Meaning of Char's emblem from Origin 1


I’m making decals of the Zeon symbol and Char Aznable’s emblem of the bird standing on the “A” with what appear to be 5 rockets below. Does anyone know the meaning of the rockets? Do each one signify something in particular? They look like kill counts or something, but I’m sure Char has killed much more than 5 people.

These logos are on the Zaku II that he pilots in the Origin series.

Seen here:

It’s cut off, but there are 5 “rockets” under the bird. Anyone know what they mean?


That’s his kill count from the Battle of Loum, when he destroyed 5 Federation ships and earned him his rank of Major and his alias.


If that is the case then I wonder why the symbol looks like the way it does.

That makes sense because I just rewatched the scenes of that battle and he doesn’t have the little rockets at that time, only the bird insignia. So I guess the rockets aren’t really rockets but supposed to be the Magellan class ships. Much more manageable things to count than individual people.

Thanks for the response

What do you guys think of these decals? I’m still playing around with the placement and thinking of adding other details before I actually make and apply them to my car. I was inspired by the “Zeonic Toyota”