we are done, we plan to only sell e-copy of the books, not real world copies, unless a publisher picks it up.

You can always publish it yourself :wink:

And is there anyway we can be in it or maybe in the next issue?

We plan on publishing it on Amazon through their self publishing system.
If someone orders directly from us that they wish for a hard copy of the book, we can print it out for them.

As for your question, who is we that you are referring to?
The next volume is the Intermediate Gundam guide, and then finally the last two are Advanced techniques with Scratch building.
We hope to have the first book done by Spring, and then the second book done by Fall.

God bless you!!! i’m buying for sure!

I second that.

Thanks guys,

I am proud to say we just hit our threshold limit of what we were asking for, so we can get started now in getting the necessary kits to make the book.
I want thank the Gundamforums community for supporting this project, and also look forward the the intermediate and advanced books too.

Hey Guys,
It has been a while since I last posted here. and believe me it has been a very very busy year for me.

I am proud to announce that the Mecha Modelling for Beginners Sample Chapter is out!!! Come check us out at our Facebook page for the sample chapter and for news and releases!

The full book is due to be released very soon, but in the meantime if anyone spots any errors in the sample, or has any constructive suggestions for improving the book please let us know at!

This book intends to help build the Gunpla community, and with your feedback we want to put out the best book we possibly can.

Meanwhile you can also get the sample chapter from the following links:
PDF version:

EPUB version:

I read through the sample chapter and I’m really liking it. Photos are relevant to the steps, instructions are easy to understand, and you cover a variety of basic methods that are great foundations for improvement.

I was going to mention that it’s missing a tools summary, overall procedure summary, and a table of contents, but it’s a sample chapter so I’m sure those will be included already in the finished product.

Also, I already learned something new from it. Never heard about that adze method for seamlines before.

I am glad you liked it Dlinker, and thank you for the positive feedback.

You are correct, we will have the tools, TOC, and three more chapters as well as a history of Gundam in our book.

I am glad you learned something new from this sample chapter, and I hope the other three will prove useful as well. =)

After 1 year of working on it, I am proud to say that it is finally out!
The Mecha Model Guide for Beginners is finally done.

We have released the e-book version first to catch as many of the small nitty gritty errors before releasing the printed copy which will be available via Print on demand.

So without further ado you can pick up a copy here:

If you have any questions or comments, please feel free to ask on our Facebook page:

Thank you =)