Master Grade Unicorn Gundam

So, I make it no secret when I say that this build was so challenging that I had to handle it one section at one day at a time.
Using this strategy, things went smoothly for the most part, however a small brainfart lead to me breaking the top hook on the left leg. If you want to make your life easy, build it one section a day, and then pop the top leg cover on the piece that attaches to the hook before you put it on the hook.

So how was it?
Well, it’s not the best option to have a Unicorn at home (this is like third place), but it is better than its reputation suggests!
(following pics are of Destroy Mode)

It has decent posability, a solid transformation, and good accessories barring a lack of Beam Gatling guns. However, I can understand why people would hate it, as some parts have difficulty staying on, and as such, you must take good care when posing it.

If I were to list the recommended ways to build the Unicorn, it would be something like:
Real Grade in first place (make sure to bend arms before final assembly)
Perfect Grade/MGEX in second
and Master Grade in third. Real Grade is the more recommended (can’t wait to finally replace it), but the MG basic is still recommended.

Also, this might be the only recommended Gunpla of the Unicorn Gundam to have the beam sabre beams in their correct colour of blue from the OVA. Everything else depicts them as pink.

Nice! Is the color red? Or is it more like pink or magenta? I plan on getting in the future to pair with my Unicorn HG, the all white version.

Definitely a pinkish red colour. Closer to red.

And again, I would definitely recommend the RG over this, but this is still a good option if you take care whilst building.