Making my own paneling liquid

So quite a while back I make my own paneling liquid, there was a lot of trial and error, and today I decided to make a upgraded batch and share what I my experience this works with any color that you can think of however I mostly use it with a dark gray or black.

First up is materials you will need a empty bottle you choice of thinner relative to the paint you are using and paint. I am using all Vallejo products (personal preference). The paint is Model Color Black Grey 17ml ( 70.862) and the thinner is Vallejo Airbrush Thinner 200ml (71.161). I’ve tried various paints and water before but never got the same results as I did with the thinner and matching paint

First I fill the bottle with the paint enough to cover the bottom of the bottle up to about 0.4 cm. I’m estimating in the image cause the paint wouldn’t move around the bottle like I had hoped.

Next fill the bottle up to 4.5 cm with the thinner and shake well and apply with a fountain pen. Make sure you clean the nib regularly. A simple wipe off with some cloth will do just fine.

Below are some screen captures I got from a video of the liquid at work. I originally hope to upload the video but the file is too large so the screenshots will have to do.

And that’s all there is to it. It is a very simple thing but can make a world of difference. Especially with that pen it helps with the control side of things.

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Looks like it gives you the ability to control line thickness with different nibs and seems ideal for custom scribing.

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Almost looks like you could use an old ink pen (that’s what that tool reminds me of) to do that as well. That’s if it would work.

The tool is called a comic pen. It’s essentially the same thing as an old fountain pen.

oh, I see. Very interesting.

They work very well they even allow me to panel line over top of the paint before I topcoat.I just completed this guy using the pin method after I painted I actually plan on top coating in tonight

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Looks really good, very well done.

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Thank you.

I tried doing paneling once on one of my zakus and it didn’t look good to me, so I never tried again on any of my other kits. But from a lot of the stuff I’ve seen here and on tutorial vids I may give it another go.

I would keep some q-tips and a cloth on hand. They come in handy for blotting away the excess ink and I usually clean off my nib every 2 to 3 dips.

Well my first attempt was with a gundam marker, but I think I might have been doing it the wrong way. But, okay. I’ll keep that in mind.

I was never a fan of the Gundam markers. They didn’t work well once I painted this method also turned out to be more cost efficient. One of those bottles will last me a long time.

Ah, okay. Well I will have to look into this more.