Making Sense of the Dark History.

Basically I’m saying the Dark history is the following:
First Space War = One Year War (MSG)
Second Space War = Gryps Civil War (Zeta)
Third Space War = Haman’s Neo Zeon War (ZZ)
Fourth Space War = Char’s Neo Zeon War (CCA)
Fifth Space War = Cosmo Babylon War (F91 and Crossbone)
Sixth Space War = Zanscare (Victory)
(small time gap)
Seventh Space War = The big war that kills 90% of humanity by dropping hundreds of colonies onto Earth at the start of Gundam X.
Eighth Space War = New Federation vs Revolutionary Army (Gundam X)
(time gap)
Gundam Fights (G Gundam)
(time gap)
Creation of the Turn A Gundamand subsequent destruction of previous technology.
(huge time gap)
The events of Turn A.

Wing fits in there somewhere, likely as a work of fiction within the unified timeline (possibly as a fictionalized account of UC; think of 00’s movie within a movie). Ditto for SEED.

0083, Unicorn, and the other UC side stories have been taken as just that side stories, not major wars.

Does that make things clearer for you, Kenico?

Hmmm, I nearly forgot about that consideration of a movie within a movie. It’s just like the Macross Frontier films and DYRL being part of the same universe and timeline, but are actually just films retelling events a certain way within the series universe. That allows SEED to fit in perfectly along with the other timelines including Wing and 00, without having to consider them as timelines happening on different planets as a possibility.


LOL I meant that as a joke. Of course I understand all that. but ive been always under the impression everything between 0079 Gundam and Turn A was the Dark History, while everything SEED onward have been all their own. is this still the case or what?

SEED retconned its way in somehow. Gundam Wiki isn’t exactly clear on the how.

As for the dark history, I was just describing exactly how to te assemble four (five with SEED) originally separate timelines into a cohesive whole that flows into Turn A, given what we know about the series involved and using things like how science, history, and culture work in the real world (which UC portrays itself as a continuation of) to fill in the gaps between the series contained in the unified timeline.

Most people give up and say it can’t be done within the time constraints or that it must be multiple/alternative universes/dimensions that allow it to work. Not I. I’ve used my knowledge of history (particularly the transition from the ancient world to the Renaissance, since I’m a classicist) to tie the UC and the 90s AUs close enough together for everything to work within the timeframe allotted by Turn A. Wing is the only real trouble spot, but, as I’ve said earlier, this can be rectified by having later people misinterpret a movie/show (Wing), that was loosely based on a true story (UC) and made during the Dark History, as part of the actual Dark History, as has happened in reality so often in the real world (think of how many people think Gladiator is historically accurate, ugh). This interpretation would clear up the hardest thing to fit into a unified timeline (AW), and consequently it would allow the UC to flow naturally into X, then G, then Turn A. Depending on how SEED managed to retcon itself in, it could fit in the same way Wing does (as a movie/tv show made within the Dark history that is loosely based on actual events [the UC]).

Interesting indeed. and how do you factor in say GBF/Gunpla Beginning G, OO, and AGE?

GBF/Gunpla Beginning cannot be part of it. It’s an alternate reality of our own universe where we can actually move our own Gunpla. Gundam is a fictional material on GBF/Gunpla.

They’ve never been tied to the Dark History, as far as I know. They remain true alternate universes.

G Gundam happened before X Gundam