Marvel or DC comics?

Feel free to toss in Dark Horse, Image, IDW, etc.

I used to be Marvel, but somewhere around the time of The Crossing storyline (95-ish), they seemed to have lost their way. In Iron Man’s case, Busiek, Grell, and Fraction are the only ones who’ve been able to write a damn (since the mid 90’s, I mean) and the other writers have been pretty much garbage (Quesada’s living armor story aside). I hate the giant crossover stories with a passion (glares at civil war, house of M, the crossing, etc.) . They seem to exist only to boost sales and reinvent characters. DC on the other hand has always been bland to me (the occaisional Batman aside), although I loved Batman the Animated series (the 90’s one by Dini).

I think I have to go with Dark Horse as the best COMIC BOOK publisher. While I may not care about (or even like) their original/creator-owner series, I think their licensed product is fantastic. AVP and Star Wars are great. Buffy Season 8 and Serenity are just phenomenal for fans of the Buffyverse and Firefly; they capture their source shows very well. I can’t wait for the in-development Dark Horse Comics app (the general store one). Here’s hoping that Fox & others don’t block the sales of licensed works for the app.

For Movies, I think Marvel’s are the best on average, while DC has the best individual movies (Read: Batman), but also has the worst (See: everything not involving Batman, as well as the two Schumacher Batman films).

What do you guys think?

speaking of marvel comics. do anyone of you has the spiderman election special? i think the cover was barrack obama… i was just curious how the story goes in that issue… :smiley: and they said that Abraham Lincoln has also his appearance :slight_smile:

I’ve always been a hardcore Marvel fan. X-Men books were the first I read and I’ve loved them ever since. DC has its moments, especially with Batman. I admit that I’ve been out of the comic game for a few years, mostly because all of them seem to have lost me. I did like Joss Whedon’s run on X-Men and Marvel 1602. At first, all I really cared for was the art-the Kuberts, Jim Lee, then Joe Mad, etc. I enjoy certain crossovers, such as: the Phalanx Covenant, Age of Apocalypse and even the Onslaught stories. I realize that these are some of the most hated/polarizing story arcs, but whatever, I like 'em.

I can’t give an honest answer to this since I just pick and choose various comic series’ I think I’ll enjoy.
I AM, however, a huge Green Lantern fan. I have more Green Lantern comics than anything else.

I use to have a ton of Marvel comics. No idea where they went though.

I have to say I’m pretty biased with Marvel. Stan Lee was my hero for ages…up until he sold it to Disney. God what a train wreck.

This is me with Iron Man comics (which i started getting long before the movie came out). Needless to say, I was ecstatic when RDJ was cast as Stark (on my birthday no less); that was a perfect bit of casting.

To be fair Disney hasn’t really bastardized anything yet (at least beyond Marvel’s level of bastardization immediately prior to the buyout).

I don’t read comics all that much. All I have and read are the first ~10 issues of Akira, and a copy of Watchmen, which imo were both really good reads (going to have to track down the rest of Akira someday)

And yes, I know Akira is of Japanese origin, but Marvel were the first to license and release it in America.

I have to go with DC due to the fact that I’m a big Superman fan :stuck_out_tongue:

I’m primarily a Dark Horse fan, mostly due to Hellboy and most of their licenses.

I have a ton of old comics that I inherited when my father passed on. I like DC and Marvel equally. I loved reading She-Hulk, and X-Men, (And my father had a ton of Superman, but alas, I’m a Batman fangirl.)

Now-a-days I read Batman (If/when I can find it), Teen Titans, but mainly, Sonic The Hedgehog.

DC is definately the better choice at the moment. Being a huge comic book fan I’ve gotten to the point where I refuse to start ANY new Marvel comic series because both me and a friend combined have had just about every new series this year get cancelled before it ended because Marvel chooses to concentrate on just Xmen and the “52” series.

Plus the Blackest Night series by DC is phenomenal and leaves Marvel in the dust.

On a side note I used to be a Marvel guy but I can’t put up with them right now, they’re like the Fox network of comics… always cancelling good series.

Going to have to go with DC. I don’t actually feel that Marvel has many characters that I enjoy, and they’ve pretty much destroyed X-Men, which was the only thing I remotely enjoyed. DC is always big on cosmically empowered super being and telepathy/telekinesis. People think Superman is OP, then take a look at Silver Surfer. DC is more into big hitters and magic that marvel is, which I just find much cooler. I’m also a Wonder Woman fan. =]
Also, I think just about all the “teams” on Marvel are terrible. And I seriously hate the Avengers and anything associated with them. I think they’re terrible.

I just can’t stick with DC. They keep making the same mistakes again and again. Clean sweep a couple decades ago to clean up continuity and eliminate the multiverse, then they do the same dang thing again, and we’ve got New 52. Marvel wipes out a lot of their “mistakes” with some really bad retcons - Brand New Day anyone? - but at least they try to stick it out and make it work, rather than just hitting the reset button on the whole line.

I dunno, I just read the various Lantern series’

Im on the Fence about it, i like some of the Marvel Characters, but i will always be a Batman Fan to the end… all hail the Dark Knight!!!

I spend more time reading webcomics than any physical books nowadays. Update schedules can be touch and go, but the ones who do it right do it better than a lot of the pros, who get hamstrung by editors and movie versions of the books.

I hear you, man. My webcomic folder has 28 entries (yours included, now.)

Thanks, Asterisk - glad you like it.

As the son of a father that collected comics in the '60s and '70s, my loyalties lie to both companies. Both produce equally good comics. While some do have flaws, I like both for the stories they put out. Also, I’ve met Stan Lee in person. He’s awesome and chill, nuff said.

Since this is a thread about comics, which characters form the DC/Marvel Universes do you guys like?

DC: Batman…nuff said lol

Marvel: Wolverine (just cuz lol), Blade, Ghost Rider (the only reason id watch the movie is because the helicopter pilot was Richard Ian Cox…but it was still a good movie lol), Iron man, Captain America, and the Incredible Hulk.