Master Grade "Evolution"

Aww hell yeah!


Ive got a HUGE Feeling in my Gut that says theyll unveil it before the Debut of the animation of Gundam: the Origin, and I have another funny feeling that its gonna be a Master Grade Version of the Gundam from Origin. Any Suggestions?

I know what I want! a MG Gundam X and DX
but if they made a new line of the designs of the Mobile suits we’ve seen in the Origin, I’d be pretty Excited. I like the Bulkier Guncannon and Guntank, or maybe a RX-78-1, with the Cannon on top and the black and white colors. (is the the -1 or am I trippin?) [I have got to stop comming here when I’m so sleep deprived]

What? and no in the Manga it doesn’t get that…but it wouldn’t hurt if it did in the MG version :stuck_out_tongue:

3.0!? AND another RX-78!? Whoah.

We only have about 5 days til the show. The anticipation is killing me. I love the MG line, so I’m really curious to see what they are going to do with it.

Links instead of rroberts bs speculations.

If it is another RX-78, maybe this is a good time for me to actually buy one. Very interesting to see what will be different about it, regardless of what suit it is.

Man I hear you. I don’t have a RX-78 in my collection either, not even a HG. Been trying to get a RX-78 G-3 2.0 for the longest time, but I don’t wanna spend retail price though.

I don’t even have a Robot Damashii version of it and usually, if I don’t want the kit, I get the RD version. Thought about getting the RG, but then I read that it’s a bit of a hand grenade. Want the MG, but there’s always a chance a better one comes out and now, that’s become true.

I just hope it’s not a re-release of something already out, but with the sonic-welded hands added.

When it comes the RX78-2 the only kit of it that I have was the HGUC kit that was sold here in the states all those years ago. So anything that I get is going to be an improvement. lol. But I did plan on getting 2 of the RG kits. Might wait now and see what we get with this new MG Evolution.

Does this count?

dude been hoping for a MG version of X Gundam, Double X, Airmaster, Lepoard and soo on