Mcdonald's of Japan & Char Team Up!

Starting June 22, Mcdonald’s of Japan has “hired” Char Aznable of Mobile Suit Gundam to sell a Red Teriyaki Char burger! The commercial, featuring the real-life voice of Char, is advertising a single, double or triple-meat Spicy Char Burger with a fizzy “Red Comet” drink that has a picture of Char’s red mobile suit on the cup.
You can see the add now on Facebook if you don’t believe me.
Look under McDonald’s Char Burger.
James Staley

Holy $#!+, it’s actually true. One of the menu items is called the “Newtype White Triple Cheeseburger”. And yes, it has three times the meat and cheese of an ordinary cheeseburger.

Correct me if I’m wrong, but was a teriyaki chicken sandwich already on their menu? If so that’s a clever way to rebrand their sandwich.

I don’t know what is or isn’t already on the menu at McDee’s in Japan (but I wonder if the QUALITY of the food is better over there than here?!!). But I do know I would love to try one (minus the jalapenos: I can’t eat them, they turn my stomach into fire!).
It’s too bad there’s no way to preserve one as an anime collectable/piece of history for future fans to know that it was true, but hopefully someone will save the advertisement for future fans to enjoy. JS

On of the YT cooking channels I watch the host wen to Japan and went to several fast food restaurants to show how they are different from American one. His first stop was McDonald’s and I think one of the sandwiches he got was some kind of teriyaki chicken one and the other was a shrimp patty (their version of the mcfish.)

I don’t see why someone couldn’t vacuum seal it to preserve it.

Should have ran the ad as McDaniels like from Zeta gundam lol

It was also part of long list of update in the other post: