MBF-02VV Gundam Astray Turn Red

Hey, does anyone know anything about the MBF-02VV Gundam Astray Turn Red and the MBF-P03D Gundam Astray Blue Frame D?
They’ve been featured a few times last during some expos but I can’t seem to find out if they are being released as actual kits.
The main things I’m curious about are whether or not they are just designs or actual exclusive to be released later this year.

The most info I found so far on my own is on the Gundam Guy blog site

If anyone else has more info that would be fantastic because these suits look sexy as hell!!!

I thought the Blue frame D was a limited run special late last year?

I’ll have to go have a look again at Stryderprime’s youtube video after he got best of show in New York, but I’m almost 100% sure that was one of his prizes.

:Edit: It was due to being semi-transparent armour, most likely a normal Blue frame D on the way then.

How did people get their hands on them?

I can put your mind to rest that these are likely to get releases this year but it is NOT confirmed. There has been no statement yet of Bandai releasing those two mobile suits.

Those kits are custom made. Probably a 1 of. But it wouldn’t be hard at all for Bandai to release this in mass production. They already have the Tactical Arms in HG form, so including 2 with the Turn Red wouldn’t be hard. Just a new V-Fin and backpack would be needed.

You mean the HG blue frame that was released?

A HG of the Blue Frame 2nd L was released a few months ago. It comes with the Tactical Arms.

Oh, not the Blue Frame 2nd L. I’m talking about the Blue Frame D. :stuck_out_tongue:

I’d like to see a MG of the Blue Frame D, as well as some of the other load outs as well, especially the 3rd version.

Same here dude, does anyone know where these special MGs are sold?

Like thwalker13 said these aren’t released kits. They were custom made by someone for a magazine. It’s pretty common.

The Turn Red is also absurd with the double tactical arms swords. Bandai isn’t even trying with that one.