Male, Female, or other?

Which are you? And yes, I realize the poll results will be mostly male; basically I want to know what percentage of our little forum are non-male. Other is for anyone who is not (or does not recognize themselves as) male or female (transsexuals, natural hermaphrodites, etc.).

I’m a male, despite what my avatar might lead you to believe.

I’m sorry, why is this here? I mean, I can understand for curiosity’s sake, but in all my time on forums, I’ve never seen someone so blatantly ask for it. I’m not saying you shouldn’t have posted it, nor am I upset by it, just…confused.

I was bored. :sunglasses: plus I really am curious how many non-males are here. Also some people are more open to disclosing such info in an anonymous poll, rather than openly stating the info in an identifiable way. :slight_smile:

You do realize that MtF and FtM transgendered individuals consider themselves and therefore are female or male respectively, right?

Placing transgendered as “other” is incredibly insulting, to say the least.

I believe he used the term transsexual and not transgendered. More to the point both of these words have different scientific and social connotations. While socially yes, most “transgendered” people prefer to be associated with the gender they are transcending to, scientifically both terms cover a wide range of gender-crises. Also Transsexual tends to have a medical definition rather than a social one. The point being I think, if anything, Zeta-G was being hyper-sensitive to gender issues and by no means was his intention to offend anyone. This being a Gundam forum there is no expectation that everyone, or anyone for that matter has any background in gender-studies. However, Taichara, I’m sorry if you or anyone else for that matter was offended by this question, but I think the point stands that this is an innocent if perhaps mis-understood poll that I believe provides choices for people of all walks of life.

Thanks for explaining my intentions m1ck3y.

And, yes, I used the term other as a stand in for the myriad of gender identies people can have outside of born & self-identified as female and born & self-identified as male. I was trying to be as inoffensive a possible, but the polling feature has a limit of ten options maximum. If I were to systematically list every possible option, it would easily overrun the limit, so I chose to list the two most prevalent options, with regards to human biology, and grouped the remaining options under “other” so as not to cause anyone to feel left out. Most people would have ignored the possibility of people not strictly fitting into either the female or male categories and not listed any alternatives. Rest assured, I’m a friend of the LGBT community (and, really, oppressed/neglected/ignored groups of people in general).

By all means, if you fit under “other” and want to clarify exactly what you are/see yourself as, please do so.
But don’t give me that I am what I think I am line. From a biological/physical perspective, a FtM (for instance) would still have the higher risk for self destructive diseases (such as cancer and lupus) associated with having an XX chromosome as a biological female would. Ditto for MtF individuals with the diseases more commonly associate with XY. I’m not trying to be an ass (for once), but certain things are true regardless of if you want them to be or not. I understand that a MtF (for instance) may truly believe that they should have been born as a woman, but wishing it were so does not make it the reality (even if they have had partial or full gender reassignment surgery); they still have male genetic code. If a transsexual wants to refer to their self as a transwoman/trans woman or a transman/trans man, I have no objections, since it does not involve deception. But playing the hurt feelings card, in an attempt to coerce others into supporting a false claim, is an unacceptable move. It is not acceptable for priests/politicians/[insert other group here] to distort the truth, and it isn’t acceptable in this case either.

At the same time, I don’t think a MtF person should still be regarded as male if they do not recognize themselves as such (especially if they’ve gone through with surgery or other reassignment options). They are neither and yet both. The closest analogy I can think of is the case of bisexuals- they are neiher straight nor gay, but have aspects of both and fit within a continuum between the two.

Back to the other category; we’ve discussed TS/TG people but there are other groups within “other” who do not fall within the 100% male/100% female split (such as natural hermaphrodites and people who have a chromosome set other XX or XY, not all are members of the LGBT community), which is precisely why there is an “other” category to begin with. “Other” is the stand in for the continuum between biologically & psychologically female on the one hand and biologically & psychologically male on the other. Insensitive would be saying that there are males, females, and genetic defects/accidents/oddities (which, while medically true, is incredibly mean/cruel/heartless and insensitive); I was trying to be inclusive of everyone while being relatively sensitive to others’ feelings (Go ahead and ask others how often I try to be sensitive; it’s not very often; I often go for the blunt/straightforward approach instead), and as far as terms go, “other” is about as benign as one could get without losing the intent of the grouping. Would you have preferred unclassified or undesignated or undefined? I think most of the people who would fall under my “Other” category would say they have a gender classification/designation/definition. All “other” says about the group is that they do no fit within the bounds of the listed categories. That’s it.

I’ll give you another example in which there are two main groups and a near infinite number of much smaller groups/individuals, where it makes sense to list the biggest groups separately and lump the smaller groups together for the purposes of multiple choice polling: American politics. There are Democratic voters, Republican voters, and independent/third party voters who do not fit within these two larger groups. Occasionally one or two of these smaller groups (such as Greens and/or Libertarians) will be broken away from the “other” category and listed as their own, but this usually only occurs in an area where there is likely to be a statistically significant difference from the general populace. Most of the time in polls, Nader voters (like moi) are lumped together with the Green voters, the Libertarian voters, the Socialist voters, the Neo Nazi voters, undecideds, etc. whether we all want to be lumped together or not. And to add insult to injury, we are frequently labeled as independent voters, as if we all might change our minds at some point and vote for one of the bigger groups; other is a far more benign word that really just means not one of the other options.

You’ll also notice that when you fill out forms asking for race (for hospitals, census forms etc.) after the defined options there’s almost always an “Other” option (or “bi-racial” which is not nearly as benign of a word) with space to give additional details even. Gee, just like a multiple choice poll in an unlocked thread on a public forum! :roll:

My point is this: you are obsessing too much over a benign word choice that is frequently used in multiple choice polls, especially since you have the space to elaborate about your response, if you so desire.

Also the intent of the poll was just to get a quick idea of what the breakdown between genders was on the forum; it was not intended to offend anyone or incite a discussion about the definition of gender.

I’m female.

I am demonic in origin, I just choose a male form to take.

If only there was a way to switch between genders at will…I think being a guy would be funawesome.

Especially so I could woo other women easier.

I’d go from straight male to lesbian without skipping a beat. :wink:

Ohhhh man. Every guy (with a hormone driven brain in his head) would tell you they would be a girl. And if not stay a girl, do dirty things and send such pictures to themselves. If not try and get with other girls. I’m a shy skip from being bi, but I’d still rather get with a girl as a girl than with a guy.

No guy would stay a girl. We women have this rather unpleasant thing that pops up once a month that would ruin a guy’s day. Well, unless they went the route of getting some sort of birth control to regulate that. But with pills you have to take them EXACT same time every day. The shots last only a few months. Implanon would probably be the best choice, works for a number of years with only a bit of spotting.

Sorry, got a bit off topic there. I’m Bi myself. But I lean more towards liking men than women.

I’d have the problem fixed. :wink:

haha funny man.

let’s discuss gender roles on The Gundam Forums

You’ll notice this thread is listed under Real World, which is pretty much this forum’s off topic discussion area. If you don’t want to participate in such discussions, you don’t have to, but the rest of us are free to do so.

Well, women could get themselves fixed. But then that would mean, in the case of actual ovarian removal, hormone therapy. I’ve debated having myself get fixed up, and selling/donating the eggs of one, and keep the other for possible future reasons.

You know, I never said I’d stay a ladyfish.
I HIGHLY enjoy my phallic anatomy.

And that’s one of the reasons I would enjoy being a guy.

hahaha i wouldn’t know how to be a women honestly.