Making a loss part!

Hello Folks

Well I’m back at my often delayed Zaku FZ Conversion kit and of course in the gap between the last time I worked on the kit and now I lost one of the two kneecaps. Well after contacting the online seller and being told purchasing a replacement is NOT an option I decided to try scratch building a replacment. So using the source kit (Zaku F2) kneecap as a guide and core I was able to create a somewhat reasonable replacement using epoxy sculpt. I just have to do some cleanup to the surface and overall dimensions and then back to the main project. Take a look

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Good work! I can’t even tell which one is the replacement.

Thank You and its the grey one. The rounded one is the F2 part left over and its mate is under the gray epoxy sculpt.

Cool, what’s brand and name of the epoxy that you use? Maybe need to make own part for some kits that got at least 1 lost part and some other with unfortunate problem parts.

Child of Mecha used, or maybe still have, the article about creating part from the existing one, kind of in the situation that you had, but with putty to make a mold and such. That might be more time consuming but the result was pretty good.

Brand was Epoxy Sculpt in two little containers. Pinch an equal amount of both types blend together for a bit attach to part, rough shape while still flexible and let it dry / harden and then have at it (dremel, needle files, sand paper etc.). I used it quite extensively on the badly molded halves of a BSG BLASTER kit, after the dust flew it looked great!!

Great, thank you for sharing the information.:slight_smile: Going to have to try to get it and give it a test when possible.